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Published on March 12, 2008

Author: Malden

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8th UN/CEFACT Forum:  8th UN/CEFACT Forum Closing Plenary Forum Management Group Chair: Dick Raman Vice-Chair: Sue Probert Agenda:  Agenda Highlights of the week Report from the Bureau Reports from the Permanent Groups Wrap-Up Next Forum Meetings Sponsors:  Sponsors Duane Nickull, Individual Francois Vuilleumeir, ISO/TC 154 Chair Volunteers:  Volunteers Robert W Elm – Chartered Accountant Carmen Turner – Volunteer Coordinator Donna G. Baird Bettina Rothe Marian Lewandowski, Xenos Group Inc. Andre Charland – eBusiness Applications Pam Chadwick, eBusiness Applications (Our website designer and maintainer) Ed Buchinski – Treasury Board of Canada Paul Prescod – Blast Radius Nicole Spata, Westin Bayshore Terri Russell, Westin Bayshore Heather Coyle, Westin Bayshore David Snarch Christina Wong Helen Rotonen Conrad Malilay David Brooks Nadia Kim Leah Marchuk Kate Oneill Tyler Harbottle Vanessa Lunday Jiyang Kim Yuri Morales Lana Litvinov Devin McDaniels Gary Rodman – PSAV Matt Mackenzie – Adobe Systems (Wireless Internet Architecture) Gaiten Martineau – Government of Canada Lindsay Smith – Techvibes Francine Lecours – Industry Canada Blair Qualey – Vancouver Board of Trade Mairi Smith – Westin Whistler Peter Wong – Boughton & Associates Gene Parela Jean Lewandowski - St. John's School Leana Birk Mitchell Rhodes Laura MacKay Duane Nickull Highlights:  Highlights Attendance Cooperation between the groups Extension of the CC Library First Full submission from TBG6 Lunch & Learn X12, CIDX, UBL, OAG From the UN/CEFACT Bureau :  From the UN/CEFACT Bureau 8th UN/CEFACT Forum Vancouver, Canada Stuart Feder Chair UN/CEFACT Plenary Congratulations:  Congratulations To the FMG and the Canadian team To Forum Participants To External Groups To the Public-Private Partnership Bureau Activities :  Bureau Activities Listening to Forum participants and FMG Watching lunch-and-learn presentations Helping to clarify UNECE, Plenary & Bureau activities Exchanging views with External Groups Preparing for May 2006 UN/CEFACT Plenary UNECE Reform:  UNECE Reform Just to recall the Bureau’s opening Forum Plenary presentation covering UNECE Reform The new Executive Committee means that UN/CEFACT and Forum activities will have much greater visibility and opportunities for advancing our work with the backing of member states through a stronger UNECE governance and funding framework Plenary Planning:  Plenary Planning 12th UN/CEFACT Plenary in Geneva scheduled for 22-24 May 2006 Stakeholder focus from perspectives of Countries Sectors Standards development organisations Effort to integrate current strategies involving trade facilitation and electronic business Teamwork:  Teamwork Thanks again for the teamwork Members of the Bureau look forward to seeing you in New Delhi Techniques & Methodologies Group:  Techniques & Methodologies Group TMG - Closing Plenary Gunther Stuhec TMG Highlights:  TMG Highlights UMM 2nd working draft of UMM Base and UMM Foundation Module ready for ODP Step 5. The review period will start on 2006-03-17 and will end on 2006-04-30. BCSS v1.0 draft specification is released to ODP Step 4 and will be available at www.untmg.org next week. UBAC: Productive meeting with Legal REA Economic Ontology Specialization Module for the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology project Productive sessions with OMG Great MRI session on Sunday. BPSS:  BPSS The next version of OASIS’s BPSS standard, v2.0.3, will be submitted to ISO TC 154 for approval as ISO/DTS 15000-6. The TMG will recommend to the CEFACT Plenary (meeting in May) that this action be supported by CEFACT. UN/CEFACT and OASIS will announce that BPSS 3.0 will be a joint effort. TMG and OASIS ebBP TC still need to work out details regarding how/where the work will be done. The v3.0 project will take in all current TMG comments and work to better align BPSS with the UMM. Core Component Working Group:  Core Component Working Group CCTS Meeting at Xenos next week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Goals