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Published on February 24, 2008

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Slide1:  CHILDCARE SYSTEMS Project @CCEDE Tallinn, 3-4 April 2006 Slide2:  Starting Point @ccede Project Slide3:  @ccede Project Budget 2.9 m€ Territorial sphere 8 Municipalities around Madrid city Industrial areas 400.000 inhabitants DP Composition Slide4:  Starting Point THE CHANGES WHICH HAVE TAKEN PLACE IN SPAIN OVER RECENT YEARS HAVE BROUGHT AN INCREASE IN THE DEMAND FOR CHILDCARE SERVICES Massive incorporation of women into the workplace, bringing about a deflection from childcare Predomination of the nuclear family model (family made up of a couple and their children). Greater frequency of single single-parent families Both partners working away from home. Progressive importance of parents and the early socialisation of children Lack of coordination between work and school times. Very long Working days: from 9 a.m. to 7.30/8 p.m., with a break for lunch between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Distance from home to work. Inmigration and demografic increase Slide5:  Starting Point EUROSTAT April 2005”reconciling work and family life in the EU25 in 2003 Slide6:  Conclusions SPANISH LEGISLATION, ALTHOUGH PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE, CONTINUES TO BE LIMITED IN ORDER TO COVER THE LIMITATIONS OF OUR LEGISLATION AND TO SUPPORT THE CONCILIATION OF WORK AND FAMILY LIFE FROM PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SPHERES, AREAS OF SUPPORT FOR WORKERS NEED TO BE CREATED, FUNDAMENTALLY THE SETTING UP OF NEW RESOURCES FOR CHILDCARE Slide7:  @CCEDE Global integrated approach Small local pilot solutions Transference of results Equal Innovation @ccede Project Slide8:  Small local pilot solutions @ccede Project Slide9:  Small local pilot solutions Very long working days Long distances to working centers Main conclusion and proposal: Workers, specially those with family responsabilities, do appreciate more each year actions from managers oriented to improve the quality of their working and free time. Pilot programs among companies (HR Dept), Trade unions and municipalities for, training, information, new ways of organising flexible working time and flexible child care services, should be the begining of the project. Study on formulas in the working world and in-house reconciliation policies Slide10:  Small local pilot solutions Un-equal home tasks sharing Sensitize To educate in equal values Empowerment workshops For children / For parents / For educational and child care workers didactic units and group activities Slide11:  Small local pilot solutions Not enough care services Flexible and part-time work Progressive importance of early socialisation for children Lack of coordination of school and work times New approaches and models of child care in companies, schools, municipalities and industrial parks (early waking up women) (Telecare) Child care centers in industrial parks Time extension in public schools. Transference of results: project Amplía DONNAS MADRUGADORAS Slide12:  @ccede Project INPUTS Occupational and entrepreneurial training Entrepreneurial promotion Help for starting up OUTPUTS 3 companies and 1 local services cooperative. 2 companies for the extension of services in centres 1 free municipal extended service 3 EEI management companies for business environments Consolidation of 15 entrepreneurs Creation of 43 new jobs Creation of 450 new childcare places New services for 298 families Slide13:  @ccede Project PALABRAS MAYORES S.XXI, S.L. Professional activity: implementation of cultural and leisure facilities for senior citizens. Started: March 2004 Staff: 4 persons, all women and company partners TELECARE Professional activity: home-based childcare service Started: September 2004 Staff: 7 persons, 100% women. PALABRAS MAYORES SIGLO XXI Slide14:  SERAP S.L.L. Personalised Care Service Professional activity: home-based social services. Started: March 2004 Staff: 4 persons, 100% women COTAAE S. Coop. Cooperativa de Torrejón de Ardoz de Auxiliares de Enfermería Professional activity: home care service for dependent persons Started: January 2003 Staff: 14 persons, 100% women. @ccede Project SERAP S.L.L. Slide15:  @ccede Project DONNAS MADRUGADORAS Professional activity: extended timetables for childcare services: “Los Primeros del Cole” (The First in the School) and “Juegos y Meriendas” (Games and Snacks). Started: September 2002 Staff: 7 persons, 100% women CANTEEN Professional activity: canteen and study area outside of school times