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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: Savin

Source: authorstream.com

Code Compliant Systems:  Code Compliant Systems Terry Madden Sample Letters:  Sample Letters Notice – A sample and B Sample Acceptance of Laboratory Findings Waiver of right to B Sample Analysis and Waiver of Right to Contest Laboratory Findings Acceptance of Provisional Suspension Sample Letters:  Sample Letters Charging Letter Sanction Notice of Public Announcement Timelines Negotiations:  Be Honest – NADO Integrity Athlete should be represented by legal counsel Show the athlete and legal counsel your entire case When speaking with the athlete and legal counsel, two representatives of the NADO should attend Negotiations Negotiations:  Negotiate from the most serious sanction to lower or minor sanction; don’t negotiate against yourself Expect your conversations to appear in the media Negotiate press releases Supplement cases Keep the IF and WADA informed Negotiations Expedited Procedures:  Expedited Procedures “USADA may shorten any time period set forth in these procedures where doing so is reasonably necessary to resolve an athlete’s or other person’s eligibility before a protected competition. The shortened time periods shall continue to protect the right of the athlete or other person to a fair hearing and shall not prohibit the athlete's or other person’s right to request three arbitrators or choose a neutral arbitrator.” Article13 of the USADA Protocol for Olympic Movement Testing Specified Substances:  Specified Substances What are the IF’s expectations?

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