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Published on November 9, 2008

Author: doris3m

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Conversation : Conversation Presented by: Di Nicola Betzabet Pérez David Section R411 Slide 2: Tina: Hi. How are you Maria? Maria: Fine and you. Do you want go to dinner tonight? Slide 3: Tina: Sure... Where would you like to go? Maria: Well. What do you think of Japanese food? Slide 4: Tina: Sorry I don’t like Japanese Food. Maria: Oh Well. What do you think of Mexican food? Slide 5: Tina: Yes, I love it. Do you know some Mexican restaurant? Maria: Yes, the Pataconazo. Slide 6: Tina: which is the restaurant's menu? Maria: Well. For main dishes they have patacones, arepas and tacos. For Dessert they have Chocolate cake and ice cream and for Beverages they have fruit juice, soda and tea. Slide 7: Tina: Mmm… That sounds delicious. Maria: Yes, it really good there and the service is very efficient and friendly. Slide 8: Tina: Really? Oh I would love to go there. Maria: if you're going to love. I see you around 7:00 pm for go to the restaurant. Slide 9: Tina: OK. I hope you tonight. Tina: Bye Maria: OK bye Slide 10: Thanks

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