A high standardization of un must give positive side

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: arvinefriani

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A high standardization of UN must give positive side National exam is not common anymore for the third grade student. Almost of them prepare themselves three months or six months before. Joining course or private course is one way to prepare themselves. Even though there are some students who takes more than one course. If we think, why does it happened? I think this happens because students are afraid they can’t pass on it. As we know our government has a high standard for the third grade students to pass. So, having course or private course can make them more confident. But actually, a high standardization on UN must not be a matter. Even it can be a reason for students to compete in study. So, something that we think it is difficult can be a positive one for us. Being confident, decreasing the stupidness and motivating students to study are the three advantages of having course before UN. First, being confident. Joining course can make students more confident. Why is it so? Because indirectly people who join course understand what the material will be test. And surely they also know how to answer it. Course students have more knowledge than students who haven’t. Because they learn examples of question and also analyze test booklets of UN from the previous years. Even we can consult what material that we don’t understand in the course. In short, having course can make students more confident to do the exam. Second, decreasing the stupidness. If all of student on the third grade joins a course, it can decrease the stupidness in Indonesia. Having a course makes students have a few time to play not only with their friend but also with their gadgets. Because after they have a course they will feel tired of their activities. So, they choose to sleep than play with their friend and etc. Moreover, the knowledge which they get at course will be store better. Even for some students who has more than one course can make them really understand about the materials. So, absolutely, it can reduce the stupidness in Indonesia. Third, motivating student to study. Having a high standardization for UN makes students studies hard. Not only that, hearing an experience from the seniors makes them more afraid. The questions are very difficult, there are many text booklets and their feeling when the exam will be start. All of it makes them afraid. It wil give them motivation to pass the exam. So, joining course or private school is the choice to make their preparation better. In conclusion, a high standardization for UN is better for student in the third grade. Because it can give them some advantages. Being confident, decreasing the stupidness and motivating students to study are the three advantages of having course before UN. If we think a high standardization will be difficult for us, it just makes us stress. So, let it be a challenge for us. We can use this standardization to motivate us to compete on study which can bring positive side for us. Created by: Arvin Efriani,19april94

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