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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Kestrel

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Before Philmont….:  Before Philmont…. Final Preparations and The Trip Out Uniform Requirements:  Uniform Requirements Class A for travel and meals Uniform shirt – tucked in Scout shorts or pants w/ scout belt No “look-alikes” Scout socks if shorts are worn Do not wear MB or O/A sashes Class B for on the bus and sightseeing NCAC t-shirt (wear underneath uniform shirt) Discipline:  Discipline “Problem” Scouts are usually those who have no desire to go to Philmont and are being “forced” to go by their parents and/or unit leaders Make sure Scouts are physically and emotionally prepared for the trek Eliminate any problems within the crew before departure Discipline:  Discipline Advisor should attempt to deal w/ any discipline-related issues that arise If additional action needs to be taken: During travel: notify Contingent Leader, who will take appropriate action On the trail: notify the nearest staff camp If additional resources are needed, Philmont will dispatch a Chaplain or a member of Ranch Mgmt. Contingent Leader and NCAC staff will be notified Discipline:  Discipline In the event of major problems, Scout(s) will be sent home! No facilities at base camp for those who have “washed out” on the trail Discipline problems are rare, but they do happen Remember…you are representing the Boy Scouts of America and the National Capital Area Council! Before You Go…:  Before You Go… Advisors: Make sure you have… Nat’l Tour Permit Not needed for NCAC contingent crews Completed crew roster Completed talent release roster (w/ signatures) Medical forms 3 signatures: Scout, parent, physician Photocopy of insurance card (front and back) First Aid/CPR cards Permission slips for OTC medicine Emergency contact info Slide7:  Is this information complete and accurate for each member of your crew? Before You Go…:  Before You Go… Conduct final meeting w/ participants and parents (One to two weeks before departure) Final gear and uniform check Review of Itinerary Review travel plans Emergency contact info Parents should not call except for extreme emergency Use HAC phone tree instead of calling Philmont Establish POC for phone tree at home Encourage parents to send mail to Scouts for both before and after trek…a big morale booster Before You Go…:  Before You Go… SHIP YOUR STOVES! Stoves, fuel bottles and lighters all need to be shipped (lighters now prohibited by TSA) Info in TREKS books UPS Ground only Include your Exp. # on package Allow at least two weeks Include box for shipping stoves back after trek Prohibited Items:  Prohibited Items No alcohol, drugs, weapons or fireworks Anyone in possession of these items will be sent home No tobacco products for Scouts For Advisors who must smoke, refrain from smoking in front of Scouts Philmont has strict policies regarding smoking in Base Camp and in the backcountry This is a great opportunity to quit! Packing for Travel:  Packing for Travel Backpack Do not pack anything you will need in CO (except for sleeping bag/pad) Do not hang anything on outside of pack No loose straps, etc. All packs will be wrapped in heavy-duty plastic bags provided by airline Each crew will use different color of duct tape to differentiate packs at baggage claim Wal-Mart sells 11 different colors of duct tape Packing for Travel:  Packing for Travel Day Pack Should be school backpack or small duffel bag Needs to fit under seat or in overhead bin Items needed during plane trip and in CO Reading materials/games/cards Change of socks and underwear, toiletries, etc. NO knives, lighters or other items prohibited by TSA Packing for Travel:  Packing for Travel Do not pack your boots---wear them on the plane Any gear lost or damaged by the airline can be purchased/rented/borrowed at Philmont…except a pair of broken-in boots! Departure Day:  Departure Day Be at BWI at least two hours prior to departure Have packs ready to be wrapped and checked Be prepared for Security All knives, etc. in your checked baggage Adults need ID No jokes, etc. Departure Day (Cont’d):  Departure Day (Cont’d) Upon Arrival in Denver… Sleeping bags and pads removed from packs Packs loaded underneath bus, no access until arrival at Philmont Day packs and sleeping bags/pads kept on bus (same holds true for return trip) On The Bus:  On The Bus It will be your home for two days: KEEP IT CLEAN! All buses will be full to capacity: respect those around you Space is very limited: do not bring any unnecessary items Sightseeing:  Sightseeing Pikes Peak Be prepared for cold and wind Garden of the Gods US Olympic Training Center Bent’s Old Fort NHS Koshare Kiva Costs:  Costs All expenses are covered by the fees you’ve paid Transportation Food Lodging Tour fees Tips, etc Opportunity for souvenirs, etc.

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