A Foreigner in England Chapter 1

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Published on March 5, 2014

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A Foreigner in England Chapter 1

1º Childhood Education ENGLISH Yara Labrador Sergia Medina

INTRODUCTION • We'll tell you about the first chapter is set in London. • Throughout the presentation you will see the most important that appear in the book as many pubs, Globe Theater, Big Ben, Shakespeare and more... • We hope you like it.

LONDON • London is the capital of England and the UK. • It situated on the River Thames. • In 1965 London is divided into north, south, West End and East End with 32 borough. • Also in 2012 the Olympic Games were held .

SIGHTS IN LONDON • New Year's Eve London celebrations: Big Ben • As well you can go to museums, to palace, to Tower Bridge, to theaters and other.

PUBS • The pubs are meeting places where a variety of beer and food is served . • English's Pubs stop serving food in general 2 hours before p. m. and used to closed at 23:00. • To drink alcohol must be over 18 years old and access to children under 14 years are not allowed, even with their parents.

SHAKESPEARE • He was a playwright, poet and performer. • He is considered the greatest writer in the english literature and recognized as the greatest writer of all time.

CURIOSITIES ABOUT SHAKESPEARES • • • • Nobody knows for sure the day of his birthday. There are a few years of his life of which nothing is known. His tomb is cursed. Hi hasn't descendants, all died.


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