Finalize changes to next version/release Complete update of comment log Send out for review by TMG CCMA: Productive sessions this week. Context Methodology Project:  Context Methodology Project Context Methodology Project approved by the TMG (part of the Core Component Working Group) Joe Zhou appointed Chair Call for participation will go out shortly Note: Project deliverables will address CC, BP, and registry concepts. UBL:  UBL UBL expectation of TMG Clear advice from TMG to UBL regarding UBL library conformance with CCTS 2.01 with the goal being that the UBL library submission will be conformant Initial review with comments to be completed by 30 April Joint UBL/TMG expectations Develop a plan to use UBL 2.0 as a base library for CCTS 3.0 implementation verification Slide18:  Please fix the IPR issue now! International Trade and Business Processes Group:  International Trade and Business Processes Group TBG – Closing Plenary Chair : Jean-Luc Champion Vice-Chair : Yong-Jae Kim Some thoughts…:  Some thoughts… It works better when it’s open! Mind is like a parachute… TBG1 Vancouver Meeting:  TBG1 Vancouver Meeting TBG1 projects: Requirements Specification Mapping Cross industry invoice: approved by TBG1 Cross industry remittance advice: approved by TBG1 Will be updated to include the new TBG17 submission template and the additional information identified by ATG2 TBG1 projects: Business Requirements Specification Cross industry ordering: approved by TBG1, to be provided to TBG SC for approval Cross industry catalogue: in review by TBG1 and TBG6 Steel industry ordering: offline review process TBG1 – UBL harmonisation/Integration plan:  TBG1 – UBL harmonisation/Integration plan Basis documents UBL 2.0 trade messages Approved TBG1 Business Requirements Specifications (BRS) and the existing BRS documents in production Joint work between TBG1 and UBL e-Procurement group Gap analysis for the messages having a UBL and a TBG1 version, based on an Gap analysis evaluation how to integrate Set up of a joint project for the UBL messages not yet in development in TBG1 (Despatch advice, Receipt advice) Common production of updated or new BRS documents TBG1 – UBL harmonisation/Integration plan:  TBG1 – UBL harmonisation/Integration plan Organisation Set-up of the core group for the Gap analysis and integration planning TBG1 (Pat Toufar, Freddy De Vos, …) - UBL (Mark Leitch, Peter Borresen….) Define work plan of the projects for the integration of the UBL messages for which there are not yet TBG1 developments Should report at the next UN/CEFACT forum on their work plan and progress Incorporation of the UBL Procurement group into TBG1 Should be finalised at the next UN/CEFACT forum meeting (October 2006) Assimilation of the UBL procurement members as full TBG1 members Should be finalised at least before 2008 TBG1 – UBL harmonisation/Integration plan:  TBG1 – UBL harmonisation/Integration plan Planning of the joint activities Set-up of a core group for the Gap analysis TBG1 (Pat Toufar, Freddy De Vos, ….) UBL (Mark Leitch, Peter Borresen….) Gap analysis Invoice (including Credit and Debit note - finalised end May 2006) Remittance advice (finalised end June 2006) Ordering messages (finalised end October 2006) Catalogue messages (finalised in March 2007) New Common projects Despatch advice (finalised September 2007) Receipt advice (finalised September 2007) Packing List (to be checked if the UBL version is a trade document or transport document?) UNeDocs:  UNeDocs UNeDocs did ‘real’ work mapping two documents from Senegal and the E-Cert document to UNeDocs Proposals for the WCO integration work Start of the update to the UN/CEFACT CC Library Complete first draft of RSM for Clickable Contract TBG3 Transport:  TBG3 Transport Achievement highlights of the week (1) Progress BRS for IFTM International Forwarding Transport and review priorities for next BRS’s regarding (container movements, bulk etc..) Review TBG3 Core Components submission for final harmonisation work and endorsment by TBG17 (May 06 meeting in London) Joint meeting with UBL-TSC Transportation Sub Committee: review