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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: Aric85

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Unit 3 Travel Journal 外文学院 刘晓霞 Slide2:  He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man. Slide3:  Do you like traveling? Where have you been? How did you find your travel? Slide4:  Which of the places do you want to go ? San Ya Jiuzhaigou Huangshan Great wall Slide5:  the Terra Cotta Warriors the West Lake the Pyramids Liberty of Statue Slide6:  South America Europe Asia Australia Africa North America Hawaii Slide7:  Laos Vietnam Cambodia Thailand Myanmar Slide8:  Who are Wang Kun and Wang Wei? What was their dream? Where is the source of the Mekong River and which sea does it enter? Fast reading They are brother and sister, and fond of traveling. They had dreamed about taking a great bike trip. Qinghai province. South china sea. Detailed reading:  Detailed reading List the places that the Mekong river flows through What can you see when you travel along the Mekong? Is it a difficult journey to cycle along the Mekong? Why? Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan and Southeast Asia. Glacier, Wide valleys, waterfalls, plains. Yes. The journey would begin at an altitude of more than 5,ooo metres, and the air would be hard to breathe. Why do people travel? :  Why do people travel? To see other countries To visit famous, interesting or beautiful places To meet new friends To eat new kinds of food To experience life in other parts of the world To get an unusual experience Discussion What different means of transportation can you use for traveling ?:  take a bus\car\taxi\plane\train by bus\bike\plane\air\ship\subway What different means of transportation can you use for traveling ? cycle :  cycle 1.This is a cycle. n. 2.He cycles to work everyday. v.骑自行车 3.The cycle of the season.  四季的循环 Cyclist valley:  valley n.山谷 在山脊或其它高地之间的狭长低地,常有沿着底部流淌的小河或小溪 fare n.:  fare n. A transportation charge, as for a bus. 车费(交通)费用,如乘公共汽车 e.g. a bus fare; a taxi fare one-way fare round-way fare Slide15:  Imagine you are helping the cyclists to prepare for their trip down the Mekong. Do you think which of the following objects is the most useful.And your reasons? tent compass map raincoat flashlight umbrella matches water bottle Can & bottle openers radio tire blanket Slide16:  Game Time Assignment:  Assignment Write a composition: Make a travel plan for the Summer holiday. Where are you going? When are you leaving? How are you going there? Where are you staying ?How long are you staying there? How much money do you think you will need to pay the journey? And so on. Words limit: 150

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