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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: ranjanraji

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PPC is particularly good for split testing as it allows your strategies to fail much faster, saving you time and money in the long run. While it seems like strange advice, knowing what terms not to go for can be more important in some ways than figuring out which search terms are best, as creating content is expensive and time consuming. If you don’t have it right, you will waste a lot of time and resources.

Pay Per Click Google AdWords

Importance of PPC Introduction to PPC. A Paid Search to Complement Your Inbound Marketing. Your website traffic is the lifeblood of your online business.

PPC vs SEO differences  Pay Per Click is paid vs Search Engine Optimization is unpaid or organic.  Both appear on the search engine.  They are displayed in different locations on the page.  70% of people click on the organic search results.  Only 30% are likely to click on the paid links.

PPC Metrics  Impressions - The number of times your ad was displayed in a search results page. Importance is brand awareness. Clicks/CTR.  Clicks - The number of times someone clicked on your ads. Imp*Clicks.  CTR - Click through rate. Percentage of impressions that turn into clicks. The percentage of clicks divided by Impressions * 100. Clicks/Impression*100.  CPC – Cost per Click. Amount of money spent on each click. Total cost divided by the total number of clicks. Cost/Clicks.  Cost - The total cost for all clicks. Clicks*CPC  Conversion(e-commerce/leads) - The number of times someone clicked on an ad and completed an action as a conversion within a specific period of time. CR%*Clicks.  Conversion rate - Total conversions divided by the total number of clicks. CPC/CPA. Cost per Clicks/Cost per Acquisition.  CPA – Cost per Acquisition. Amount of money spent on each conversion. Cost/Conversion.  CPM – Cost per thousand impressions.  Quality Score - Increase performance and reduce costs.

Keyword Match type  Broad - Words in your keyword, in any order, as well as words closely related to your keyword. Importance is Spend less time building keyword lists. Spend your money on keywords that work.  Broad match modifier - The word with the broad match modifier "+" must be in the search query. Importance, it can increase campaign clicks and conversions, while providing more precise control than broad match.  Phrase - Shows only for searches that include the exact phrase, or close variations of that exact phrase, with additional words before or after. Importance is create ads with the same keywords your customers search on. Increase your click through rate.  Exact - Show only for searches that use that exact phrase, or close variations of that exact phrase, and no other words. The importance is to limit who sees your ad to only those who search for your exact keywords or close variants of your exact keywords.  Negative - Ensures that your ad doesn't show for any search that includes that term. Importance, reach the most interested customers, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Campaign Structuring  Campaign settings let you control where and when your ads appear and how much you want to spend. Importance, take advantage of advanced features that help you save time and can boost your ad performance.  Include your budget, network, bidding options and adjustments, location targeting, campaign end date, etc.  Campaign name: Edit the name of a particular campaign.  Campaign type: Determines which of the settings and options below you'll see as you customize your campaign.  Locations: Target your ads to almost any geographic area. Specify countries, territories, regions, & cities.

Cont…….  Networks: Determine where on the Internet your ads will show. Ads can appear on Google's Search Network or Display Network, or both.  Devices: By default, enhanced campaigns target all types of devices.  Bidding option: Choose automatic or manual bidding for ad clicks (Max. CPC, CPA,CPM bidding)  Budget: Adjust your campaign's daily budget at any time.  Delivery method: Choose either standard or accelerated delivery for your daily budget to determine how quickly your ads are shown each day if your campaign is limited by budget.  Languages: Target your ads by your customers' language preference.

Advanced Campaign Settings  Ad extensions: Show relevant business information (such as a phone number) with your text ads.  Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling: Specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your AdWords ads to appear. You can also adjust bids for your ads during certain time periods.  Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping: Your ad rotation selection determines how often we deliver your active ads in relation to one another within an ad group. Frequency capping limits the number of times your ads appear on the Google Display Network to a unique user.  Automatic campaign optimization (Display Network only): By default, your campaign is optimized based on the targeting elements you've selected, such as keywords, audiences, or placements.  Experiment (BETA): Make experimental changes to your bids, keywords, and ad groups in your campaign. As traffic accumulates on your experiment, statistical differences may emerge. Evaluate and apply changes based on your tests.

Seed Keyword Generation  Site title, description tag, body text, important tags.  The Keyword Tool automatically identifies a list of queries made on the search engine Google.  Get Meta Keyword Generator Info From Multiple Search Engines

Keyword Planner Tool  Keywords are words or phrases you choose to match your ads with corresponding user search terms.  The tool gives you greater insight into which keywords, ad groups, bids, and budgets you may want to use.  Search for new keyword and ad group ideas  Get estimates and review plan  Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords  Multiply keyword lists - Save the time of manually combining keywords by multiplying two or more lists of keywords.  You can use it to spy and swipe your competitor's keywords  You can find local keywords a lot faster  Create AdWords campaigns easily  Use it as a guide to create a silo structure for your site

Display planner tool  Display Planner generates ideas for all the ways you can target the Display Network.  Include keywords, placements (websites, videos, mobile apps, mobile app categories), topics, interests (affinities, in-market segments), demographics (age, gender), and remarketing.  Get ideas and estimates  Find top placements by location  Show only estimates for my targeting criteria  Contextual Targeting Tool.

Cont……  Each idea comes with impression estimates and historical costs.  Finds and suggests thousands of websites, mobile applications and video channels for your ads across the online world.  Tells you, with estimates and historical data to back it up.  Designed to help you set up display campaigns for maximum efficiency and performance.

