904 - Snow's Cholera Experiment

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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: WatHistory

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CHOLERA & DR. SNOW WALT: - What was the impact of Chadwicks Report? L4 – Describe some of the changes L5 – Explain some of the changes L6 – Evaluate the changes that occurred.

CLOZE ANSWERS  The 1848 PUBLIC Health Act – A NATIONAL Board of Health is to be created with the power to set up LOCAL Health Boards [Committees that try to improve DRAINAGE, Sewers, RUBBISH Collections, build ‘Public toilets’, Water supplies and so on] where there is a HIGH death rate.  Local Boards of Health have powers to: Make sure New HOUSES are built with drains and toilets. Charge a local rate of TAX to pay for improvements.  CHOLERA outbreaks continued . In 1848 60,000 died followed by 20,000 in 1584.

A LETTER FROM FARR (far away) June 27, 1855 Dear Dr Snow, I write to advise you of the meeting of the Scientific Committee for Scientific Enquiries in Relation to the Cholera Epidemic of 1854. It is our belief that the cause of the increasing number of deaths by the disease Cholera is the bad air that surrounds our great city in these times of industrial success and over population. We have termed this bad air “miasma”. We have taken note of your theory of cholera being a water transmitted disease but we feel that there is no evidence to support this theory. At the meeting we will be discussing ways in which we can decrease the occurrence of “miasma” in London. Yours Sincerely Dr William Farr

YOUR TASK • You will have 12 minutes to produce evidence to convince Farr how wrong he is. • Use the information sheets, work in pairs.


YOUR TASK • Your Teachers will as if by magic turn into Dr Snow. We will only answer your questions if they are asked to Dr. Snow. • As soon as you have Plotted the deaths, discuss with your shoulder partner what you can conclude … • Write a conclusion for Dr Farr. Provide your evidence. • EXTENSION – How would you solve the problem?

What Conclusions did you come to ?

The Impact of Snow & Chadwick. “Nearly all the deaths were situated near to the Broad St. water pump. There is a brewery in Broad St. None of the brewer’s men, who drink only beer, died. I had the handle from the pump removed and Cholera immediately stopped spreading. It was later discovered that sewage had been leaking into the drinking water. I proved that Cholera is spread from infected water, rather than miasma.”

THE CHANGES • Now we know the cause is not Miasma but the water supply we can set about fixing things! FIND SOMEONE WHO – • YOUR TASK. Answer the following Questions, use page 55 & 56 of the Textbook. • WRITE in your own Books. • WHEN INSTRUCTED - You will then Find Someone Who Knows an answer you might not or can add to your answers.

HOMEWORK Wathistory.weebly.com Email me if you have any problems

• Create your own poster to summarise the changes that have occurred during the Industrial Revolution. • SHOW OFF YOUR KNOWLEDGE. • THE TWIST – YOU CANNOT USE ANY PICTURES • JUST DESCRIBE THE IMAGE THAT YOU WOULD CREATE

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