A Fundamental Disruption: Moving Information Architecture Into the Hands of Individual Consumers

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Information about A Fundamental Disruption: Moving Information Architecture Into the Hands...

Published on March 20, 2009

Author: chopsticker

Source: slideshare.net


Presented at the 2009 IA Summit conference by Peter Sweeney and Robert Barlow-Busch of Primal Fusion.

Technologies are considered disruptive if they challenge fundamental assumptions about how we do things. There is a fundamental assumption in information architecture that producers need to organize content before consumers can access it effectively. This is so fundamental that it permeates virtually every aspect of today’s online experience...

This presentation briefly introduces semantic technologies before exploring how these technologies could challenge the foundations of information architecture...

A fundamental disruption Moving information architecture into the hands of individual consumers IA Summit 2009 • Memphis

Digital cameras were a disruptive technology Photo from Flickr, by lnx.

Disruptive technologies underperform at first… High-end market demands Performance Low-end market demands You are here! Time Based upon The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

…but they eventually catch up. You are High-end market here! demands Performance Low-end market demands Time Based upon The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

Semantic technology is now catching up… Semantic Technology • Encodes meanings. • Auto-recognition of topics and concepts… • Enables machines as well as people to understand, share and reason…

…and is poised to disrupt IA. Semantic Technology Information Architecture • Encodes meanings. • The art of expressing a model or concept of information… • Auto-recognition of topics and concepts… • The art and science of organizing and labeling… • Enables machines as well as people to understand, share and • The structural design of shared reason… information environments. Definitions from:

The fundamental disruption: Rather than producers organizing information in advance, consumers will organize it on demand.

“Beware, the end is near!” <Yawn /> Artist’s rendition from NASA

The pace of semantic innovation is accelerating Web 2.0 semi-structured data specialized semantic technologies Semantic Web structured data cooperation


Metaweb: Freebase http://www.freebase.com

Zepheira: Remix http://remix.zepheira.com/

Simile: Exhibit http://www.simile-widgets.org/exhibit

Thomson Reuters: Calais: Semantic Proxy http://semanticproxy.opencalais.com

Vivisimo: Clusty http://clusty.com

Kosmix http://www.kosmix.com

Primal Fusion: Thought networking http://www.primalfusion.com

So what might this mean for IA?

Peter Sweeney |peter.sweeney@primalfusion.com Robert Barlow-Busch |bbb@primalfusion.com Register for our alpha at:

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