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Published on January 12, 2011

Author: vitelwireless


“Getting Started”: “Getting Started” Alan Murakami January 2011 Completing Your Enrollment: Completing Your Enrollment “Join Now” Independent Sales Rep Agreement Advertising & Marketing Agreement Your One-time Set-up Fee $49.95 & monthly maintenance & support Fee $19.95 Your Commission Payment Choice Bank Account Details if Direct Deposit Print W9 Form and Fax or Email! Subscribe to Newsletter updates! Ad Compliance: Ad Compliance Brand name & Trademark Compliance It’s a privilege, not a right Respect it & Protect it or We’ll Lose it! Review the Advertising & Marketing Compliance Document in Back Office. CLEAR Online Marketing rules – CLEAR Sales Portal Play it Safe – Use only pre-approved tools If you must – Seek written approval at least 14 days in advance. No reply is not consent! Your Website & Back office: Your Website & Back office Pre-approved & Compliant website Direct Customer Access to shop your offerings CLEAR requires Sales Rep to place order through Back-office Sales Portal Your contact profile settings Your Account Your Commission Payout Methods Tracking Your Sales and Commissions Tracking the growth of your Sales Team Tracking your Sales Team’s sales Training Resources: Training Resources CLEAR Sales Portal (Back office) CLEAR Sales Rep Hotline (News) Cellular (Shop Now> Wirefly Learn) Dish Network (Shop Now>Vi-Tel Satellite>Learn More Future Product-Focused Webinars Your Business Plan?: Your Business Plan? It’s Your Company Why did you choose to go into business? What adjustments must you make to succeed? Do you have a personal development program? What are your Goals? How will you get there? What’s your reward? Write down your goals & read them daily! Marketing Your Products: Marketing Your Products You Don’t Have to Be an Expert! Your Future Customer List? Your Best Customers may become your Best Reps Put your website to work for you! Your “calling card” Pre-approved business cards- MarketCenter tab E-Marketing Center Banners Pre-approved Ad copy Logo’ed Apparel Product Brochures Developing Your Sales Team: Developing Your Sales Team Your Customers Referrals Make a List of Success-minded people you know or come in contact with each day Minimum Daily Contacts – personal goal Qualifying & Posture Use F.O.R.M. to find their possible “why” Listen More than Talking Use Your Resources Be sure to Follow-up! (48 hrs at the most) Don’t Take “No’s” personally- not the right time Making Money!: Making Money! 6-Ways to Earn @ Vi-Tel Wireless Direct personal sales (ranges from 40% to 60% of CV) Sales Team Overrides ( up to 5 levels) Fast Start Bonuses ($25 for first sale made by each Personally Enrolled Sales Rep) Matching Bonuses (Paid on Personally Enrolled Override Earnings) Generational Bonus (3% for RSM’s & 5% for NSE’s through 6 Generations) Senior Leadership Profit Sharing Pool (5% of Quarterly Company-Wide Sales ) Plus; Sales Contest as announced! Getting Paid W9 – You are a 1099 Independent Sales Representative You are responsible for income taxes not Vi-Tel Wireless! Payment Selection & Bank Routing (if Direct Deposit) Commissions Paid by the 15 th of the Month following the sale being made. Fast Start Payout Change Coming in February Building Blocks to Wealth: Building Blocks to Wealth First Week : As New MR; Make Five “Get One Mobile Plus” Sales with a Gross Commission Value of $225 each. For example; 4 sales are to Retail Customers and 1 sale is for your own use to demo for Customers and potential Sales Reps. Find 3 others like you are success-minded to be part of your sales force. 5 personal sales x $225 (CV) x 40% (MR Commission rate) = $450 for your “Personal Sales commission! Second Week: Help your three new MR’s duplicate what you just did and help each make their first 5 Personal Sales. 3 MR’s x 5 Sales X 15.5% (Your First Level Override rate) = $523.12 Plus; Fast Start Bonus 3 x $25 = $75 Add up your Total Earnings in just your first two weeks; Direct Sales Commissions = $450 Your Override Commissions = $523.12 Fast Start Bonus = $75 Your Total Earnings = $1,048 with just your own sales efforts and the help of just 3 others making one to two sales a week! (For example only to demonstrate the earning potential of our compensation model. Your actual earnings will be determined by your personal and sales team production) Building Blocks to Wealth II: Building Blocks to Wealth II What if you continued to duplicate your sales team model of 3 MR’s each down through all Five Levels? Level 1 = 3 MR’s Level 2 = 9 MR’s Level 3 = 27 MR’s Level 4 = 81 MR’s Level 5 = 243 MR’s Total Sales Team Members: 363 Total Sales Team Members! And ; what if each MR made just 5 Sales of “Get One Mobile Plus” each month? Level 1 = 3 MR’s x 5 sales x 15.5% = $523.12 in Override Commission Level 2 = 9 MR’s x 5 sales x 13% = $1,316.25 Level 3 = 27 MR’s x 5 sales x 10.5% = $3,189.37 Level 4 = 81 MR’s x 5 sales x 8% = $7,290 Level 5 = 243 MR’s x 5 sales x 6% = $16,402.50 Your Total Earnings from just “Override Commissions” alone would be $28,721.24! This is just from 1 of 6 Ways to Earn! There’s No Limit on how many MR’s you can personally enroll and expand your residual earning potential! “Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible!” (For example only to demonstrate the earning potential of our compensation model. Your actual earnings will be determined by your personal and sales team production How to Get Help?: How to Get Help? Your Sponsor – They get paid for helping you! Teach others to fish – duplication! Your NSE,RSM or ASM Vi-Tel Wireless Corporate FAQ’s Submit Support Ticket from Back office Email: Call: 877-778-8997 Training Calls “Thank You!”: “Thank You!” Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible!

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