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Published on January 14, 2009

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Engaging Youth in Sport and Physical Activity : Engaging Youth in Sport and Physical Activity KATHRYN DOUGHTY AkActive Youth Community Facilitator YMCA Auckland SHONA BALLINGER Consulting and Training Recreation and Youth Development What is AkActive? : What is AkActive? AkActive is an active community’s programme for Auckland City Auckland City, SPARC, Sport Auckland, Procare Network Auckland, Auckland District Health Board and YMCA (Auckland) have partnered on the Active Communities, AkActive project with the common purpose of increasing physical activity levels. AK Active Youth Project purpose To build on existing programmes / initiatives and enhance their delivery. To look for new opportunities for young people and develop these in partnership with other agencies / organisations. To raise awareness among young people of physical activity opportunities available to them in Auckland City. To encourage participation and increase uptake of physical activity opportunities by young people across Auckland City. AkActive programmes currently running: AkActive Parks and Places programmes, Never Too Old AkActive Youth – Youth Fitness, Youth Holiday Activities and Youth Community Engagement AkActive YouthHoliday Activities : AkActive YouthHoliday Activities Free events held across Auckland City during each school holidays focusing on the following; Awareness of local places and parks that young people can go and be active Promotion of the need to be active and the health benefits gained from a healthy lifestyle Knowledge of where young people can be active during term time; i.e. sports clubs and youth focused programmes. AkActive Youth Community Facilitation : AkActive Youth Community Facilitation To liaise with existing sport and youth groups in South Central Auckland communities to create opportunities to increase physical activity for young people and raise awareness of programmes already available. Community Development. Support, workshops and resources given to sports clubs and community groups on how they can engage and provide physical activity programmes for young people in their club or sport. AkActive Youth Fitness : AkActive Youth Fitness Development and delivery of Youth Fitness Trainers workshops on working with adolescents. Promotional material to raise awareness in the community, to parents, health organisations, schools and young people of the opportunity the YMCA provides in making young people feel welcome and reduces the cost to join the Y-Fitness Centres Scholarship fund to assist families who may not be able to afford full fees or to support a young person who may need a personal trainer to overcome obstacles to getting fitter. So here’s a bit of what we have been doing : So here’s a bit of what we have been doing Krumping in the Glen Innes Library Crazy Slide Competition at Pt Erin Pools Girls Only Kickboxing and self defense Touch Rugby in the park Hip Hop Class at Wesley Community Centre Cricket in the park at Three Kings The Voices of Young People : What they say about why they do and don’t play sport Research Conducted by 18 Ltd Three elements Adults – qualitative Young people – quantitative Young people - qualitative The Voices of Young People Key Statistics from research : Key Statistics from research Quantitative study of 14 – 21 year olds 55% of young people are sedentary 15% of young people are relatively inactive 15% of young people are relatively active 15% of young people are active 70% of young people who participate in sport drop out between 13 and 17 50% of young people don’t do any sport 62% of young people who play sport indicate they are highly likely to drop out of sport Core motivators and de-motivators : Biological currency – looking good, staying fit Social currency – hanging out, inclusion, relationships Adult involvement – coaches are the central motivator Actions that undermine confidence, friendships, enjoyment Being pushed / personal limitations not recognised Adult involvement – coaches are the central de-motivator Core motivators and de-motivators Adult Involvement : Adults encourage teenagers to get involved. Adults and administrators respect kids (e.g. don’t mistreat or hassle, are polite) Adults support teenagers when they need help and teach them what they need to know to improve their game/ability. Good organisation of sports activities. Sports staff behave in a professional and fair manner. Adult Involvement Parents say: problem is TV / Internet / computer game use. : Parents say: problem is TV / Internet / computer game use. Parent and Child perception Young People say: It’s lack of fun and too much competition The ‘Cool’ scale : Becoming cool Cool potential The pinnacle of cool Losing it Totally lost its coolness Never was cool The ‘Cool’ scale Is sport cool? : Hanging out with friends – 86% Non-competitive sport – 69% Sport – 24% Internet– 17% Shopping – 24% Listening to music 72% Is sport cool? Slide 15: So what could sports clubs and youth organisations do to engage better with young people so that they are providing for and increasing their physical activity? Slide 16: In your experience, what is important in regard to young persons experience in physical activity sessions, either individually or part of a sports club or team? Youth Participation : Youth Participation Engaging young people in the process Getting young peoples views in planning Involve young people not only by asking for their opinions and advice (consultation), but also, with your support, as leaders, advisers and decision-makers of how we deliver sport and physical activity. Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa: The Vision : Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa: The Vision Principles of Youth Development The six principles for an effective youth development approach: Youth development is shaped by the ‘big picture’ Youth development is about young people being connected Youth development is based on a consistent strengths-based approach Youth development happens through quality relationships Youth development is triggered when young people fully participate Youth development needs good information “A community where young people are vibrant and optimistic through being supported and encouraged to take up challenges” Planning physical activity for youth : Planning physical activity for youth Using the Recreation Model of providing sport we can incorporate Youth Participation, Youth Development and Community Collaboration into how we provide sport and physical activity opportunities for young people. Slide 20: Youth Participation Involve young people in the planning and decision making process of sport in your club. Youth Development Using the six principles creates Better outcomes for young people and the wider community. Collaboration A partnership as part of a sports wide concept between high schools, community groups, Sport Auckland and AkActive Stage 1 Needs What’s provided in the community? Review your club/organisation through needs assessment STAGE 2 Research Survey Youth Run Focus Groups Ask what young people want STAGE 3 Marketing and Promotion SWOT Analysis Marketing Plan Promotion Plan STAGE 4 Delivery Provide opportunities and pathways that are not only about high performance sport Increase the social aspect of young peoples sport. STAGE 5 Evaluation Review outcomes and asses what worked and what didn’t. Encourage young people and adults to feedback. Internal club evaluation with partners. i.e. High School and committee. What benefits would youth participation and youth development make to a club or youth group in getting more people more active? : What benefits would youth participation and youth development make to a club or youth group in getting more people more active? Ownership of the programme by young people Fresh new ideas and a different perspective Young people involved in the process of creating and decision making More commitment to the programme by young people. Creation of quality adult relationships with young people and connectedness to the community. Increase in physical activity levels of young people. PathwaysNon Competitive to Competitive/Volunteering : PathwaysNon Competitive to Competitive/Volunteering Motivating young people to get active is all about : Youth engagement in the process Positive adult involvement Social environment FUN Pathways to other opportunities Motivating young people to get active is all about Slide 24: A RESOURCE FOR COMMUNITY CLUBS AND GROUPS ENGAGING YOUTH IN SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Questions?? : Questions?? Kathryn Doughty akactiveyouth@nzymca.com Shona Ballinger shonaballinger@xtra.co.nz

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