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Published on March 20, 2008

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CORBA in NEC Communication Applications:  CORBA in NEC Communication Applications Ken Ogawa ken@syl.nj.nec.com NEC Systems Laboratory Inc C&C and CORBA:  C&C and CORBA NEC’s Corporate Identity is CORBA is one of today's glues integrating C&C What we see through C&C ?:  What we see through C&C ? What we see through C&C ?:  What we see through C&C ? What we see through C&C ?:  What we see through C&C ? What we see through C&C ?:  What we see through C&C ? What we see through C&C ?:  What we see through C&C ? Keywords for QoS Sensitive Network:  Keywords for QoS Sensitive Network The innovation of architecture Middleware for Multimedia, Multipoint Communication Integrate real-time QoS oriented communication Service Virtual interface to NW element and two-way flows of QoS information API with feedback of QoS info. to the end system Simple and practical as a principal Overall Architecture:  Distributed Object Environment Multimedia Application Multimedia Application Network-based Application Overall Architecture Network Resources Network Resources N:1 Push Service:  N:1 Push Service Video Source(s) Travel Agent N:1 Push Service Tour Customer QoS Sensitive N/W 1 2 3 4 6 5 Video Player Implemented on Orbix using XCMF ( System Management Facility) What we need as an Infrastructure:  What we need as an Infrastructure Travel Agent Customer CORBA ORB (Orbix) Naming Persistence *XCMF CORBAservices and CORBAfacilities N:1 Push Service Virtual Services Source1 Source2 SourceN Virtual Interface Video Tour Connection established with N:1 Push Service Distributed Video Sources Soft CAC DRM Java applet (GUI) Streams Service Java applet (GUI) Network Resources Video Phone Connection established with Streams Service Internet Intelligent Integration :  Internet Intelligent Integration Internet Intelligent Integration Objectives:  Internet Intelligent Integration Objectives Personalized SCE/STE Server Network Intelligence Server Integrated Network ISN (IP SW) ISN ISN PSTN Network ATM Network Mobile Network Voice Over Internet Network Intelligence Layer Network Access Layer Example Service:  Personalized SCE (Java-based) Network Intelligence Server (NIS) Integrated Network Voice Over Internet RT-OODB ISN ISN ISN ISN 4 5 7 6 1 3 Example Service ISN: Internet Service Node Architecture Overview:  Architecture Overview Security SCE JAVA Library (Telecommunications) Supporting Platform (CORBA based) Native OS (e.g., Unix) SCE Applets Call Model (AIN-based) Supporting Platform (CORBA based) Native OS (e.g., Unix) Service Logic (AIN-based) INAP+ P-SCE Server Network Intelligence Server (NIS) Proprietary protocol over TCP/IP JAVA Browser (e.g., Netscape/HotJava) Native OS (e.g., Unix/WindowsNT) SCE JAVA Applet (downloadable JAVA Browser (e.g., Netscape/HotJava) Native OS (e.g., Unix/WindowsNT) SCE Java Applet (downloadable Voice over Internet H.323 Personal Computer Personal Computer TCP/IP Simple Call Model ATM Routing Internet Service Node (ISN) INAP+ over TCP/IP Detailed Architecture of NIS:  Detailed Architecture of NIS LIDB PSTN CS1 services Applications AplMgr Intelligence Platform OM Log Alarm Billing Sub’er DB OS Notification Event Channel CallFactory CRB Trader Service Distributed Fault Tolerance Platform NIS INAP+/IP Switch/SSP ISN OMG services with built-in fault tolerance Network Management System:  Network Management System OPENBASE NEC’s New Generation of Network System Management:  NEC’s New Generation of Network System Management NEC has a variety of Telecommunications products Radio Transmission Switch ATM&LAN Requirements for NMS:  Requirements for NMS Management of a large variety of Equipment and OSS(Operation Support System) Standard based and Open System Re-use of existing Software Size of Network Small/Mid to large Open Platform for NMS Scalability Standard Availability Connectivity Trends of Object Technology :  Trends of Object Technology Standardization of NMS OSI Management Model GDMO (Guide line for Definition of Management Objects) More flexible architecture Manager Agent get, set event Integrated NMS : OPENBASE II:  Integrated NMS : OPENBASE II OSS : Operation Support Systems Web Client CORBA (Orbix) Telecom Common Services Noyif CORBA / IIOP Notification Alarm, Log, Topology PM, CM, etc... Q3 Adapter TMN/Q3 FM CM PM NE-AP NE-AP … … PM … Mediation Function Mediation Function Mediation Function FM TO TO TO … Client CORBA Task Object Java Beans / Active-X Conclusion:  Conclusion CORBA is one possible glue integrating Computers and Communications and creating a new world

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