9 Things You Need To Know About Teens, Technology, & Online Privacy

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Published on November 15, 2013

Author: PewInternet

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Amanda Lenhart presents nine major themes from the Project’s five-report series on Teens and Online Privacy. In a talk delivered to the Family Online Safety Institute’s annual conference on November 7th, Amanda examines youth’s social media diversification and sharing practices, privacy choices and the ways that youth concepts of privacy differ from adults.

9 Things You Need To Know About Teens, Technology & Online Privacy Amanda Lenhart, Senior Researcher, Director of Teens & Technology Mary Madden, Senior Researcher Pew Research Center Family Online Safety Institute November 7, 2013

About Pew Internet / Pew Research • Part of the Pew Research Center, a non-partisan “fact tank” in Washington, DC • Studies how people use digital technologies • Does not promote specific technologies or make policy recommendations • Data for this talk is from nationally representative telephone surveys of U.S. adults and teens (on landlines and cell phones) 9-minute presentation version: We’re the public opinion, “just the facts”, non-advocacy, non-policy part of the Pew universe

1 Teens’ internet use is becoming increasingly mobile. • 95% of teens use the internet. • About three in four (74%) teens ages 12-17 are “mobile internet users” who say they access the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at least occasionally. • 37% of all U.S. teens own smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011. • One in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users. Among teen smartphone owners, half are cell-mostly. • 58% of all teens have downloaded apps to their cell phone or tablet computer.

2 Teens are diversifying their social media portfolios. • Teen and adult use of SNS + Twitter — change over time

3 Teens (like adults) are sharing more info about themselves. Social media profiles: What teens post — 2006 vs. 2012 100 91 90 80 79 71 70 71 61 60 50 53 49 2006 2012 40 30 29 20 20 10 2 0 Photo of yourself School name or town where you Email Address Cell phone number City live

4 Privacy norms vary by platform. Facebook privacy settings Tweets: Public or private? Among teen Facebook users Among teen Twitter users Don't know 1% Private 60% Public 14% Partiall y Private 25% Don't know 12% Public tweets 64% Private tweets 24%

5 Network size + composition matter in important ways. • The typical (median) teen Facebook user has 300 friends. • Teens with the largest FB networks (601+ friends) are: • More frequent users of the site • Have profiles on a wider range of other social media platforms. • More likely to be FB friends with teachers + coaches • More likely to be FB friends with people they have not met in person

6 For teens, managing their “social privacy” online is paramount. Lots of time and energy is devoted to reputation and network management: 74% of teen social media users have deleted people from their network. 59% have deleted or edited something that they posted in the past. 53% have deleted comments from others on their profile or account. 45% have removed their name from photos that have been tagged. 31% have deleted or deactivated an entire profile or account. 19% have posted updates, comments, photos, or videos that they later regretted.

7 Advertisers + other third-parties are not top of mind for teens. • 9% of teen social media users say they are “very” concerned that some of the information they share on social networking sites might be accessed by third parties like advertisers or businesses without their knowledge. • Focus group findings suggest that some teens have mixed feelings and varying levels of awareness about advertising practices.

8 Parents of online teens express a wide range of concerns 81% are concerned about how much information advertisers can learn about their child’s online behavior. 72% are concerned about how their child interacts online with people they do not know. 70% are concerned that their child’s online activity might affect their future academic or employment opportunities. 69% are concerned about the way their child manages their reputation online.

9 Teens are turning to peers and parents for advice. 70% of teen internet users have asked for or sought out advice on managing their privacy online. • 42% have asked a friend or peer for advice on managing their privacy online • 41% have asked a parent • 37% have asked a sibling or cousin • 13% have gone to a website for advice • 9% have asked a teacher • 3% have gone to some other person or resource

Amanda Lenhart Senior Researcher, Director of Teens & Technology Pew Research Center’s Internet Project alenhart@pewresearch.org @amanda_lenhart @pewinternet @pewresearch

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