A Beginner_s guide to Personal Development - Growth Marathon Ideas

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Published on January 23, 2018

Author: matrikasproducts

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slide 1: A Beginners guide to Personal Development - Growth Marathon Ideas The personality of an individual is determined and judged by their appearance behavior attitude mindset education values and some more varying characteristics. It is the is the process of developing a set of characteristics and traits which contribute to the overall personality of a person. It is essential for personal as well as professional wellbeing. Personality development is not a one-time process it cannot be happened in a single day or week. It takes over a long time to develop the characteristics. Here we provide some beginner’s guide to personal development. It all start with how well you look in general sense how you dress up for office or personal events parties and other occasion. You must able to pick right outfit according to situation and event you attend. Dressing sense give a major impact in personality it is the first impression to others as well. Communication is next important aspect in personality impression how you speak reflect who you are. Communication helps individuals to express themselves in the most convincing way. You always to be conscious about the language u speak the usage of right words at right being silent in speaking as well as polite and gentle in gestures. Proficiency in language you speak or write is must. It is also must the recipient should able to understand your ideas thoughts which you express in words. Be very particular about the pronunciation of words. If you are not very sure of how to pronounce a particular word avoid the same in your speech. Overall it is also important to be a good listener as well with more patience to observe what other person trying to share with you. Gestures plays an important role to judge a person’s confidence and personality. When you slide 2: communicate with other person or your boss your gesture reveals your thoughts make use of positive gestures at maximum time. Meeting new people and making social relationship is a healthy step towards expanding your horizons and exposing yourself to a real world. You get an opportunity to know more about other cultures and lifestyles and it significantly has a positive effect on your own personality. By doing this even if you are introvert you could able to come out of it and express yourself. Developing professional qualities is also must. Learning about management qualities leadership qualities are essential to compete with others in official life. This lead you to manage your team members or colleagues to accomplish a specific task. Professionally you need to be optimistic all the time to find positive in everything you face. As Nobody wants to work or live with a pessimist. Finally be yourself you should always remain who you are. Everyone is unique in their own way. You should explore deep in yourself and find how unique you are. Don’t ever try to behave like another person you are always the best version of yourself. As a beginner you keep track yourself your self-improvement personally and professionally. Make a habit of writing diaries like 2018 diaries to find how much u have improved in you over a period of time.

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