TBG3 comments on UBL 2.0 draft release and future cooperation Joint meeting with TBG1: agree Trade Shipment model, hazardous / dangerous goods BRS Joint meetings : TBG2, TBG4, TBG8 (Cargo Insurance), TBG13 (Transport dangerous waste), TBG14 for bilateral cooperation on items of common interest TBG3 Transport:  TBG3 Transport Achievement highlights of the week (2) ITIGG subgroup implementation guidelines : process requests from Users: COSEAL(Containers seals msg), IMO ship and port facilities security requirements (ISSP code)…. DMRs for “Transport Routing Information” agreed ISO standards developments : Update ISO TC204: RF-tag system architecture to identify moving cargo. Presentation - Electronic Freight Management (EFM) Program - from US-DOT, proof of concept for the standards implementation strategy Next TBG3 meeting scheduled 18-22 September 2006 in Barcelona ( 3 days interim technical work, 2 days plenary) – no participation of TBG3 in CEFACT Forum New Delhi Oct 06 TBG3 Transport:  TBG3 Transport Achievement highlights of the week (3) Resolution Cooperation with UBL-TSC (Transportation Subcommittee) TBG3 recognises that its comments regarding Transport related items to the UBL 2.0 draft release have been acknowledged by UBL in their public review. Considering that UBL have agreed to correct the noted discrepancies in order to comply with the TBG3 semantic inputs, TBG3 resolves to further cooperate with UBL-TSC in the second public review of UBL 2.0. However, this collaboration needs to be considered within the overall framework of the current process to enable UBL activity to be included within UN/CEFACT. TBG 5:  TBG 5 VANCOUVER main work: How to best organise the participation to cross-domain projects? How to organise the liaison between financial initiatives in the invoicing environment with the standards already prepared in TBG1? How to convince others to use TBG1 standards? TBG 6:  Before New Delhi Cefact Forum session eTendering harmonization (CCs and BIEs) completed (3 weeks after Vancouver Forum) eTendering XML Schemas to be generated (19) by end of May and audited by ATG2 and ICG (Summer) eTendering BRS and RSM updated (Summer) Project Schedule and Cost Performance Management BRS (May) and RSM v1.0 to be published Contract Financial Execution Management BRS first draft TBG 6 TBG8:  TBG8 P6 Insurance Core Components Worked on core components Worked on resubmission for TBG17 Maintenance procedure TBG12:  TBG12 Accounting Token Next steps within TBG1 supply chain TBG6 to include Accounting Token in e-Tendering Awareness toward TBG8, TBG5 Accounting Entry project Project proposal CCs Pre-harmonisation TBG 15 International Trade Procedures:  TBG 15 International Trade Procedures Revision of UN Recommendations Recommendation 6 – reviewed latest draft and offered suggestion to the improve the content Recommendation 11 – enhance draft to include other Conventions and documents (IMO FAL Form 7) Recommendation 12 – FINAL version approved and will now be sent to TBG and other interested organisations for review TBG17 Harmonization:  TBG17 Harmonization Production, audit and publishing of the first official CCL Finalized the first to complete submissions containing BIE´s and messages (TBG1 Cross Industry Invoice and TBG6 e-Tendering) Updated and released complete submission template for both CC and BIE harmonization Provide the first TBG17 Library Administration Procedures Readiness for future new submissions to be harmonized TBG18:  TBG18 Terms of reference TBG 18 Matrix and subjects IPPC E-cert Phyto project proposal Animal passport project discussion Presentation of CLIENT, import/export certification TBG19 Initialisation of the work programme:  TBG19 Initialisation of the work programme List of candidate WIs eProcurement Legal archiving Exchanges between Tax and Social Security agencies Information exchanges for Law enforcement Other subjects GSRM (Government Strategic Reference Model) Exchange of Phytosanitary certificates (TBG 18) enrichment of WCO model (TBG 4, 10, 18 and 2) Contacts and coordination:  Contacts and coordination TBG 18: Phytosanitary Certificate Govt representatives