9 Things Employers Don't want to see on your FB Profile

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: SamanthaMcNair

Source: slideshare.net


Briefly discusses 9 things employers don't want to see on either an employee or applicants Facebook profile.

9 Things Employers Don’t want to see on your Facebook Profile Samantha McNair

Nothing Some believe that if they remain private then they’ll stay safe, but many employees wont even interview if they can’t find you online. It gives the impression that you’re out of the loop or hiding something.

Potty Mouth While you may keep it mum in the office, employers who see applicants or employees using excessively foul language on Facebook could get the impression that you’re not very personable or professional; especially if the job/position correlates with your personal life.

Neuroticism This applies more so to employers reviewing applicants Facebook pages but can also be applied to current employees. Excessive negativity on your page in general can cause others to wish to avoid being in your presence. If you’ve ever researched emotional contagion or worked with somebody who was always down, you know that many times these moods can be contagious. You being in a bad mood can put others in a bad mood just from being around you. If you’re always down in the dumps, display low self esteem, or seem to panic easily, then employers will many times pass you over for somebody more cheerful and personable.

Pictures Employers going on to your Facebook likely don’t want to see any of the following type of photos: • Indecent exposure or nudity • Photos of you dressed inappropriately • Gang symbols • Pictures of you “partying with ya homeboyz” • Drunken and belligerent • Bathroom duck-face shots • Kissy kissy shots of you and your guy • Drugs • Any photos of you in your crazy days/glory days/party years

Cat Fights I know we can get into some heated debates and arguments on Facebook. It’s the only place you can see two teachers duke it out over improper grammar in posts. And while it may be really tempting to keep the brawl public for all to see, it’s not a good idea. It may give employers the idea that you’re hostile or that you don’t work well with teams.

Problems with Authority If you’ve gone on a rant about why you shouldn’t have gotten that parking ticket, how you’re so pissed at your parents, or for the love of God if you have anything about your former job/coworkers/employers, please keep it private. While all of your posts may be completely legitimate it can come off as a problem with authority and cause employers to be wary of hiring you.

Games If you’re unemployed and a potential employer goes to your Facebook and sees that every hour for the past sixteen hours Facebook has been updating your progress on Farmville, Dinner Dash, Cityville, Indiana Jones, etc. then it simply makes you look idle. They want to see that you have dedicated your extra free time that would otherwise be devoted to work to something significant like furthering your education, volunteering in the community, reading, something that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the computer all day. The occasional or even daily post from Farmville or another game is fine, just be sure it’s not the only thing that’s noticeable about your profile.

Personal Information Facebook posts that are considered to be private such as comments about your relationship/problems in your relationship, sex life, health, family problems, troubled childhood, and anything money related can turn an employer off. If you’re disclosing information deemed too personal open for the whole web to see then an employer could conclude that you would likely do the same in the workplace.

Overly Confrontational Posting comments which put down others who have different political views or beliefs than your own can be detrimental, especially if followed by something along the lines of “and if you’re voting for Obama just go ahead and delete yourself from my friend list!”. It’s disrespectful and employers don’t like it.

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