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Published on November 27, 2007

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1960s:  1960s Culture, Society, and Music American Society in the 1960s:  American Society in the 1960s Minimum wage $1.00 Around 850,000 boomers enter college Schools don’t have the space, so they set up emergency living quarters in dorm lounges, hotels, and trailer camps Towards the end of the decade college campuses become centers of social and political debate and protest as a reaction against the conservative 50s Major Events in 1960s:  Major Events in 1960s MLK Jr. leads peaceful protests for civil rights and is assassinated Malcolm X leads a black nationalist movement Supreme Court rules prayer in public schools is unconstitutional Major Events in 1960s:  Major Events in 1960s Castro leads a communist revolution in Cuba Cuban Missile Crisis almost leads to nuclear war U.S. sends troops to Vietnam to stop communism from spreading in Asia JFK is assassinated Surf Rock:  Surf Rock A style of rock originating in southern California Lyrics were often about surfing, hanging around at the beach, no adults around, beautiful blonde girls, etc. These sounds appealed to audiences outside of California who identified with the themes and often were “sidewalk surfers” (skateboarders) Surf Rock:  Surf Rock Originally and primarily an instrumental style The Ventures and Dick Dale are two prime examples Listen to Miserlou Featured guitar melodies and aggressive drumming The 1963 hit by the Surfaris, Wipe Out, is a great example of this style Other surf rock bands like the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean also featured vocals The Kingsmen and Louie Louie:  The Kingsmen and Louie Louie Originally recorded by Richard Berry in 1956 Recorded in 1963 by the Kingsmen Hard-driving groove with slurred lyrics Fear about what the lyrics actually said even sparked a Congressional Investigation! Louie Louie:  Louie Louie Written by Richard Berry and inspired by a homesick Jamaican sailor CHORUS:Louie Louie, oh no Me gotta go Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said Louie Louie, oh baby Me gotta go Fine little girl waits for me Catch a ship across the sea Sail that ship about, all alone Never know if I make it home Louie Louie:  Louie Louie CHORUS Three nights and days I sail the sea Think of girl, constantly On that ship, I dream she's there I smell the rose in her hair. CHORUS Okay, let's give it to 'em, right now! GUITAR SOLO Louie Louie:  Louie Louie See Jamaica, the moon above It won't be long, me see me love Take her in my arms again Tell her I'll never leave again CHORUS Let's take it on outa here now Let's go!! The Beach Boys:  The Beach Boys The Beach Boys:  The Beach Boys Formed in the early 60s as a family band The Wilson brothers, Brian, Dennis, and Carl Cousin Mike Love Neighbor Alan Jardine They all lived in L.A. The Beach Boys:  The Beach Boys On Labor Day weekend in 1961 the Wilson’s parents went away and left their sons home with $250 for food money The boys promptly spent the money on musical equipment and went to a “try-out” recording studio to record their first album, Surfin’ This album hit the local charts and made ripples nationally, getting them a deal with Capital Records Early Style:  Early Style Similar in style to the instrumental surf rock of Dick Dale and the Ventures Unlike the instrumental surf rock, the Beach Boys invoked powerful images of southern California life Surfing Suburban life Leisure Fast cars Bikinis (and the young women who wore them) Early Style:  Early Style These early tunes had the sleek instrumental sounds of surf rock Unlike other surf rock bands, the Beach Boys also featured tight vocal harmonies Somewhat influenced by doo-wop groups and vocal jazz groups like the Four Freshmen Lyrics evoked a utopian teen fantasy world, where everything was happy and fun This combination of surf rock instrumental and vocals made their second album, Surfin’ U.S.A. a hit Brian Wilson:  Brian Wilson By 1963 Brian Wilson had taken over producing the Beach Boys’ albums Brian didn’t fit the rock star stereotype Moody, withdrawn, looked awkward on stage Beach Boys concerts really featured more of the stage antics by other band members Brian Wilson:  Brian Wilson In the studio, however, Brian took over as the dominant voice He wrote most of their material He was always looking for a new direction, and never was satisfied with rehashing old formulas Unlike Dennis Wilson, Brian never surfed He was actually afraid of the water! Writing songs about subjects he wasn’t interested in, Brian always felt in danger of being pigeonholed Brian Wilson:  Brian Wilson In 1964, suffering from “stress” quit touring with the Beach Boys and devoted himself to producing their albums and writing material for them Spurred on by success of British bands, Wilson met the challenge head on with hits Dance, Dance, Dance Help Me, Rhonda Brian Wilson:  Brian Wilson By 1965 Brian had developed fully as a rock composer He had started to push pop music conventions He experimented with new sounds and colors Lots of extra percussion The suburban values in the lyrics weren’t abandoned, but made profound within their expression Complex harmonies Something New…:  Something New… In 1965 one of these British bands, named the Beatles, released a pivotal album called Rubber Soul Brian was both captivated and challenged by this album He believed the stereotyped Beach Boys sound would be left behind by bands that put out entire albums of consistently solid music Pet Sounds:  Pet Sounds Brian responded in 1966 with their masterpiece, Pet Sounds Brian teamed up with lyricist Tony Asher and hired top L.A. studio musicians to play Lots of unusual instruments Accordion, theremin, dog