already in TBG 18 TBG 19, interested in information and checking consistency with other developed subjects, will receive project documents But, TBG 19 should not delay TBG 18 TBG 1 and 6: E procurement (specifically: e tendering) Legal archiving TBG 4, 18,10 and 2 : enrichment of WCO model Participation called by TBG 19 of interested GAs Similar action at European level ( EG 13 in CEN-ISSS) UBL: Gov representatives in UBL are invited to join TBG 19; in general, information is available for UBL (as for other interested organisations) Information Content Management Group :  Information Content Management Group ICG - Closing plenary Mike Conroy Highlights:  Approved UN Recommendations 20, 21 and 23 for publication. Advanced the UNCL migration development including the preparation for the future publication of an XML version of the Recommendations and UNCL in cooperation with ATG. Presentations on Registry use by : Government of Ontario, National Taiwan Normal University Highlights Highlights:  Finalised Version 1.0 UN/CEFACT Registry Implementation Requirements Specification Posted for 3 month ODP review May 2006 UN/CEFACT Registry Proof of concept tests to be initialised in: Canada, Government of Ontario Chinese Taipei, National Taiwan Normal University France, France Télécom Korea, Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce Highlights Work in progress:  Work in progress Review the UN/CEFACT Registry Specification V1.0 after ODP feedback and Proof Of Concept Audit the D.06A Directories Progress UNCL and Code list project Applied Technologies Group:  Applied Technologies Group ATG - Closing plenary Anders Grangård ATG1:  ATG1 *Covering 338 changes UN/EDIFACT DMR Review ATG2:  Schema Production Project Joint meeting with TBG17, TBG6 and ICG Briefing to TBG Steering Supplemental information requirements list for XSD generation will be made available to TBG Finalized all reference schema to URI locations and schema are now available for runtime access Discussed code list issues with ICG Agreed to work collaboratively on UML representation of code list template and develop standard schema and instance document templates Reached agreement with GEFEG and TBG1 to work collaboratively on creating TBG1 Invoice schema Established milestones for review of TBG6 schema ATG2 Next Meetings:  Next Meetings Next ATG F2F is scheduled 5-9 June Venue TBD Walldorf, Germany or Oslo, Norway New Delhi Forum Nominations for ATG Chair and Vice-Chair Slide46:  New Delhi – India T. A. Khan UN/CEFACT Vice Chair 9th UN/CEFACT FORUM Slide47:  From Vancouver to New Delhi Outline:  Outline Date/Place Meeting & Hotels Meeting Venue Lodging Venue Schedule Slide49:  9th UN/CEFACT FORUM DATE: 2nd to 6th October 2006 PLACE: New Delhi, India New Delhi Slide50:  MEETING and HOTELS are Concentrated in the heart of the city, New Delhi Close to antique shops and art galleries One Venue for meetings: India Habitat Centre 1 or 2 Hotels for lodging of your choice Lunch & Learn sessions New Delhi Slide51:  India Habitat Centre The Meeting Venue Slide52:  Spread over nine acres in the heart of New Delhi, IHC has a built up area of approximately one million square feet. It incorporates innovative new technologies in building management systems, conference systems, communication and energy conservation, creating probably the most intelligent building in the country. Distance From International Airport - 15 Kms. Domestic Airport - 12 Kms. The Meeting Venue Slide53:  Available from May 2006 at : http://www.etrade.gov.in The Website Slide54:  Oberoi Hotels & Resorts (Distance from venue : 2 Km.) Shangri-La hotel (Distance from venue : 3 Km.) Proposed Accomodations Slide55:  Monday - Friday (2nd to 6th Oct. 2006) Opening/Closing Plenary Working group Meetings Lunch & Learn Sessions Saturday (7th Oct. 2006) Visit to TajMahal (Agra) (Departure - Morning / Arrival by Evening) Schedule Slide56:  Monday - Friday (9th - 13th Oct. 2006) Associates UN/ECE, UN/ESCAP, AFACT, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India; and Trade Associations Proposed UNeDocs Workshop Slide57:  Other tourist attractions in India (for