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Published on November 26, 2007

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Slide1:  Opportunities for collaboration EU-Mediterranean Region in Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food Ana Nieto Nuez Unit E.3: Food, health and well being Directorate E : Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food DG Research - European Commission Slide2:  RULES FOR PARTICIPATION AND INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION SPECIFIC TOPICS IN THE FOOD AREA Slide3:  International co-operation with Third Countries will be implemented in EACH FP7 specific programme International Cooperation in FP7 :  International Cooperation in FP7 1- Associated countries, associated candidate countries 2- Industrialised countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia….) 3- International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC): Countries neighbouring the EU (Mediterranean Partner Countries, Western Balkans, Eastern European and Central Asian Countries) Developing countries (ACP, ASIA, Latin America) Emerging economies (e.g. China, India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa) Third country is a country which is not a European Union Member State: International co-operation with Third Countries will be implemented in EACH FP7 specific programme:  International co-operation with Third Countries will be implemented in EACH FP7 specific programme + International Cooperation in FP7 - Slide6:  INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION in FP7: Rules for participation:  FP7: Rules for participation General: 3 independent participants from 3 different Member States (MS) or Associated countries (Ac) Opening of all topics to Participation of international organisations and participants from third countries. International Cooperation -SICA topics Collaborative projects addressing the participation of international cooperation partner countries (ICPC) – Dedicated to collaboration with third countries, on the basis of mutual interest to co-operate on particular topics, minimum is 4 participants of which 2 in MS or Ac and 2 in ICPC countries unless otherwise foreseen in work programme. Minimum conditions for participation HOW ? Activity 2 : ‘Fork to farm’ Food, health and well being:  Specific Topics in the food area Activity 2 : ‘Fork to farm’ Food, health and well being FP7 | Theme 2 3 Activities:  FP7 | Theme 2 3 Activities Activity 2.2. ‘Fork to farm’: Food, health and well being 2.1. Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest, and aquatic environments 2.3. Life sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes CONSUMER:  CONSUMER NUTRITION TECHNOLOGIES ENVIRONMENT FOOD CHAIN INTEGRITY TOTAL FOOD CHAIN Consumer, societal, industrial and health aspects of food and feed Nutrition, diet related diseases and disorders, including obesity. Innovative food and feed technologies, including packaging Food and feed safety and environmental impact Traceability and chain management Control of the food chain Activity 2: “Fork to farm”- Food, health and well being INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION Area 2.2.1 | Consumers :  FP7-KBBE-2007-1 Networking of food consumer science in Europe and development and application of social and behavioural sciences to food research Food labelling and consumer behaviour Indicative topics of 2008 work programme Taste, cognitive perception and mood Assessment of intervention measures aimed at promoting healthy eating habits Risk perception and communication in the food chain and the role of the media Applying behavioural models for the prevention of obesity, with a particular focus on children Area 2.2.1 | Consumers Area 2.2.1 | Consumers Expected impact:  Area 2.2.1 | Consumers Expected impact Development of a critical mass in food consumer science Increased dialogue between consumers and food producers, including industry Enhanced cooperation in the area of consumer science with EU and neighbouring countries Assessment of inter-relationship between food labelling information and its ‘attractiveness’ Knowledge on consumer habits with respect to established food-related health issues Area 2.2.2 | Nutrition :  FP7-KBBE-2007-1 Effect of diet on mental performance of children and on ageing Malnutrition in developing countries Optical technologies for monitoring the human nutrition status Diet for patients in hospitals and at home: disease-related malnutrition Impact of exogenous factors in the development of allergy FP7-KBBE-2007-2A Diet and its effect on the development of intestinal microflora and on the immune system through the entire life span Systems Biology and bioanalytical tools for nutrition research Indicative topics of 2008 work programme Optimal cell function and nutrition Area 2.2.2 | Nutrition Area 2.2.2 | Nutrition Expected impact:  Area 2.2.2 | Nutrition Expected impact Harmonised dietary recommendations for specific population groups Increase the excellence and innovation potentials of the European nutrition research communities by means of stronger links to cognitive- and neuro-sciences Promoting health and quality of life of allergy sufferers by addressing health determinants such as diet and lifestyle conditions Development of nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition concepts Area 2.2.3 | Food processing :  FP7-KBBE-2007-1 Smart control for improved food and feed technologies Assessment and improvement of existing food and feed technologies (Bio-)Technologies for the production of food additives, colorants, and flavours Nano-devices for quality assurance, food safety and product