in Secondary Schools. Started: September 2004 Staff: 4 persons, 100% women MEJORADA DEL CAMPO MUNICIPAL LEISURE CENTRE Professional activity: free municipal service for extended childcare services Started: January 2004 Staff: 9 persons, 100% women. DONNAS MADRUGADORAS Slide16:  @ccede Project ADETS, Educación Preescolar para Parques Empresariales Professional activity: Preschool Education Centre located in a business area. Started: September 2004 Staff: 7 persons, 100% women “SOL” Preschool Education Centre Professional activity: early childcare centre Started: December 2004 Staff: 2 persons, company partners. “3 COLORES” crèche Professional activity: first cycle infant education centre Started: January 2003 Staff: 2 persons, company partners. Slide17:  From the @ccede Project to the Amplia project Good Practice transferred in Action 3: Extension and creation of services for dependent persons WOMEN'S BOARD REGION OF MADRID AMPLIA PROJECT Slide18:  Amplia Project Equal @ccede REGION OF MADRID European Social Fund EXTENDED TIMETABLES REGIONAL BOARD FOR WOMEN AND EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATION BOARD START OF THE PROGRAMME IN THE REGION OF MADRID The Women's Board through the Operational Programme Integrated Goal 3 implements a collaboration program, the results of which are: Training of unemployed women Promotion of conciliation of work and family life Extended number of places due to increasing number of users who can access the services Extended timetables in some infant schools. Generation of new employment. Transfer Slide19:  Amplia Project Mixed Employment Training Programme for Women in Childcare Services (0 to 3 years) To improve the qualifications of people involved in childcare To promote the creation of new economically accessible services for the care of children from 0 to 12 years To extend childcare coverage for 0 to 12-year-olds, improving the possibilities for employment of women who assume family obligations GOALS Slide20:  Amplia Project Structure and duration (4 months) TRAINING UNIT PRACTICAL TRAINING UNIT ORIENTATION UNIT An “Infant Education Auxiliary” course will be imparted, lasting 150 hours. Each training course will have 80 hours practical training, made up of daily two-hour sessions. Training will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Infant Schools or other extended service areas: leisure centres or during extended school hours. There shall be orientation, professional information, business training and technical assistance throughout. Moreover, there shall be at least one group session lasting five hours during the training unit. Suitable participants JOB OPPORTUNITIES OR GRANT: €300 Slide21:  Amplia Project TRAINING UNIT Infant Education Auxiliaries 150 hours Competence units To prepare, develop and assess formal and informal educational projects To prepare, develop and assess the activities destined to the development of habits for autonomy and basic care needs. CONTENT Progressive psychology Health and personal autonomy Infant education didactics. Planning and organisation of educational practices Infant education didactics. Methodology Elements of educational practice Employment Orientation Equal opportunities Environmental awareness module Slide22:  Amplia Project PRACTICAL TRAINING UNIT IN INFANT SCHOOLS 80 hours Goal Extended timetables in Infant Schools and Child Facilities in the Region of Madrid From 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Children between 16 weeks and 3 years, whose Mothers and Fathers can justify the need for the service given their work situation A coordinator and a tutor: teacher/tutors (qualified Higher Technicians) of Infant or Junior Education 8 participants in practical training Timetable Aimed at Organisation of each Unit Slide23:  Amplia Project PRACTICAL TRAINING UNIT IN LEISURE CENTRES AND EXTENSION OF SCHOOL OPENING HOURS 80 hours Creation of leisure centres and extended timetables in Primary Education Centres Two hours, depending on demand Children whose parents require support for the conciliation of work and family life A coordinator and a tutor: Number of participants in practical training, depending on the number of children to attend to Goal Timetable Aimed at Organisation of each Unit The municipality behind the programme creates a personalised service for the needs of its citizens. Some municipalities have opted for the creation of leisure centres for single-mother families Slide24:  Thank you very much + info: (34) 902-12-04-12 stecnica@cestel.com

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