AdCopy Explanation  AdCopy plays a vital role in the success of your PPC campaign.  It has much less technicality and if you can keep it plain and simple, it would probably work best for you.  Incorporate the right keywords into your copy.  Make sure that your ad is not filled with useless information.  Check spelling and grammar! Many ads are put up carelessly on the search engines.

AdCopy Creation  Be Specific: Don’t write a generic Ad copy for all your keywords.  Highlight your Unique Value Proposition (UVP): How different are you from your competitor? What makes your product or service unique? What benefit would the customer get after buying what you sell?  Don’t forget your keywords: Advertisers often try to make their Ad copies very creative. But sadly very few of them do well in terms of Click-through-rate and conversion.  Include A Call to Action: Many advertisers forget to include a call to action in their Ads. Having a good call to action can increase your CTR and also increase your campaigns effectiveness.  Stand Out from your Competitors: Many advertisers believe that copying Ads of the top performing advertisers can make your PPC campaign a success.

Cont……  Get Right To the Point: Leave the Mumbo-Jumbo out! You don’t have the luxury of a lot of space to write your PPC Advertisement. Google Adwords only allows 25 characters in your Title and 35 characters each in Description Line 1 & 2.  Ad Formatting is Important – Make sure your ad is formatted properly with correct casing & spelling.  Your Display URL is a part of your Ad Copy. Use It wisely: Many advertisers don’t pay any attention to their display URL. But display URL does play a huge role in your Ad’s effectiveness & click-through-ratio.  Test…Test & Test: The entire success of your campaign depends on how far can you test and implement the change that brings you a positive ROI.  Correlation between Your ad copy and your Landing Page: On most of the cases your landing page will be prepared first, before you get on to write your Ad copy.

Account Set-Up  Need commitment to PPC advertising.  Need to have a website.  Need to have a PPC Strategy in place.  Creating An Initial PPC Keyword List  Keyword research is the foundation  Step One: Target your Customers (check!)  Step Two: Create your Ads (check!)  Step Three: Set your Pricing (check!)  Step Four: Sign up (and here we are…)  Payment Options  Tracking Your Performance.

Search vs Display Campaign Ad placement SEARCH Standard & All features DISPLAY Standard & All features Google search results Google search results, Search partner sites Search partner sites, Google Display Network sites and video

Cont…… Ad formats SEARCH Standard DISPLAY Standard Text ads Text ads All features All features Text ads Text ads Product listing ads Image ads Dynamic search ads Display ad builder ads App / digital content ads WAP mobile ads Product listing ads Dynamic search ads

Cont…. Targeting SEARCH Standard DISPLAY Standard Keywords Keywords All features All features Keywords Keywords Remarketing lists for search only Placements Remarketing lists for search only Site category options

Cont…. Bidding Standard & All features Standard & All features Manual and automated bidding for the Search Network. Manual and automated bidding for the Search Network. Automated bidding for the Display Network.

Account campaign creation  Understanding your customers - Words and phrases they use to search online. Types of websites they visit. Geographical location. How they contact you.  Setting your budget - Once you understand who your customers are, think about how much you want to spend to reach them with your ads, and what results you're expecting for your campaign to be a success.  Organizing your campaign - AdWords is organized into three layers: account, campaigns, and ad groups.  Your account is associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information. Each ad campaign has its own budget and settings that determine where your ads appear.  Your ad group contains a set of similar ads and the words and phrases, known as keywords, that trigger your ads to show.

AdWords Editor  AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable application, download one or more accounts, make changes offline, then upload the changes to AdWords.  Especially, useful for accounts with multiple campaigns and long lists of keywords or ads.

AdWords interface explanation  AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.  Enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads.  The ad service is largely focused on keywords.  Reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer.  Control your budget.  See exactly what's working in your ad, and build on it.

Display Advertising  Online display advertising is a great way of getting traffic to your website, social media page, blog or to raise awareness of anything else you want to promote.  Display advertising for local businesses are far reaching.  Hitting your target audience.  Stimulating consumer interest.

Remarketing campaigns  Remarketing in Google AdWords consists of static image, animated image, video and text ads that are placed on the Google Display network.  Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience  Can radically improve ROI.  Achieve even higher conversions by combining other targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns.  Remarketing lets you show ads to users who've previously visited your website as they browse the Web.

Google Adwords Editorial Guidelines Disapproval reason What does it mean? What do I do now? Editorial standards Your ad text uses non- standard, gimmicky, or unnecessary punctuation, numbers, letters, symbols, capitalization, or repeated words or phrases; incorrect grammar or spelling; or inappropriate spacing between words or punctuation. Edit your ad by removing any non-standard, gimmicky, or unnecessary punctuation, numbers, letters, symbols, capitalization, or repetition of words or phrases; incorrect grammar or spelling; or inappropriate spacing between words or punctuation, per this policy.

Optimization techniques  Focus on phrase and exact match.  Avoid having too many campaigns.  Segment ad groups by match type.  Breakout your poor performers.  Leverage branded campaigns when possible.  Target the most profitable geo locations.  Utilize day-parting data.  Target lower ad positions.  Pay close attention to Quality Scores.  Continually reassess campaign budgets.  Launch new campaigns with negative keywords.

Thank You Ranjan Jena – Digital Marketer | Speaker | Trainer +91-7760969452 | Bangalore, India twitter.com/ranjanjena_ppc facebook.com/RanjanJena.SEM linkedin.com/in/ranjanjenasem Blog: www.onlinepaidlook.com

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