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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: cjmondano

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BUKIDNON STATE UNIVERSITY TRENTO EXTERNAL STUDIES CENTER Trento, Agusan del Sur A Narrative Report Presented to the faculty of the Department of COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Submitted to: ALAIN M. GILLE Supervising Instructor Submitted by: CHRISTIAN JULES MONDANO OJT Trainee March 2014 AUTOBIOGRAPHY

My name is Christian Jules Mondano, and I was born in July 5, 1994, I live in Sta. Josefa, Agusan del Sur. Our family, made up of my aunty, uncle, and me, but actually they are stands as my true family, as my life starts I learn so much about the world, for example how I grow up in broken family but even in my youngest age I learn to live life to the fullest, I learn to love simple thing which most of the common people regrets about it. I realize how hard life is without parent and without education. When I was in my mother’s womb, my father and she got separated. I didn’t know even my father’s name and his face. When I was born my aunty and uncle are no son and daughter so that they make me as their true son. After 1 year my mother had her new family and has a daughter and that is my half sister. Parent should open there eyes that in every decision they made they would think what it could bring to their children they must learn to love their families. At my age of 15 I started study in college level in the course of Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology. I study

hard. As a student in a university I know how much we have to work and how much it is important to do so to pass every semester successfully. On my first hand studying hard can have a good benefit of me inside the school and even outside. Inside the school the beneficial is a good grade, the pride of being a successful student that would not have any problem to graduate or for the final exams, this can lead to a good job, a successful carrier and a lot more that life cannot offer without studying. Outside the class, the things that a hard studying can provide is to become a very cultivated person with a lot of knowledge which is important in every day’s life, plus the pride of my parents that put a lot of efforts into my education. On my second hand studying too hard can also have a bad effect especially in high school or college because a person that is always studying might lose an important part of my youth. In fact these years in college and high school are the time when we encounter our best friends (sometimes for life) and build some strong relations. So it's important to socialize, to go out and have fun.

A great moment that I encountered in my life is that I finally found my father. When I opened my Facebook there was a message, a stranger who had asks me about my mother and asking how I am related of her. I replied that she is my mother, after that he chats me and message me if I am online and still not telling about his self even his profile picture is not him and it was an Cartoon Character only and the albums are no pictures. He thought that my mother is still single but it has a new family and got married. He tells me that he had a son like me and same age and it was missing. I ask myself if he is my father because I remember that I did not know my father yet. After two months when I am online, he chat me and ask me if I am ready to know my father because he know it very well. I answered him I’m ready and ask him if who are my father, but he did not reply. An hour ago I am shock, because he tells me that he is my father and apologizing of what he did, but I don’t believe him. In our generation now there are a lot of people who are lying just to get what they want to or that is their modus for financial. I ask him to chat in Yahoo Messenger to video chat and see his face. I have

gawk in the monitor because when I see his cam, we are same face and he is crying. I turned off the computer and go home, because I was in the Internet Café, and I’m hesitate to cry too because there are lot of people in the café. I can’t blame both my parent because without them I am not here in this beautiful world that God’s made. I am so very thankful because I have my aunty and uncle who are treating, caring, and loving me as their true son. I’m so very proud of them for financing me in the school. To conclude I would say that Studying can have some good and some bad effects on a student's life, as everything in life studying needs a limit. Certainly it's important to study but having fun is just as important or we would take the risk to miss an important part of our life. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my heartily appreciation to the following persons below who rendered their supports either financially or morally just to finished this narrative.

First, to my family for their love and support all the time that they serve as my inspiration to overcome the hardship and trials in life. To my classmates and friends for the joys and sorrows they’ve share on me that I use it as my strength in life for not to fail. To my instructor and instructress, who always share and impart their knowledge to us. And above all to Almighty God for all the blessings and hoped he bestowed me. That to let me never be giving up anymore. - Christian Jules Mondano DEDICATION

SUMMARY The activities that the student trainees had gone through during the training. This also includes the observation, participation, interaction and challenges during their training.

This discusses its place as a development tool and how it was delivered effectively by the company. On the job training is an important way in which students acquire relevant knowledge and skills at work. The trainee participated in the normal operation of the school by maintaining the cleanliness inside the campus. Logging in first to the log book before using the computer in the computer laboratory. Having my OJT at Trento National High School is really good. With this OJT I've learned a lot of things such as; I gain more knowledge about troubleshooting, on how to reformat Personal Computer and learned how to clone using CLONEZILLA and how does it work I learned something also in UBUNTU (how to remove password using terminal, how to connect printer through networking), I learned how to remove password of the router and many more. I learned how to install Operating System in Virtual Box I gain more knowledge about Google calendar, docs and form I learned how to fix internet connection (if there are

problems that might encounter) I learned how to use SOFT PHONE(X-LITE) I learned how to use SMARTBOARD I learned how to do dual booting and many more. I learned that on-the-job training is not just only a subject to be passed or a requirement to be completed but on-the-job training is an opportunity to show what skills, talents and techniques that the student learned from the school and also an opportunity to experience the life outside the campus; serving companies like a professional on the field of the students’ specialization. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. Title Page I B. Certificate of Completion of Training II C. Approved OJT Recommendation Letter III D. Autobiography IV

E. Acknowledgment V F. Dedication VI G. Summary VII H. Table of Contents VIII I. Introduction 1 J. Objectives 2 K. On-the-job Training Activities 3 L. Problems Encountered 4 M. Recommendations 5 N. Pictorials 6 O. Accomplished Evaluation Form 7 P. Daily Time Record 8 Q. Photocopy of Memorandum of Agreement 9 R. Curriculum Vitae 10

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