A bit of gloom in Australian wine

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Published on October 23, 2008

Author: jafvino

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A short piece questioning why Australia seems to be a bit challenged by current world markets - there is a way forward and its built on wines that continue to get better and better

Australian wine – global  sharing

Australia did not invent wine, but it  did give it a standard around which  10’s of millions of people could  regularly enjoy it. after Seth Godin ‐ Tribes

Why then does the Australian  wine sector appear gloomy?

Thought to be recent photo of Australian  wine industry leaders

Thought to be recent photo of Australian  wine consumers

Make’s me think there might be  a disconnect?

“The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with  similar educational backgrounds, coming up  with similar ideas, producing similar things,  with similar prices and similar quality.” Funky Business   Kjell Nordström  & Jonas Ridderstråle (1999)

So, Starbucks Australia blew it. They magically found a tribe, a previously disconnected tribe, a tribe that was looking for a place and an identity. And instead of nurturing and connecting this tribe, they merely chose to sell more coffee wine. What a shame. What could Starbucks Australia have done? They could have said, “How would 2 million 10’s of millions of people, well off people, traveling people, connecting people, idea merchants... how could these 2 million 10’s of millions of people benefit from 7,000 remote gathering places some greater connection? How do we create a place that they seek out, spend time and money and attention in?” with apologies to Seth Godin 2008

So let’s do something about it

Leadership exists when people are no  longer victims of circumstances but  participate in creating new  circumstances. Jaworski (1998) Synchronicity

4 vs 2 Let’s do more and more about marketing  FOR Australian wine consumers, and think  less about marketing TO them (Another derivative from Seth Godin, 2008)

Its about Australia’s relationships with customers  and consumers We bring wines that delight our consumers We share why we are different from our competitors We get to know a whole range of needs and interests We share the full breadth of our wine knowledge We are “can do” and  keep moving the bar higher Call us and we can help you with your wine solution

This is Australia Share our wines (+)

Jim Fortune jfortune@bigpond.net.au ACKNOWLEDGMENTS • Some images courtesy of open access material such as  FLICKR and SlideShare • The continued generosity of Seth Godin with ideas and  material • The Visio Guy for ideas of how to extend the program

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