properties FP7-KBBE-2007-2A Harmonising and integrating research on food technology, safety and nutrition through commonly shared food models Network for facilitating the implementation of high-tech processing at industrial scale Indicative topics of 2008 work programme New solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the food chain Sustainable processin, water and and energy savings Observing and understanding the micro-structure of foods Alternatives for SO2 for food preservation Area 2.2.3 | Food processing Area 2.2.3 | Food processing Expected impact:  Area 2.2.3 | Food processing Expected impact Sustainable processes: Reduce energy and waste, performance improvement reduce production costs Supporting the competitiveness of European food, in particular SMEs Sustainable bioprocesses for new and innovative food ingredients from biological sources Replacing chemically synthesised additives by natural ones Innovative process/product control systems based on robust and reliable sensor technologies compatible with food systems Area 2.2.4 | Food Quality and Safety :  FP7-KBBE-2007-1 Exposure to food additives, flavourings, and migrants coming from food contact materials – Dietary intake models Detecting contaminants in the food and feed chain New methods for the monitoring and control of food-borne viruses Innovative and safe packaging FP7-KBBE-2007-2A Food sampling strategies for risk analysis Protecting animal and human health from prions in food, feed and the environment Indicative topics of 2008 work programme Biocides and induced risks of antibiotic resistance in food pathogens Effects of combined exposure to chemicals intentionally added to the food chain Area 2.2.4 | Food Quality and Safety Area 2.2.4 | Food Quality and Safety Expected impact:  Area 2.2.4 | Food Quality and Safety Expected impact Risk management tools Improved toxicological exposure assessments for key potential hazards Assessing the hazard posed by chemical risks Validated predictive models for behaviour of relevant hazards in foods and feed. Prevention and control contamination of food and feed with new and emerging viruses. Validated models to minimise risks from food-borne viruses Novel food packaging technologies. Improved and harmonised sampling techniques along the food chain Estimation of the past and current exposure risk to humans from TSE Area 2.2.5 | Environmental impacts and total food chain :  FP7-KBBE-2007-1 Assessment of short and long term effects of GMOs on human and animal health Converging technologies and their potential for the food area Development and application of computational biology as a complementary tool to in vivo and/or in vitro trials FP7-KBBE-2007-2A Sustainability of the food chain Reducing mycotoxin contamination in the food and feed chain Indicative topics of 2008 work programme Assesment of impacts from climate change on food Food chain management Assessment of impacts of scenarios affecting food chain management Area 2.2.5 | Environmental impacts and total food chain Area 2.2.5 | Environmental impacts and total food chain Expected impact:  Area 2.2.5 | Environmental impacts and total food chain Expected impact Techniques for post market monitoring of GMOs Converging technologies in the food sector Devices and methods for practical and industrial applications in the food sector (e.g. novel structures, processes, and/or systems) Computational methods for the massive flow of data emerging from modern experimental approaches in the food sector New biological hypotheses for web-lab research on complex biological systems Studying simultaneously many variables of the food, nutrition and biology domains (e.g. numeric, sensory and perceptions, structure, biological, chemical and vision food-related data) Improving the sustainability of food chains Food, health and well being International co-operation:  Enhancement of the cooperation and excellence in the relevant area between researchers in Europe and in other geographic regions to develop: - Dietary recommendations for healthy ageing and well being of the elderly based on sound knowledge - Food consumer science - Prevention of obesity - Linking with international databases on food composition and consumption - Functional foods, natural products and bioactive compounds Contribution to the EU commitment towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Contribution to regional and European nutrition and health policies Food, health and well being International co-operation Slide22:  General Info on the 7th FP: http://ec.europa.eu/research/fp7 First Call for proposals FAB: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/dc/index.cfm?fuseaction=UserSite.CooperationCallsPage&id_activity=2 Specific Info on research programmes and projects: http://www.cordis.lu/ Food Info requests: Food@ec.europa.eu Registration as experts/evaluators for FP7 (in Cordis) https://cordis.europa.eu/emmfp7/index.cfm?fuseaction=wel.welcome FP7 | Information Slide23:  شكرا Slide24:  شكرا Slide25:  شكرا Slide27:  International co-operation in Food, Agriculture and Biotechnologies Slide29:  Policy Dialogue S&T co-operation partnership Co-ordination of national policies and activities Slide30:  INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION in Aim to integrate the EU into the world-wide research community and to support fundamental research Open to Third Countries on basis of mutual benefit or according to relevant concluded agreements (in addition to the minimum consortium: one legal entity from MS/AC) Participation of Third Countries to be justified on basis of added scientific value

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