A day in Koh Phangan, learning Yoga

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Published on May 20, 2018

Author: Basu.87

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Downloaded from: justpaste.it/5utfp A day in Koh Phangan learning Yoga A year ago I seriously started researching yoga teacher trainings around the world to find the perfect foundation course. Since recently returning from my yoga teacher training YTT people have reached out asking for advice on how to find the perfect course for them. There are so many different types of trainings all over the world and it can be overwhelming to search for the right fit. To help people who are considering doing training at some point in their lives here is a little guidance. For those of you that might not know anything about yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan Thailand you must first complete a 200 hour foundation course in order to teach at almost any studio. There are so many different formats of learning some schools offer courses which take 2 years to complete and others are a month-long intensive program. For me choosing intensive trainings in Koh Phangan Thailand was a great way to completely immerse myself in learning allowing me to commit entirely to the course without much distraction. With so many different types of trainings each with a different learning format located all over the Thailand expect to spend quite a bit of time finding the right program for you. I personally spent almost a year researching yoga teacher training programs in Koh Phangan I started by first asking my favorite in Koh Phangan where they themselves trained. I read various yoga publications and popular yoga blogs trying to find great programs. There are many websites that list thousands of YTT programs in Koh Phangan Thailand . Check that the school you are seriously considering is registered with Yoga Alliance and check the school’s reviews on the site. Make sure you are signing up for the right level for you. 200 hour of YTT programs for beginning teachers. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the trainings I was finding that looked interesting and rated them based on the following factors Timing This is by far the easiest to figure out. When are you available to go This will really narrow down your choices. Give yourself enough time to complete any homework or readings that must be done beforehand. Level Are you looking for a 200 hour of YTT programs 300 hour program or are you trying to do the entire 500 hours 200 hour programs are for beginners and 300 hour programs are for advanced students who usually teach professionally. 500 hour courses combine both beginning and advanced and are less common to find and not recommended for beginning yogis. Do you have the required experience for the YTT courses you are considering Look into whether or not you are physically ready for the courses you find. Some courses require that you have an established routine practice for a year or more before the course start date. With yoga being more popular than ever there are even more methods coming to the mainstream and if you’re getting a bit confused about all of the different styles of yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan Thailand and what some of them mean contact One Yoga Thailand for more queries.

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