A Django like messages framework for Tornado

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Information about A Django like messages framework for Tornado

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: ChaoGao1

Source: slideshare.net

Introduction to a simple messages framework for Tornado Gao Chao 2014.03.14

Tornado • A high performance asynchronous web framework. • Originated in FriendFeed, acquired by Facebook later on. • We are using it!

Messages Framework • Taken from Django’s messages framework. • Flash a message after certain actions by user.

Design concern • Easy to use and simple implementation. • Messages cannot be dropped on redirection. • All unseen messages need to be displayed.

Problems • Implementation • Storage

Messages Lifetime • Request coming in. • Server execute an action based on passed parameters. • Server popup a message to user. • User sees the web page and the message.

Hook • def prepare(self) • def render(self, template_name, **kwargs)

Easy Solution def prepare(self): # Define a message array as a property of each # request, and just append every message to # it. self.request.messages = [] ! def MyHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler): def get(self): self.request.messages.append("error") return self.render("my_page.html")

Redirection Message got lost.! why?

Cookies! or session storage

Solution • Save messages in cookies • Clear messages only after user has seen.

How? • def redirect(self, url, permanet=False, status=None) • def __iter__(self)

HTML {% if messages %} <ul class="messages"> {% for message in messages %} <li>{{ message }}</li> {% end %} </ul> {% end %}

Clear • We can erase all messages stored in cookies after __iter__ method of Message object was called. • We don’t need to update cookies when there is no redirections happen.

To sum up class BaseHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler): def prepare(self): # Create Message object in order to store instant messages. self.messages = FlashMessage(handler=self) ! def redirect(self, url, permanent=False, status=None): if hasattr(self, "messages"): # Update messages in Cookie, write in or clear all. self.messages.update_messages() ! ! class LoginHandler(BaseHandler): def post(self): # Write message to object owned structure. messages.success(self.messages, "Login successfully!") ! # Redirect to another handler. self.redirect("/")

Message Insight ! ! class FlashMessage(object): """ A Django messages framework mockup, use cookie to store messages. """ … ! def __iter__(self): self.used = True if self._queued_messages: self._loaded_messages.extend(self._queued_messages) self._queued_messages = [] # Update messages stored in Cookie self.update_messages() return iter(self._loaded_messages) ! def update_messages(self): if self.used: self._store(self._queued_messages) elif self.added_new: messages = self._loaded_messages + self._queued_messages self._store(messages) ! def _update_cookie(self, encoded_data): if encoded_data and eval(encoded_data or ''): self._handler.set_secure_cookie(self.cookie_name, encoded_data, expires_days=None, domain=settings.SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN) else: self._handler.clear_cookie(self.cookie_name, domain=settings.SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN) ! def _store(self, messages): encoded_data = self._encode(messages) # Update cookie, remove if no data included. self._update_cookie(encoded_data)

Read the source code to get more of it!

Thank you!

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