A new breed of planner is needed: the Planning Jedi

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Information about A new breed of planner is needed: the Planning Jedi

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: gabrielpatru

Source: slideshare.net


thoughts on the future of planning

if you would like a copy of the presentation, please, contact me

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

I am my area of expertise is planning

creative planners’ this is playground

Identify the consumers of most interest and profile them… User new same New to brand Uber Users Needs Virgins …Audit their entire decision making process and identify critical touchpoints ‘Hey, look at this…” “I think I need…” New Uses new Determine channels to deliver communication task Translate desired response into communication task Educate, Share, Advocate Paid Earned Owned. Media Confirm, Believe, Surprise Reward, Reveal, Encourage …Determine the critical stages where recruitment/attrition …Define and describe the desired response necessary factors are occurring across the purchase journey … to achieve recruitment/prevent attrition by critical stage ‘That sounds interesting’ ‘Now I’ve heard of you’ ‘I made the right choice’ ‘What a good idea’ ‘You never guess what’ ‘Really’ ‘I want to be involved’ ‘That’s great for us’ customer connection …Identify the most important recruitment/attrition factors and reasons… this iscomms. planners’ thing

IA & UX seamless information flow

The “target” goes hybrid online-offline consumption Courtesy of Adaptive Path

The “target” goes multi sensorial Courtesy of Adaptive Path

The “target” is shaping his own comms ecosystem Courtesy of Adaptive Path

organic, liquid, metamorphic

more than great experience

Getting the story through

Getting the story through we need joint forces creative story deployment comms rigor UX/IA flow

We need a new breed of Able to provide a Planning Jedi CLEAR UNIFYING VISION

Planning Jedi Able to undestand “…brief & inspire creative teams, media buying teams and dev. teams upon delivering BRAND EXPERIENCES

Planning Jedi Able to undestand “how the stimulus of a TV ad interacts with the [digital] programming around it, the situation in which it's seen, and the psychological state of the viewer” Nick Hirst associate planning director @Dare

Pls, welcome the a master of the three main communication disciplines that’s a real JEDI

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