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Published on June 24, 2008

Author: robpatrob

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Beyond Television The Transition from Machine to Network

Connecting? OUR MISSION We exist because we are… Bringing St. Louis together as we connect our region to the world and the world to St. Louis. What is it about “Connecting” that is so important and how do we do this?

Prosperity With Connections, St Louis can become great again

Connections = Life OUR VISION When we accomplish our mission… KETC envisions a confident and proud community ignited by the spirit of possibility and connected through public media. Cleveland Silicon Valley Has powerful sectors Densely connected The figure on the right but weak connections Alive with energy is St Louis in the Vision

Connections = High Social Capital Dr Robert Putnam St Louis Wins and so does KETC

St Louis Today Local Botanical Zoo Community Gardens Local Community Local Washington Valdis Krebs Community University Valdis Krebs Likely that the groups and communities in St Louis are Scattered - Just as are your viewers There is no power in the system

Stage 1 - Connecting Valdis Krebs In Stage 1, you start to connect some groups - could be communities - could be the art and science world in St Louis

Weaving Valdis Krebs Then you act as a host and weave the communities into each other New connections form

Emergence! Valdis Krebs With enough Weaving - the network takes off all on its own The power of the network effect becomes available to KETC and to St Louis Social Capital and Resilience Build and drive outcomes

How do we get there? How do we preserve what we have while also moving to a very different model

Finding the New World When Columbus set out for the New World, he had a map! He knew that if we sailed west for an estimated number of miles that he would come to land He had a set of tools that helped him get there He had a set of principles about sailing and navigation He did not have the details but he had enough. We are in the same situation. We know where we have to go This paper will offer a set of tools and principles We start with the kind of map that Columbus might have had

Setting Sail • The Map - The key parts of the system • Showing how the old and the new are themselves connected • Discussing the principles of each part & how they support each other • Principles - New ways of seeing old ideas • New Aspirations - Moving from a passive to an active “audience” • New Medium - No limits to content in either time or space = massive diversity • New value proposition - Moving from scarcity to ease of navigation • Resources - Moving from money to affinity • The Work - Moving from management to facilitation • Measurement - The System, Connections, Energy, Velocity

The Map Energy Amplification Purpose/Intent Social Space Social Kinetic Energy Web Space Broadcast TV Social Energy Building Social Energy Transitional Energy The Young

The Map - An Overview In the centre of the Map is Broadcast TV as we know it. With a schedule, traditional programs, one to many. Here the energy is Kinetic. Our work is to amplify this Kinetic Energy with the Social Energy of Connections - the Network Effect. On the left is the Building - Redesigned as a Social Space/Trusted Space - that connects “Face to Face” in real time and in real space. Here the partnerships manifest and the communities link physically to each other and to Network 9 On the right is the Web - Seen as Social Space/Trusted Space that connects beyond time and space - Here 9 Network connects via the web - to bloggers, to content, to experts, to St Louis and beyond Underpinning all of this is the unique energy of the young and their ability to bring their elders to the customs and workings of any “New World” - Transition Energy - all of our places above the line must be filled with young people who bring us with them to this new way of being and working Giving it all drive must be a series of purposes - The War gave us the energy to do this work - pick so energizing goals to drive it all All of this happened in a minor way in the War project

Broadcast - Kinetic TV Lessons from the War Project Key Assumption - We will still be producing local programs and broadcasting network programs just as we did for The War. So, our job is - like during The War - to use our direct social connections and our connections on the web to amplify the results on air and to use our “Air” to amplify our work directly and virtually - to bring the full power of the system to bear. Kinetic Energy Broadcast TV So, our Kinetic role has therefore got to be re-perceived as a node in this larger and more complex network So, as we are doing with Living St Louis, how we make, store and distribute content must fit the technical and legal needs of the larger system - this includes not only our own content but Network content as well

The Building Design as Trusted Space How the team met with each other and worked with each other during the War Project was materially very different from how things happen in the old model. Traditionally, the leader is the connector - every part connects independently via one node - in the project the leader instead created the Trusted Space where the parts connected to each other - we saw the first step in the transition from leader energy to group energy - where timelines and can accelerated and resources acquired from the network effect - enables more complexity to be coped with Social Space Building Social Energy The 9 Network building must be seen in this new context of a Trusted Space - where all the new parts of 9 Network can naturally meet, interact, learn and work with each other. This is more than moving the partners in. It demands that the space be seen primarily as “social” and designed to enhance connections

Principles for Trusted Space “New ideas often need old buildings.” Jane Jacobs Jacobs observed four key qualities of healthy, vibrant cities: mixed uses, frequent streets, varied buildings, and concentration. Building & Web Communities need the same Enough “accidental” connections takes the the system to the conditions of “Life” bursting out

Trusted Space on the Web There is no single “Web” out there. In the War project, we experimented with several channels. We learned to go to where the people were. Social Space We have to go further and become expert at using all Web the important channels both outside and INSIDE KETC Social Energy Our Web world must be diverse and dense. Again we can use the same principles for healthy and vibrant community that Jane Jacobs espoused for the physical world.

