A Guide to Ghana's Forests

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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: AristotleBoaitey

Source: slideshare.net


A Guide to Ghana's Forest Reserves and Protected areas with their forest districts, management systems, etc.

Protected Area District Region Management type Size in hectares Apramprama Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 3,470 Bosumtwi Range Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 7,870 Denyau Shelterbelt Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,240 Fum Headwaters Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 7,252 Jeni river Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 2,150 Nkrabia Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 10,020 Oda River Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 16,420 Pompo Headwaters Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,220 Subin Shelterbelt Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 2,253 Subuma Bekwai Ashanti Forest Reserve 35,846 Bandai Hills Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 16,084 Bobiri Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 5,465 Dome River Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 8,055 Mirasa hills Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 6,734 North Bandai Hills Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 7,280 North Fomangsu Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 4,275 Onyimsu Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 855 Prakaw Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 984 South Fomangsu Juaso Ashanti Forest Reserve 4,144 Anumso North Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 4,377 Anumso South Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,269 Asonari Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 155 Bomfoun Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 29,474 Dampia Range Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 8,030 Krowam Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 570 Kumawu Waters Kumawu Ashanti Forest Reserve 96 Aboma Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 4,558 Abrimasu Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 2,616 Awura Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 13,390 Boabeng‐Fiema Mampong Ashanti Wildlife Sanctuary 444 Chirimfa Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 11,396 Offin  Headwaters Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,295 Ongwam Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 13,134 Ongwam Blk I, II & III Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 3,134 Pru Shelterbelt Mampong Ashanti Forest Reserve 9,272 Afia Shelterbelt New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 2,100 Chiremoasi New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 600 Kokotintin Shelterbelt New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 910 Numia New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 5,020 Onuem Bepo New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 3,440 Onuem Nyamibe Shelterbelt New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 2,490 Nyamibe Bepo New Edubiase Ashanti Forest Reserve 2,230 Asenanyo Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve Desiri Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve 15,100 Jimira Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve 6,294 Jinmira Ext. Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve 0

Offin Shelterbelt  Nkawie Ashanti Tano Ofin Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve 40,223 Tinte Bepo Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve 11,551 Tano offin ext. Nkawie Ashanti Forest Reserve 0 Afram Headwaters Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 20,124 Afrensu Brohuma Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 7,252 Asubima Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 7,374 Asufu Shelterbelt East Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,140 Asufu Shelterbelt West Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,347 Gianima Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 1,709 Kwamisa Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 8,283 Mankrang Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 18,547 Opro River Offinso Ashanti Forest Reserve 11,292 Kogyae Strict Nat. Reserve Atebubu Brong Ahafo Strict Nature Reserve 38,570 Amama Shelterbelt Bechem Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 4,403 Aparabi Shelterebelt Bechem Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 1,917 Bosomkese Bechem Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 13,831 Tinte Bepo East Bechem Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 11,551 Mpameso Dormaa Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 32,246 Pamu Berekum Dormaa Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 18,907 Aboniyere Shelterbelt Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 4,113 Ayum Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 11,293 Bia Shelterbelt Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 2,953 Bia Tano Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 19,425 Bia Tano BlkI Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 0 Bonkoni Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 7,511 Bonsam Bepo Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 12,432 Goa shelterbelt Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 2,383 subin Goaso Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 23,828 Bosomoa Kintampo Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 17,094 Buru Kintampo Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 30,225 Nsemre Sunyani Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 1,813 Sawsaw Sunyani Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 6,294 Tain Tributaries II Sunyani Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 3,056 Yaya Sunyani Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 5,128 Asukese Sunyani Brong Ahafo Forest Reserve 26,496 Bimpong Assin Foso Central Forest Reserve 10,452 Krochua Assin Foso Central Forest Reserve 1,062 Ochi Headwaters Blk I Assin Foso Central Forest Reserve 338 Supong Assin Foso Central Forest Reserve 3,574 Wawahi Assin Foso Central Forest Reserve 3,885 Ankaful Fuelwood Cape Coast Central Forest Reserve 207 Assin Apimanim Cape Coast Central Forest Reserve 1,140 Brimso Cape Coast Central Forest Reserve 1,062 Kakum Cape Coast Central National Park 20,700 Komenda Fuelwood Cape Coast Central Pra Suhyien Blk I Cape Coast Central Forest Reserve 8,310

