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Published on December 14, 2009

Author: upu21

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Chapter 'A Bias for Action' from the book 'In Search of Excellence' by Tom Peters & Robert H Waterman Jr

A Bias for action Presented by: Umang Patodia(111) Upasana D (112)

Index Introduction Organization Fluidity Chunking Experimental Organization Speed and numbers Cheap Learning The experimenting context Simplifying Systems The action orientation

Introduction Action orientation Bias for getting things done Active decision. Problem discussed All-too-reasonable and rational response Complexity in big companies Overdoing of orderly things

Organization fluidity Need for adhocracy Getting out of the bureaucracy

Organization Fluidity(contd…) Informal, Open Communication MBWA – Management by Walking About Virtual technology of keeping in touch Two things that are visible : Positive reinforcement for valuable action Seek out a high volume of opportunities for good news swapping

Chunking An environment of fragmented responsibilities Break things for To Increase Fluidity To encourage action Creating small groupsAd Hoc Task ForceFewer members Responsibility proportional to the position Flexibility and Adaptability Documentation is informal Follow-up is swift The importance of context of climate

Creating small groups

Ad Hoc Task Force

Experimenting Organizations Excellent companies willingness To try things out To be bold and daring P&G called it the “testing fetish”“Do it , try it and fix it”

P&G called it the “testing fetish”

Speed and Numbers Alacrity and Numbers of experiments Deadline pressures Quick In, Quick Out Like a game of poker: With each card, stakes get higher You never really know enough until the last card is played Know when to fold Chunk, Review, Manage

Cheap Learning Low Cost and Get Innovation Into Action Relative Invisibility: “bootlegging” User connection: with a user, on a user’s premises

The experimenting context Leaky systems, mistakes, bootlegging, changes, champions Devising the system: Select one unit Get the people to bring into shape Bring others to see and learn from it Natural Diffusion: builds on itself Results-first approach

Simplifying Systems Formal systems of brief communications, fact-based decision making, MBO One-page memorandum Fewer numbers to debate Ability to cross-check Focuses the mind Accountability goes up OST: Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

The action orientation Experiments, Ad hoc task forces, Small groups, Temporary structures “People can only handle a little bit of information at one time”; “They thrive if they perceive themselves as even somewhat autonomous” Ready. Fire. Aim. Learn from your tries.

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