A BigchainDB use case: DPM (Digital Product Memory) - The Story of Everything

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Published on October 27, 2016

Author: BigchainDB

Source: slideshare.net

1. The Story of Everything 3D-Druck Netzwerk Berlin 6 September 2016

2. Every product has a story. •  Where it came from. •  How it was made. •  How we used it. To now, the story has been hidden from our eyes.

3. But we care about the story of the product. •  Beliefs, Morals, Values •  Product Quality & Safety •  Love and cherish it We envision a future where we know the exact provenance and authenticity of everything we touch, see, feel and taste. To do this, we can also solve some of the many problems in today’s global supply chain.

4. THE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN 4 3D Data Privacy Fraud SourcingProduct Recalls Unauthorized Product Access CorruptionConsumer Protection Licensing of IP

5. PARTNERS 5 Shared Autonomous Factory 3YourMind Connecting ecosystem stakeholders Riddle&Code Smart tags, blockchain enabled EOS Global leader in 3D industrial printing INTEL* Global chip maker, trusted execution environment (SGX) *To Be Confirmed BigchainDB Scalable blockchain database RWE / Innogy Pioneering blockchain technologies, co-investor Cognizant Global IT service provider, co-investor

6. OUR SOLUTION 6 Shared Factory Perfect TransparencySeamless Value Transfer

7. 7 PRODUCT EXAMPLES Retail Customer 3D Printed Products Original Spare Parts Industrial Parts

8. 8 SECURE THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS 8 + 3D Printer Trusted Execution Environment

9. 9 LINKING PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL 9 + Physical Tag Blockchain Database

10. Source: RWE/Cognizant 10 HOW IT WORKS Customers BLOCKCHAIN Design(s)ers Material Logistics Shared Factory Facilitates order confirmation and payment •  Protects data and designs •  Enables royalties and licensing for designers Enables sourcing of products from suppliers •  Records the finished product a unique •  Product ID and supply chain data on blockchain

11. 11 The inputs to the product: •  raw materials •  production parameters •  access authorization •  Intellectual property We can: •  Track the product along the supply chain and through the product lifecycle •  Secure the ownership of the product and its IP DIGITAL PRODUCT MEMORY The Story of a Product is its Value



14. The Story of Everything 3D-Druck Netzwerk Berlin 6 September 2016

15. BACKUP 15


17. 17 OPTIONS OF A DIGITAL PRODUCT MEMORY 17 •  A physical data storage which is able to communi- cate (e.g. NFC Tags) •  Integrated in the product, saves data locally •  Here: TagTok •  Product information are uploaded and saved in a cloud •  Data is accessible at every step in the product lifecycle •  Information is saved in a decentralized network (i.e. a Blockchain) •  No central hub needed Physical storage Cloud storage Decentralized DB

18. USE OF DPM IN 3D PRINTING 18 Dependencies •  3D design file of Cufflinks •  Pictures of cufflinks to show in Preview Mode, Video of 360 degree view of product •  Price details of product to display in site •  Materials that are supported for customer to choose from •  QRCode will be used for checking authenticity •  QRCode and Authenticity certificate to be printed at the booth? Customer enters Booth Customer logs in Customer selects Cufflink design Customer places order and pays Pre 3D printed Cufflinks 3D Printed Cufflinks sent to customer. (QR code attached) QR code on the product can be scanned for authenticity by using a phone


20. 20 Internet  of  Things  &  Blockchain   SmartAutonomousFactory Trusted Execution Environment – Enabled by Intel SGX Print Instructions Printer Diagnostics •  Alerts •  Material level Open   Network   Designer’s Computing Device Blockchain Platform 3D Print Designs   Smart Contract   3D Printers Untrusted  Code   Trusted  Code  &  Data   (Secure  Enclave)   Gateway   Intel  SGX  Enabled  Pla<orm   Encrypt   /   Decrypt   Secure   Clean-­‐up   Secure  Print  InstrucCons   BigChai nDB   Client   Authoriza Con   STL  to  G-­‐ Code   Kernel     Print   Work   Order   SGX  Libraries   SGX   Driver   OS,  BIOS,  VMM,  SMM  etc.   Print Instructions Printer Diagnostics •  Alerts •  Material level Call  Gate   Secure  CerCficate   Access  to  Secure   code  restricted   HTTPS Secure Transmission   HTTPS   Secure Transmission   HTTPS Secure Transmission  