barks, etc. Most of the tracks are songs about isolation and insecurity Brian is 24 years old and is hailed by some as a musical genius The album itself did poorly Smile and Smiley Smile :  Smile and Smiley Smile Following Pet Sounds Brian began work on what was to outdo all the Beach Boys’ previous work The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s album had supposedly challenged Brian to do even more They began work on Smile, which was abandoned after several intense months of work Paranoid, Brian destroyed many of the recorded tracks Brian’s drug addictions had spun out of control Instead, the Beach Boys released Smiley Smile, which included some songs meant for Smile Good Vibrations:  Good Vibrations Released on Smiley Smile, but previously also as a single One of Brian’s best works Included lots of unusual instruments Bowed bass, a theremin-like instrument (pictured here), harpsichord, sleigh bells, etc. Post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys:  Post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys By 1965, Brian’s music was too complex for the Beach Boys to perform effectively live Lyrics had begun to avoid the sunny and happy themes that made the Beach Boys popular Brian retreated, and only began contributing a handful of songs for the Beach Boys’ next albums Unhappy with their contract with Capitol Records, they coasted through their last two years with the label Post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys:  Post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys Brian returned to the happy, suburban themes that made him famous When the Beach Boys stuck to their familiar formula they did well, had hits, and performed for large audiences When they began to make personal statements and tried new things, they found themselves ignored In 1970, their contract with Capitol expired, the Beach Boys faced a decision, continue as before with a new label, or change their name and sound They decided to continue as before, in case you hadn’t figured that out 1970s Beach Boys:  1970s Beach Boys They took a new strategy for touring They perfected new material for live performance Their “classics” about cars and surfing was what drew crowds, however They released the album, Endless Summer, which went gold Every track was recorded before 1965! Continuing Today:  Continuing Today With Brian returning to the stage, the Beach Boys continue to perform and record In 1988 they hit the Top 40 charts with Kokomo, from their album Sounds of Summer In 2004, Brian got back together with lyricist Van Dyke Parks and resurrected Smile Using left over tracks and rerecording, this album is now available under Brian Wilson’s own name Listen to Heroes and Villains, from Smile The British Invasion:  The British Invasion The British Invasion:  The British Invasion In the mid 1960s British bands started to make inroads into the U.S. market Led by the success of the Beatles many bands from across the “Pond” followed on their coattails Most of these bands were passing fads, but some of these groups became influential and significant The Rolling Stones The Who Herman’s Hermits The Time Was Ripe:  The Time Was Ripe JFK had just been assassinated Rock music had been stagnating in the U.S. British bands were just becoming interested in rock’s roots, resurrecting music that had been forgotten in the U.S. They were mostly taking their influence and material from music performed and recorded by black musicians Music Business in U.K.:  Music Business in U.K. Up to this time pop music in U.K. was dominated by American music Four major labels and only 2 radio stations BBC is government owned and only played rock 2 hours on Saturday night on 1 channel beginning in 1958 Controlled much tighter compared to U.S. at the time “Beat” and “Skiffle” Fads:  “Beat” and “Skiffle” Fads In the late 50s styles of music called “beat” and “skiffle” had become popular Skiffle A style that was based on American folk music that used guitars and improvised percussion instruments with a jazz-like groove Listen to Lonnie Donegan’s Rock Island Line Beat Bluesy pop music, very simple style and generally easy to play England in the Early 1960s:  England in the Early 1960s The teens of the 50s never really took to rock and rebellion as in the U.S. The British tended to be much more conservative and formal By the 60s the British teens formed an underground subculture Young men cultivated a “teddy boy” image Similar to the “greasers” of American in the 50s Teddy Boy Look:  Teddy Boy Look Teddy Morphs Into Mod and Rockers:  Teddy Morphs Into Mod and Rockers Originally Mod was used to refer to fans of modern jazz, as opposed to “trads,” or fans of traditional jazz After a while it was extended to cultural elements beyond music Art, philosophy, clothing, etc. Rockers are more like the teds, ride motorcycles and wear leather Clash with the Mods leading to sensationalist media coverage The Searchers:  The Searchers One of the better rock bands of the British Invasion Their cover of Jackie DeShannon’s Needles and Pins was a hit in England and made ripples in the U.S. Manfred Mann:  Manfred Mann Originally from South Africa Played mainly R&B, but played pop stuff to make the charts Sellout? Recorded covers of Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters Also recorded Do Wah Diddy Diddy and made the charts in the U.S. The Animals:  The Animals Led by Eric Burdon One of the best of the British Invasion bands of the early 60s Their cover of House of the Rising Sun made the charts in the U.S. as well as England All those groups paled in comparison to another band. Can you guess the mystery band?:  All those groups paled in comparison to another band. Can you guess the mystery band?

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