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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: laurencucinotta



What makes for good storytelling, especially on social media platforms? This presentation goes through examples of brands who are great storytellers, and ends with some brainstorming questions on how you can apply these learnings to your brand.

Social Media Storytelling Lauren Cucinotta Thursday, October 10, 13

Why listen to me? I’ve been a storyteller for: TED, Doyle & Doyle, Vivre, Pie in the Park+ MYSELF. Thursday, October 10, 13

Why stories? Thursday, October 10, 13

“Stories make presentations better. Stories make ideas stick. Stories help us persuade. Savvy leaders tell stories to inspire us, motivate us. (That's why so many politicians tell stories in their speeches.) They realize that "what you say" is often moot compared to "how you say it." “ - Shane Snow, Contently Thursday, October 10, 13

Why are YOU here? What platforms do you use? Thursday, October 10, 13

Storytelling is... A tool to get your message across. Thursday, October 10, 13

The magic is in -What can a story do? Thursday, October 10, 13

For an IDEA Make it more easily understood. Spread it faster. Thursday, October 10, 13

Zamaaan Thursday, October 10, 13

The Real Tumors of New Jersey Thursday, October 10, 13

For YOU Define your online identity. Get you a job. Show your creativity. Thursday, October 10, 13

Ayasakai Thursday, October 10, 13

Tim McDonald Thursday, October 10, 13

For a BRAND Launch a product. Get attention. Get new customers. Start conversations. Thursday, October 10, 13

GAP Thursday, October 10, 13

Great Storytellers Thursday, October 10, 13

Of a Kind Thursday, October 10, 13

TED Thursday, October 10, 13

Kickstarter Thursday, October 10, 13

Red Bull Thursday, October 10, 13

Vice Thursday, October 10, 13

What makes for good storytelling? Thursday, October 10, 13

Presents your message in a clear and creative way that excites and inspires your audience, and drives them to engage with your content. Has an authentic voice that connects Thursday, October 10, 13

Why is it important? Attention span =17 seconds Tons of information on the web, and beyond Makes a message easy to understand Makes a message relatable and engaging Thursday, October 10, 13

In conclusion... If you don’t make your message clear, no one will listen. Stories are a hook that capture attention, and imagination. Be authentic Thursday, October 10, 13

How can social media help you tell a story? Thursday, October 10, 13

They are the interactive platforms you can play with to help SPREAD your message and share your story. The trick is using the right platform for the right message. Thursday, October 10, 13

Facebook Twitter/Vine Instagram Linkedin YouTube/Vimeo Tumblr/Blog Thursday, October 10, 13

Quotes Photos Text Graphics Video Gifs Thursday, October 10, 13

Keep in mind... You don’t need to be everywhere, choose wisely. Be really good at the platforms you choose = publish often and engage. Thursday, October 10, 13

Working Session Thursday, October 10, 13

What is your message? Take 5 minutes to decide on a message, and write 1 - 3 sentences on what that is. Thursday, October 10, 13

What’s the story? What will CONNECT with people? Brainstorm a story that conveys your message. Thursday, October 10, 13

How to tell using social media? Choose 1 or 2 platforms that you like. How can you tell your story on that platform? What can you create? Thursday, October 10, 13

Keep in Touch Twitter: @LCucinotta Thursday, October 10, 13

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