A Case for a Clearcut

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Published on May 11, 2007

Author: Potts_Tree_Farm



Presentation of rationale and results of clearcut at Potts Tree Farm.

A CASE FOR A CLEAR-CUT Dick Potts Potts Tree Farm Holmes County, Ohio A management option for woodlands.

Potts Tree Farm – Since 1957

Potts Tree Farm - Properties

Potts Tree Farm – Properties Total of 206 acres Registered Tree Farm since 1968, #710. 1988 41.0 7 1986 16.4 6 1982 31.1 5 1979 28.6 4 1969 11.8 3 1965 22.9 2 1957 54.7 1 Purchased Acres Property No.

Potts Tree Farm – Goals 5. Timber will be harvested when trees are mature by scientific silvicultural methods depending on best use decisions. For example, clear-cut will be used when the regeneration of shade intolerant species is desired. All harvesting will be done using best management practices (BMP).

Shade Tolerant and Intolerant

Timber Crop Rotation Mature Trees Pine 60-80 years Oak 80-100 years Maple 100-120 years Sawtimber >12” Preferred 18” – 30” Too Big >40”

When to Harvest – Stocking Chart

General Harvest Schedule Clear-cut - >10,000 BdFt / Acre Several release cuts in the 100 years 200 acres total Clearcut 20 acres every 10 years 100 year crop rotation Sustainable yield

Clear-cut Harvest - 1989-1990 Property No.7, Sections 5ABCD

Stand History Date Activity < 1972 No activity for well over 70 years. Release cut on Sections 5B, 5C, and 5D (28,600 bd ft). 1973 General TSI conducted. 1988 Purchased by Potts Tree Farm. Winter 1989

Date Activity

< 1972 No activity for well over 70 years.

Release cut on

Sections 5B, 5C, and 5D (28,600 bd ft).

1973 General TSI conducted.

1988 Purchased by Potts Tree Farm.

Pre-harvest Stand Inventory Section 5ABCD 13 acres clear-cut Inventory date: 1989 Site Index: 85 Basal Area: 113 Trees/acre: 159 Avg. DBH: 9.8” BdFt/acre: 10,692 Summer 1988

Pre-harvest Stand Inventory Species % Volume Red Oak 21 Tulip 20 Black Oak 17 Beech 17 White Oak 13 H. Maple 5 S. Maple 4 Winter 1988

Stocking Chart

Pre-Harvest Management Cut & herbicide unwanted vegetation: grape vine, spice bush, multiflora rose, etc. Frill & herbicide undesirable tree species: beech, red maple, sassafras, etc.

The Clear-cut Sale Sale Inventory Map & Signs Prospectus (cut >2”) Bid Sheet & Closing Date Insurance & Comp. BMPs Payment schedule Clearcut, 132,100 BdFt; Release cut, 42,423 BdFt

The Clear-cut Harvest What a “mess”! Spring 1990

The Clear-cut Harvest What a “mess”! Spring 1990

Post-Harvest Management A New Forest Begins Summer 1991

Post-Harvest Management Reforestation - Seedling Planting Summer 1990 Planted: 400 red oak, 100 sweet gum Natural regeneration: Seed, stump & root sprouts

Post-Harvest Management Maintain roads. Stand back for 10 years. Spring 1995

Post-Harvest Growth WOW!!! Fall 1999 Tree Height: 20’- 40’ Tree diameters: up to 6”

Post-Harvest Inventory 2002 Continuous Forest Inventory 2.0 52.5 100 2066 Totals 6.0 0.8 - 4 C. Oak 3.6 0.8 1 12 Elm 3.3 0.8 1 14 White Oak 2.1 0.8 2 35 Sassafras 2.1 0.8 2 35 Red Maple 2.4 1.7 2 48 White Ash 1.4 0.8 4 78 Beech 2.3 2.5 4 84 Hickory 2.0 5.0 10 209 Cu & Hb 2.1 10.0 18 370 Red Oak 1.6 6.7 22 450 Tulip 2.2 21.7 35 728 Cherry Avg. DBH Basal Area % Trees Trees/acre Species

Post-Harvest Inventory Continuous Forest Inventory Twelve (12) sites marked with yellow pipe. Variable radius inventory measured every five (5) years. Summer 2006

Post-Harvest Management After ten years, TSI grape vines. (herbicide) Winter 2002

Post-Harvest Management After ten years, TSI stump sprouts. One or two stems per stump, close to the ground. Winter 2002

Post-Harvest Management After ten years, TSI to select crop trees. Repeat all TSI every ten years. Winter 2002

Unexpected Tree Species American Chestnut White Birch

Wildlife Early succession forest has greater diversity of plants and animals than mature forests.

Summary – A Case For A Clear-cut Mature trees were harvested before they declined in health and value. A new forest is growing managed for high quality and value trees. The forest is paying its share of the costs to maintain the land use as forests. The new forest is providing a diversity of habitat for wildlife. The forest is being managed for sustainable yield.

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