The “New World” The Children have to lead us Transitional Energy The Young The Social Web is indeed a “New World”. Like America in the 19th century it has a very different culture, world view, expectations and language. New comers are really “immigrants”. As we have learned with the war project, it is the young that adapt quickly. It is the young that teach and bridge their elders to the new. For the elders the new is always awkward. We will never get there without a lot of young all over 9 Network - we will have to design in ways that we are packed with young

Purpose - Power We witnessed the power of Purpose with the War project. Without a Project, we would not have had the focus for our energy So our larger work has to have an inspirational purpose that each one of us can find our own self inside I imagine a larger over-arching purpose linked to the Mission And a series of Projects, like the War, that give us the step by step march to the destination It’s all about energy!

Energy It’s all about Energy! In the traditional mechanical model, energy is money. As in all machines, the source of energy is external. We are looking at a natural model where each part of the system feeds the rest. In place of the constant of the sun that underpins all systems on Earth In this system the constant are hearts and the souls of people Before 1905 energy was limited to the mechanical energy of things - Einstein discovered that the energy of the universe was contained inside atom. So the implication of the new order is that all the energy that we need is contained in the heart of any man or woman It just needs the conditions where it can be unleashed This map is a crude early design for such a reactor

Principles • New Aspirations - Moving from a passive to an active “audience” • New Medium - No limits to content in either time or space = massive diversity • New Quality - No Longer the exclusive domain of the professional • New Value Proposition - Moving from scarcity to ease of navigation • Resources - Moving from money to affinity • The Work - Moving from management to facilitation • Measurement - The System, Connections, Energy, Velocity The research/practice is now conclusive Everything that we do must be tested against these principles

New Aspirations Having it “My Way” The passive TV audience is being replaced by active “Participants” They want to see what they want when they want it and how they want it Many want to participate in the groups that form around their interests Many want to create their own content How we make, accept, enhance & deliver Content Must fit these Aspirations

New Medium No Limits to Inventory = Massive Diversity = Niches Pay Our old economic model was based on real or artificially created scarcity A Focus on Mass Production and a Limit on Shelf Space = Commodities Now the costs of distribution and storage drop to Zero Now Time and Space shift from constants to Variables The Life Span of content moves to long term - The Amount of Content moves to Infinite Great Content still costs a lot to make but most costs the distributor nothing to distribute Most of the rules of the old economy do not apply now - So what are the new rules?

New Quality Expertise voiced by New Tools High Production Values are seen by many as defining “Quality” Now immediacy and expertise can trump high production values It is Inherent quality about story, expert content and affiliation that are pre-eminent now Much can be and is now being produced by “Non professionals” Outside the “professional world of film making and journalism are legions of genuine Experts Their Expertise is part of the new Quality Their use of new tools gives them a voice and an access to an audience Facilitating this voice is part of the new definition of Work and of Value

Value The importance of being able to tell a great story will never be diminished But in a world where content is effectively “Infinite” then two factors drive the value: • Ease of Navigation - finding what you want EASILY • Affiliation - Sharing what you like and conversing with like minded people about the content that appeals to you • Facilitation - Most of the content will not be produced in house but by others - attracting good content and connecting it to a larger audience will be very valuable Content, on its own - no matter how good - has little or NO value

Resources Created by the Network Effect Q: How much traffic does craigslist get? A: More than 9 billion page views per month Q: How does that compare with other companies? A: craigslist is #7 in terms of english-language page views Q: How many people use craigslist? A: More than 30 million each month, including more than 25 million in the US alone The Craigslist statistics reveal the nature of the new Resource picture. Q: How many classified ads does craigslist receive? A: craigslist users self-publish more than 30 million new classified ads each month With the right attractor like a Sun, in the centre of a system, Q: How many job listings does craigslist receive? most of the work and resources will be provided by the network A: More than 2 million new job listings each month Any other model misunderstands how networks work Q: How many images are uploaded to craigslist? And the power of the Network Affect A: More than 10 million new images per month Q: What about craigslist discussion forums? Judicious use of the Network Effect will enable A: More than 75 million user postings in 100 topical forums Network 9 to compete with the largest conventional organizations Q: How many employees does craigslist have, and where are its offices located? A: 25 of us work out of a victorian house in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco To get this value - you have to give up a lot of direct control

Facilitation The Work - Creating Trusted Space/Initial Conditions In nature, that always uses networks, the design for growth is always the same Life and Growth depends on there being the right environment in the early times for a species, a being, or any system to grow to its potential The primary task of any who seeks to meet nature’s plan is to understand what this “right” environment is and to Facilitate its coming into being

Nature’s Development Curve Shifting from Control to Influence The key area to work in is here - where the set of the spiral is formed The same is for children - by setting the “right” conditions here The curve will develop on its own with very little extra work So the critical work ahead is: • To determine what “Right” means in our situation • To understand what Facilitation/Hosting is and learn how to become expert at it • To surrender our conditioned view of power inside organizations - Power is redefined from direct kinetic control to using influence - Influence is largely modeled and inferred by example - deeds not words • To ensuring all the time that the conditions for growth are in place

Measurement Mapping the dynamics of the network We know that this is the path Why not get the best person in the field to help He is Valdis Krebs

Connections = Life OUR VISION When we accomplish our mission… KETC envisions a confident and proud community ignited by the spirit of possibility and connected through public media. Cleveland Silicon Valley Has powerful sectors Densely connected The figure on the right but weak connections Alive with energy is St Louis in the Vision

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