A Brief Overview of Frame Straightening

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Information about A Brief Overview of Frame Straightening

Published on September 25, 2018

Author: networkautobody

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slide 1: A Brief Overview of Frame Straightening After a car accident there is likelihood that your car may need frame straightening. It is not necessary that only high-impact car collisions lead to misaligned frame even a minor accident can lead to your car sustaining damage to its frame. So it becomes crucial for your own safety that you get your cars frame checked for any misalignment from a top auto body repair Los Angeles. Remember you are as safe as your car is when you are on the road so you should take proper care of your car and do not compromise on its structural integrity. How does auto body shop checks the condition of your frame Modern cars have unibody construction or straight rail system. An auto body shop mounts your car on a frame straightening machine that measures your car to check for any misaligned parts. Any misalignment is detected by the machine and it re-aligns it back into shape. Driving a car with misaligned frame can be dangerous for the safety of passengers. Misaligned frame could lead to uneven tyre wear which may lead to frequent replacement of tyres. How frame straightening works In examining the frame a car is mounted on a frame straightening machine and it is secured with chains and clamps. The car is further raised up to assess the damage. A computer scans the complete car to detect any parts which are misaligned. Then hydraulics and torque are used to re-align targeted parts to get the car back to factory specs. Continuous printouts are used to verify that the car is re-aligned to last millimetre. If the straightening does not get back the cars frame back to normal damaged parts may be replaced with new ones. In selecting a Los Angeles auto body repair center you should confirm whether the facility has a frame straightening machine in-house or they send damaged vehicle to somewhere else for checking frame alignment. An auto body shop that claims to do it on-site should have frame straightening machines laser tools skilled technicians who are qualified to do the work. Prefer a shop with all required frame straightening equipment on hand. Future problems with frame straightening What is most important is that proper frame straightening takes place. Car collisions can weaken the cars frame and may result in small cracks that can make the car more prone to damage. Driving a car with a bent frame can be dangerous and a possible disaster waiting to happen. Unresolved frame issues can also lead to lower car resale value. After an accident make sure that your cars body is properly inspected and frame straightening is done using the latest machinery and experienced skilled workers. Taking your badly damaged car to a certified auto body shop will ensure that your car is repaired perfectly by experienced and well-trained technicians using latest tools and equipment. Your car deserves the best repair job and it is your responsibility to search an auto body shop that is popular reliable and efficient in car repairs of any brand.

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