details http://www.tourisminindia.com) Jaipur imprints itself on your memory in the most vivid of colours. You could stay in one of its many palaces or mansions for a royal experience and wander off on elephant back to view the Amber Fort majestically located up on a hill. Do not miss the Hawa Mahal, the tall facade with delicately filigreed red sandstone. Beyond Jaipur, in Rajasthan are fabulous towns with magnificent forts and palaces that still reflect a feudal spirit Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Udaipur. Tourist Attractions Slide58:  Other tourist attractions in India The splendid cities of Bangalore and Mysore reflect the royal heritage of Karnataka. Bangalore, the state capital is a lively cosmopolitan city noted for its fine climate and extensive gardens. Mysore is another charming city with its beautiful palaces and royal traditions. Interesting trips around Mysore include the Brindavan Gardens, Srirangapatna, the Ranganathittoo Bird Sanctuary, the ornate Hoysala temple at Somnathpur and the Nagarhole National Park. Proposed Accomodations Slide59:  Calcutta is a good starting point for your travels in eastern India. Calcutta has a charm all its own. Imperial edifices, teeming bazaars, clubs and golf courses, museums and elegant hotels and the River Hooghly winding through the city are all part of its fascination. Take a toy train to the magnificent hill station of Darjeeling for an unusual travel experience. Admire a panorama of some of the highest peaks in the Himalayan ranges. Go onwards to Gangtok, the attractive capital of Sikkim. Tourist Attractions Slide60:  Mumbai, a major metropolis and the financial capital of India, is a logical start to your perambulations. The Gateway of India, built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the Delhi Durbar, The Prince of Wales Museum, the Jehangir Art Gallery, the various churches, temples and shrines are worth a glimpse. Goa is a fabulous getaway with its beautiful beaches. Picturesque villages along the coast with white washed churches and red tiled houses set amidst groves of coconut add charm to the landscape. Tourist Attractions Slide61:  We welcome you all to New Delhi, India Thank you! T. A. Khan UN/CEFACT Vice Chair Telephone: 91-11-23061299 Fax: 91-11-23063133 E-mail: takhan@nic.in 9th UN/CEFACT Forum New Delhi Next Forums:  Next Forums Not in Cairo (Egypt) – March 2007 Request for proposals Preferably in Africa/Arabia/Latin-America We need guarantee Local sponsors Europe – September 2007 USA – March 2008 Collaboration:  Collaboration Discussions with SDOs Consistent policy needs to be developed All groups require the same treatment Three types of SDOs Plenary Delegations WCO, GS1, SWIFT,… External Bodies OAG, X12, XBRL, RosettaNet,… Bodies that hand over to UN/CEFACT UBL Collaboration:  Collaboration We expect these parties to come into the Forum and work with us We can recognize other organizations Provided they adopt our semantics We can recommend other implementations As long as we don’t have something ourselves We should work hard to produce deliverables We need to streamline our process Collaboration:  Collaboration Semantic Interoperability Is the key issue everyone wants to solve UN/CEFACT can be the platform to do this This will put us on the map like never before We have to realize that this means we have to accept different syntax implementations There are legacy implementations out there There are specific industry/Regional requirements In the past we standardized UNSMs not Migs Outlook:  Outlook The Plenary should bring more recognition for our work by the Missions/Delegations Hopefully this leads to stronger financial support We will now start our Sponsorship programme We need resources To speed up deliverables To set up our web site and Registry See you in New Delhi:  See you in New Delhi It is important we all come We have elections for all positions in the FMG Legal Group Chair Standards Liaison Rapporteur The team would like to continue Everyone is prepared to give it two more years Slide68:  http://www.UNCEFACT.org

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