80+ Details You Need to Know About Your Website

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Information about 80+ Details You Need to Know About Your Website

Published on January 30, 2014

Author: bernbay

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As a website ages it gets cluttered. Sound strange? Consider how often you update your website...You add, remove and change location of content throughout the year. The end result is "website clutter."

Learn the 80 + details that every marketer needs to understand about how clutter affects website performance. These details fall into six categories.
1. Crawlability
2. Duplicate Content
3. Indexing
4. Onsite Optimization
5. Website Request Handling
6. Speed & Performance

The main take away from this paper is to understand the importance of auditing your website annually. You probably take your car in for routine maintenance once a year (or more). Your website needs routine maintenance too. Ignoring these issues can be costly to your business.

80+ Things Every Marketer Needs to Know About Their Website A Marketer’s Guide to Improving Website Performance No website can avoid clutter building up over time. Website clutter buildup can negatively impact incoming traffic leading to less leads and sales. Included is a list of more than 80 factors that can cause clutter.

Crawlability How does the site (both content and navigation) function when you turn off CSS, JavaScript, and cookies? When you view the cached version of the homepage, are there any problems? Is any content being pulled in with iframes or from an external source? Is Flash used for important elements? Does the site use AJAX pages? If site is using AJAX, is content in AJAX being indexed? Is AJAX using PushState? Are there relative URLs on pages? Are headers images? Is page copy in images? Are there PDFs on the site? Is content in PDFs also in HTML? Are key organic landing pages close to the homepage? Is the site organization intuitive (siloed)? Is there a logical category / subcategory hierarchy? Are all pages crawlable by robot without a sitemap? Are there orphan pages? How far away from the homepage via clicks are the pages?

Duplicate Content Is there duplicate content within the site? Are there http & https versions of the site? Is there duplicate content between subdomains? Are there both trailing slashes & non trailing slashes? Is there duplicate content with other sites? Are there multiple versions of the homepage? Do they have content duplicated over their different sites? Has the site been scraped? Can URLs be accessed by Upper Case & Lower Case versions? Are there WWW & Non WWW versions of the site?

Indexing Are there any pages with a nofollow tag? Are there any pages with a noindex tag? If the site uses mirror sites to reduce server load, are the mirrors noindexed? Are there any pages with a norobot tag? Are they hosted on a Content Delivery Network? Are conversion (thank you) pages noindexed? Is there an HTML sitemap? Does the site block login and cart pages? (no index) Does the site have an XML sitemap? If there is a blog, are tag pages noindexed. If site has an RSS feed(s), is link to RSS feed nofollowed? Is there a Robots.txt file? Are there errors in their robots.txt file? Are there pages/directories that should be included in the robots.txt? Is a link to the site's xml sitemap or sitemap index in the robots.txt? Is the website in a “bad neighborhood?” Does the site have a mirror site? If so does it pass validation? Are the sitemaps clean? Are URLs duplicated in the sitemap? Does the sitemap have more than 50,000 links or > 10MB unzipped? Does the site have all sitemaps they should? Web, mobile, image, video, news… Are there any rogue / wildcard subdomains? Is the site currently being developed? If so, is the dev server excluded via robots.txt or password-protected? Does the site have malware?

Onsite Optimization Are self referencing canonicals setup? Are there related links in each category? Does it have the prev / next canonical tags? Are URLs SEF friendly/optimized? Do they have a strong internal linking structure? Are titles optimized? What internal pages do they link to the most? What is the quality of outbound linking? Are there exact match anchor tag links set up? Do they have too many links on a page? How many links do they have on their homepage and top pages? Are meta descriptions optimized? Are there Meta Keywords? Are H1s optimized? Are headings nested appropriately? Are Images Optimized for SEO? Are pages keyword stuffed?

Website Request Handling Are 301 redirects set up properly? Is the site using 302 redirects? Redirect Chains? Are there 404 pages? Are 404 pages serving the correct header response? (Soft 404) Are any of the 404 pages significant or indexed? Do they use a custom 404 page to reel visitors back? Are there 500 error pages? Do any pages have meta refreshes?

Speed & Performance Is the HTML minified & compressed? Is the CSS combined, minified, & compressed? Is the JavaScript combined, minified, & compressed? Is the HTML validated? Is the CSS validated? Are images optimized for download (speed) by file size? Are JavaScript and CSS linked to external files? Are JavaScript and CSS minified to reduce load time? Does the site leverage caching well to minimize page load time and reduce HTTP requests?

Audits That Pay for Themselves Find and Convert Audits are designed to assess current levels of performance across mission critical digital assets to ensure optimal performance in your marketing strategy. Our audits are 100% PASSWORD FREE. We do not require any access to your website other than what is available to a search engine. The tools we use to collect your website data, inbound links, content and social signals use methods similar to those used by Google and other search engines. We perform four audits as needed: Performance Does your website need a tune-up? Linking Who is linking to your content? Content Is your content engaging? Social Does your content promote sharing?

Architectural Speed and Performance Audit This website audit reports on 80+ factors related to your website architecture. We evaluate everything from URL structures to duplicate content issues and actual site speed. We provide a comprehensive report that summarizes your website’s overall performance score along with details and the data showing you the issues that we found so that you know exactly what corrective actions are needed. Inbound Linking Audit We start this SEO audit by analyzing your top five online competitors. Our SEO experts evaluate your inbound links along with those of your competitors and report to you a clear picture of where you stand in comparison. We also identify where you have opportunities to positively impact your website’s authority through inbound links. SEO Content Audit Today, website content is king and it’s become easy to lose track of the content you have and what you need. Find and Convert will inventory your content and then our content marketing experts will analyze it against your current content strategy. We’ll identify gaps where new content is needed and provide recommendations on ways to improve your existing content. Social Signals Audit How well is your content being shared through social media by people inside and outside of your company and network of friends. Our Social Signals Audit evaluates your website and blog content to understand where and how it is being shared. Our social business experts evaluate the results and provide recommendations on ways to improve your content’s social sharing footprint.

If you need assistance auditing your website and identifying the clutter, contact us today to learn about our website Speed and Performance Audit. 727-234-0952 findandconvert.com/audit/

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