8th Grade Rocks and Mineral Powerpoint

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Information about 8th Grade Rocks and Mineral Powerpoint

Published on April 14, 2008

Author: pamelag1972

Source: slideshare.net


It was too cold to go out rock collecting this winter. Instead the students went rock hunting digitally. They were given two grades for their powerpoints, the science grade based on the accuracy of their information and a grade on using effective design skills in powerpoint.

Rocks and Minerals Presentation By 8 th grader

Red Blood Garnet Garnets come in different colors like red. Also they have different groups.

JADE Jades were used for axe heads, knifes, and other weapons. Because other technologies were invented it’s used for decorative stuff.

GOLD This type of metal has been used for jewelry, money, or store as value.

AQUAMARINE It is a Gem Stone that is used in Jewelry. Its related to the Emerald.


OBSIDIAN Because the edges of Obsidian rocks are so thin, they were use for projectile points, and know for scalpel blades.

BASALT Basalt is a volcanic rock. It is a fine grained rock because of how fast the cooling process happened.

GABRO This is a coarse grained intrusive igneous rock. It is also equivalent to Basalt.

RHYOLITE Rhyolite is considered as a extrusive volcanic rock.

PUMICE Pumice is considered an Extrusive rock, Because Pumice is a term for volcanic rock. Also it is a glass rock because it has no crystal structures.


CONGLOMERATE This sedimentary rock is sometimes used to make cement.

BRECCIA Breccia is formed from piles of broken rocks at the bottom of cliffs.

SANDSTONE Sandstone forms from grains of sand cemented together by hardened minerals.

SILTSTONE Siltstone is made from silt particles cemented together.

SHALE Shale is made of layers of silt and clay. Also it is used to make bricks.


SCHIST This rock can form from shale. It can even split into thinner layers than slate.

WHITE MARBLE Marble is white but the minerals can change it into different colors like oink. This marble is used on buildings.

SLATE When shale changes it turns into slate. It’s is so thin its used for thin things like chalkboards.

QUARTZITE By sandstone being into a lot of pressure inside the earth it turns into Quartzite. This can be to 500 million years old.

GNEISS This rock has bands that is speckled black and white. It also has twist and curves of where it almost melted.

IGNEOUS SEDIMENTARY METAMORPHIC Weathering Heat pressure Heat Cooling

Crust Mantle core

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