Pra Suhyien Blk II Cape Coast Central Forest Reserve 10,412 Angoben Shelterbelt Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 3,471 Ben East Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 2,538 Ben west Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 5,569 Bonsa Ben Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 15,540 Bowiye Range Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 12,018 Bura River Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 10,308 Minta Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 2,176 Nkonto Ben Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 1,450 Opon mansi Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 11,655 Tonton Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 14,634 Totua Shelterbelt Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 6,346 Upper Wassaw Dunkwa Central Forest Reserve 10,075 Abasumba Winneba Central Forest Reserve Ahirasu Winneba Central Forest Reserve Akrabone Winneba Central Kwanyarko Winneba Central Obrachere Winneba Central Forest Reserve 0 Obrachere 1 Winneba Central Forest Reserve 0 Opimbo Winneba Central Forest Reserve 104 Winneba State Winneba Central Forest Reserve Yenku A & B Winneba Central Forest Reserve Bemu Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 4,377 Birim Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 3,911 Birim Extension Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 2,176 Esen Epam Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 4,610 Esuboni Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 2,849 Oboyow Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 6,371 Pra Anum Akim Oda Eastern Forest Reserve 12,328 Afram Bukunaw Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve Afram dawa Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 20,124 Apedua Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 414 Atewa Range Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 23,232 Dede Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 5,110 Southern Scarp Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 15,462 Worobong (South) Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 10,619 Worobong Kwahu Begoro Eastern Forest Reserve 5,517 Aiyaola Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 3,471 Ajenjua Bepo Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 570 Auro River Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 855 Bediako Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 699 Kajeasi Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 2,668 Mamang River Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 5,439 Nsuensa Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 5,440 Mamiri Kade Eastern Forest Reserve 4,533 Abisu Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 1,907 Esukawkaw Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 12,225

Jade Bepo Extension Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 78 Nkwanda Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 803 Northern Scarp East Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 32,246 Northern Scarp West Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 6,475 Worobong (North) Mpraeso Eastern Forest Reserve 1,321 Bunkunaw Somanya Eastern Forest Reserve 0 Chipa Tributaries Somanya Eastern Forest Reserve 0 Sapawsu Somanya Eastern Forest Reserve 1,531 Volta River Somanya Eastern Forest Reserve 5,051 Yogaga Somanya Eastern Forest Reserve Yongwa Somanya Eastern Forest Reserve 777 Achimota Tema Greater Accra Forest Reserve Dechidan Stream Tema Greater Accra Forest Reserve 0 Fiankonya Stream Tema Greater Accra Forest Reserve 0 Shai Hills Tema Greater Accra Game Production Rese 4,860 Dunwli Bimbila Northern Forest Reserve 0 Kumbo Bimbila Northern Forest Reserve 16,449 Lambo Bimbila Northern Forest Reserve 11,339 Banda Watershed Bole Northern Forest Reserve Damongo Scarp Damongo Northern Forest Reserve 3,937 Dombe Damongo Northern Forest Reserve Kani Kani Damongo Northern Forest Reserve 0 Yakombo Damongo Northern Forest Reserve 121,095 Yerada Damongo Northern Forest Reserve 42,481 Mole National Park Damongo Northern National Park 484,040 Tamale Fuelwood Blks I & II Tamale Northern Forest Reserve 215 Tamale Waterworks Tamale Northern Forest Reserve Gambaga Scarp E&W Walewale/Gambaga Northern Forest Reserve 12,753 Buligu Yendi Northern Sinsableswani Yendi Northern Forest Reserve 0 Tanja Yendi Northern Forest Reserve 0 Yendi Town Plantation Yendi Northern Forest Reserve 75 Bumbugu Bawku Upper East Forest Reserve Upper Tamne Bawku Upper East Forest Reserve Zawli Hills Bawku Upper East Forest Reserve 0 Red Volta East Bolgatanga Upper East Forest Reserve 21,760 Red Volta West Bolgatanga Upper East Forest Reserve 26,159 Tankwidi East Bolgatanga Upper East Forest Reserve Chana Hills Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 4,359 Chasi Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 7,252 Gia Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 2,169 Kandembelli Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 0 Navrongo North Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 0 Pogi Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 2,606 Bopong Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 0 Fumbesi Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 0 Sissili Central Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 0

