A New Solution to the Global Crisis After 9/11:Target Dark Money

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Information about A New Solution to the Global Crisis After 9/11:Target Dark Money

Published on November 1, 2018

Author: EconomicWarCrimes

Source: authorstream.com


This 500 page case study outlines a potential legal path for the police and victims to address crimes committed behind the facade of the War on Terror, by being the 1st to connect the dots between Dark Money, the War on Terror, the Corruption of Government Officials, the Snowden Revelations and the Russia Collusion Case, with the help of new evidence and classified documents. In Section 1 (first 115 pages), the study establishes the background details of unlawful covert operations whose details were exposed by key classified documents disclosed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Among other things, these documents outline the highly repetitive racketeering pattern of unlawful covert operations being executed behind the pubic facade of the War on Terror. This evidence connects the War on Terror to Dark Money and other elements of a long range Military-Industrial subversion campaign. In Section 2, we derived a theoretical Working Model for the subversion campaign, which we examine versus the evidence. Furthermore, we show how the Racketeer-Influenced Criminal Organization (RICO) Statute might be used to take action both criminally and civilly. Here is downloadable Dropbox link to the case study file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3zwlk748rnzwzg3/New%20Solution%20to%20the%20Global%20Crisis%20Since%20911-%20Target%20Dark%20Money%20w.%20RICO%20Statute%20.pdf?dl=0

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