21. 21 Internet  of  Things  &  Blockchain   MVPDemo       1.  Designer   •  Securely  Upload   Designs   •  Setup  Terms  &   Condi?ons   2.  Customer   •  Shop  for  products   available   •  Place  Order   3.  Printer   •  Fulfill  Orders   Placed   Trusted  Factory  –   Engagement  Portal   1.  Retrieve  Print  File  (STL   etc.)   2.  Decrypt  File  (in  the   works)   3.  Secure  Code  ExecuCon   •  Convert  to  GCODE   4.  Print  SimulaCon   5.  Secure  clean-­‐up   Trusted  Prin?ng  –     Secure  Code  Execu?on   1.  Scan  Product  Received   –  Verify  AuthenCcity   2.  Digital  Product  Memory   •  Designer   •  Printer   •  Supply  Chain  Info   •  Route   Digital  Product  Memory  

22. 22 Internet  of  Things  &  Blockchain   SmartAutonomousFactory Proof of Concept – Use-cases – MVP MVP Common  Use-­‐cases   1.  Registra?on  /  Sign-­‐up  –  Designer,  Printer,   Customer   2.  View  &  Edit  Profile  informa?on   3.  Login  &  Logout   4.  User  Home  Page  &  Dashboard  –  key   differences  called  out  below   a.  Designer   §  Account  Balance  (Royal?es)   §  Usage  sta?s?cs  for  design   §  Feedback  /  Ra?ng   b.  Customer   §  Orders  placed  and  status   §  Account  Balance   c.  Printer   §  Orders  assigned  and  Status   §  Account  Balance  (Payment   received)   d.  Payment  Transac?ons  for  all  users   5.  Messaging  &  No?fica?ons   6.  Encrypt  &  Decrypt  Print  file   7.  Escrow  based  payment  implementa?on   between  Customer,  Designer  and  Printer   8.  Digital  Product  Memory  –  Visualiza?on       Designer  Use-­‐cases   1.  Upload  New  Design   2.  View  Design  details   3.  Search  Design   4.  Edit  or  Delete  Design   5.  Setup  Terms  &  Condi?ons   6.  Modify  Terms  &  Condi?ons     Printer  Use-­‐cases   1.  Setup  Printer  Configura?on   2.  View  /  Edit  Printer  Configura?on   3.  Setup  /  Edit  Printer  Terms  &  Condi?ons   4.  Verify  Printability  and  set  Proof-­‐of-­‐ Printability  for  a  design  (Dummy  Service)   5.  Get  Order  Details   6.  Tag  Printed  Product   a.  Bar  Code  /  QR  Code   b.  NFC  Chip   c.  Riddle  &  Code   7.  Register  Printed  Product  on  Blockchain   8.  Secure  Code  Execu?on  -­‐  Intel  SGX   Integra?on   9.  Convert  3D  Model  /  Design  into  Print   Instruc?ons   10.  Visualize  Print  Instruc?ons   Customer  Use-­‐cases   1.  Search  Design   2.  Place  Order   a.  View  3D  Model  –  Details   b.  View  3D  Model  –  Preview  &  360o  view   c.  View  &  Accept  Designer  contract   d.  View  &  Accept  Printer  Terms  &   Condi?ons   e.  Specify  Print  Parameters   f.  Select  Printer   g.  Make  Payment   3.  Track  Order  Status   4.  Check  product  authen?city  –  Mobile  App   5.  Ra?ngs  &  Feedback   1.  Rate  Designer   2.  Provide  Feedback  to  Designer   3.  Rate  Printer   4.  Provide  Feedback  to  Designer   6.  View  Order  History   17th  Aug   16th  Sep   Future  Scope  

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