Wiaga Navrongo Upper East Forest Reserve 984 Karaka Plantation Lawra Upper West Forest Reserve 0 Nandom Lawra Upper West Forest Reserve 188 Chira Tumu Upper West Forest Reserve Kulpawn Headwaters Tumu Upper West Forest Reserve 15,540 Pudu Hills Tumu Upper West Forest Reserve 5,413 Tapania Tributries Tumu Upper West Forest Reserve 4,662 Tumu Tumu Upper West Forest Reserve 5,439 Ambalalara Wa Upper West Forest Reserve 0 Gbele Game Prod. resv. Wa Upper West Game Production Rese 56,540 Kamba Wa Upper West Forest Reserve Kulpawn Tributries Wa Upper West Forest Reserve 15,540 Mawbia Wa Upper West Forest Reserve 12,950 Nuale Wa Upper West Forest Reserve 5,180 Polli Wa Upper West Forest Reserve 3,561 Wa Town Plantation Wa Upper West Forest Reserve Digya Donkokrom Volta National Park 347,830 Abutia Hills Ho Volta Forest Reserve 899 Kabakaba East Ho Volta Forest Reserve 1,386 Kabakaba Hills Ho Volta Forest Reserve 1,386 Kalakpa Ho Volta Game Production Rese 32,020 Klemu Headwaters Ho Volta Forest Reserve 1,088 Kpandu Range (Dayi Block) Ho Volta Forest Reserve 3,030 Kpandu Range West Ho Volta Forest Reserve 3,548 Odomi River Ho Volta Forest Reserve 1,606 Asuokoko River Jasikan Volta Forest Reserve 11,603 Kabo river Jasikan Volta Forest Reserve 13,598 Kunda Jasikan Volta Forest Reserve 50 Togo Plateau Jasikan Volta Forest Reserve 14,763 Apepesu River Nkwanta Volta Forest Reserve 6,061 Chai river Nkwanta Volta Forest Reserve 18,236 Fure Headwaters Asankragwa Western Forest Reserve 7,252 Fure River Asankragwa Western Forest Reserve 15,825 Afao Hills Bibiani Western Forest Reserve 3,471 Anhwiaso East Bibiani Western Forest Reserve 12,432 Anhwiaso North Bibiani Western Forest Reserve 363 Anhwiaso West Bibiani Western Forest Reserve Boi Tano Enchi Western Forest Reserve 12,846 Boin River Enchi Western Forest Reserve 27,765 Dadieso Enchi Western Forest Reserve 17,120 Disue Enchi Western Forest Reserve 2,357 Jema Asemkrom Enchi Western Forest Reserve 6,605 Tano Nimri Enchi Western Forest Reserve 20,591 Yoyo Enchi Western Forest Reserve 23,569 Bia Juabeso/Bia Western Game Production Rese 22,800 Bia North Juabeso/Bia Western Forest Reserve 35,613 Krokosua Hills Juabeso/Bia Western Forest Reserve 48,174

Manzan Juabeso/Bia Western Muro Juabeso/Bia Western Forest Reserve 6,346 Sukusuku Juabeso/Bia Western Forest Reserve 14,763 Bia Tributaries South Juabeso/Bia Western Forest Reserve 30,562 Bia Tawya Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 67,858 Bodi Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 17,534 Suhuma Sefwi Wiawso Western Sui River Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 33,385 Tano Anwia Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 15,307 Tano Ehuro Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 17,612 Tano Suhyien Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 17,612 Tano Suraw Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 2,849 Tano Suraw Extension Sefwi Wiawso Western Forest Reserve 7,511 Cape Three Points Takoradi Western Inchaban Takoradi Western Forest Reserve Sekondi Waterworks (Blocks II & III) Takoradi Western Forest Reserve 1,010 Ankasa Tarkwa Western Game Production Rese 51,800 Bonsa River Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 16,058 Draw River Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 23,543 Ebi River Shelterbelt Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 2,590 Ndumfri Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 7,252 Neung  South Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 15,773 Neung North Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 0 Nini‐Suhien Tarkwa Western National Park 16,000 Subri River Tarkwa Western Forest Reserve 0 Ajuesu Forest Reserve 958 Ankwai East Forest Reserve 0 Assin Attandaso Forest Reserve 15,359 Baku Forest Reserve 1,295 Bia Trans Forest Reserve 0 Bilisu Forest Reserve 0 Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary 5,310 Boti Falls Forest Reserve 130 Bui National Park 182,060 Daka Headwaters Forest Reserve 14,566 Ghira Forest Reserve 0 Kade Bepo Forest Reserve 1,684 Kanjarga Fumbisi Forest Reserve 1,293 Karanja Forest Reserve 0 Kunsimua Bepo Forest Reserve 1,010 Kwekaru Forest Reserve 1,166 Kwesi Anyinama Forest Reserve 181 Laboni Forest Reserve 0 Lawra Forest Reserve 127 Nasia Tributries Forest Reserve 31,469 Obotumfuo Forest Reserve 155 Pra Birim Forest Reserve 2,357

Saboro Forest Reserve 37 Sephe Forest Reserve 0 Sumtwitwi Forest Reserve 363 Supuma Shelterbelt Forest Reserve 2,512 Uppe Bli Forest Reserve 0 Wiaga Kandema Forest Reserve 5,180

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