A Close Look at Waste Water Heat Capture Technology

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Information about A Close Look at Waste Water Heat Capture Technology

Published on June 23, 2018

Author: interfil

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Slide1: A Close Look at Waste Water Heat Capture Technology Slide2: Wastewater heat capturing technology is the best way to make the most of available resources by utilising otherwise wasted thermal energy. The heat can be recovered from various sources like: Gas Turbines Cement Kilns Diesel Generators Slide3: The energy produced from this water can be used to heat fresh water which can decrease your energy bills and save water. Slide4: The water is passed through a pipe that runs through the kitchen and the septic tank. The pipe is fed by dishwashers, sinks, and sterilisers all over the castle. The idea is to harvest heat from this water, then redirect that energy and use it to heat water elsewhere in the castle. Slide5: Another way is to heat the inlet pipe so that water gets warm without using any heating tank. This is the principle applied to insta-showers and it saves a lot of power. Slide6: Moreover, we can add heat exchange pumps in this process. The pump consists of a heat exchanger to recover 40% of heat lost from the flushed water. Slide7: Heat capturing will treat all liquid wastes in a safe and efficient manner and produce heat from the wastewater and use it in heating water elsewhere. This is an efficient liquid waste management technique . Slide8: Thank You!

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