8 Steps to Develop a Successful Blockchain Mobile App

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Information about 8 Steps to Develop a Successful Blockchain Mobile App

Published on April 24, 2018

Author: consagousmridul

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Consagous Technologies LLC 8 Steps to Develop a Successful Blockchain Mobile App Slide 2: Agendas Identify the Problem and Goal Identify the Most Suitable consensus Mechanism Identify the Most Suitable Platform Designing the Mobile App Architecture Configuring the Mobile Application Building the APIs Design the Admin & User Interface Scaling the POC & Identifying Problems Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 3: Identify The Problem & Goal The process of developing any application starts with defining the problem statement. You need to define the problem at hand and how you expect the application to solve it. Blockchain has earned considerable hype in the industry and there are many misconceptions around it. This analysis prove to be in favor of blockchain and then move to the next step else you are better off with traditional development. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 4: The Most Suitable Consensus Mechanism Blockchain is a decentralized system it requires all the members of the network to authenticate a transaction, this process is called consensus. Consagous Technologies LLC Bitcoin uses proof of work as a consensus mechanism. Slide 5: The Most Suitable Platform Consagous Technologies LLC Blockchain platforms help you build a decentralized application without creating a separate blockchain from scratch. These platforms today are open source hence your choice should depend upon the consensus method and the problem you need to solve. The popular platforms include Ethereum , BigChainDB, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum etc. In case of an enterprise level blockchain app, you should lay special emphasis on the stability and security of the blockchain platform. Slide 6: Designing The Mobile App Architecture Blockchain solution can exist on the cloud, in-house or in a hybrid model. There are also multiple options for hardware and software configuration like processors, operating system, memory and disk size etc. The entire architecture compliments the high-level requirements of the application. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 7: Configuring The Mobile Application Consagous Technologies LLC Configuring a blockchain application needs very careful planning. There are many aspects of the platform that once configured are very difficult to alter. Some of the key components include user permissions, asset issuance and reissuance mechanism, atomic exchanges, consensus, key management and structure, parameters, signatures, hand-shaking and address formats. Slide 8: Building The APIs While you might get some pre-built APIs for development purposes you’ll need to create most of them for distinct use cases. Consagous Technologies LLC Generating key pairs & addresses. Performing functions related to auditing. Performing data authentication using digital signatures & hashes. Storage & retrieval of data. Slide 9: Design The Admin & User Interface The last step is to create a UI and admin console for the mobile application. At this stage, the decisions need to be made regarding the front-end programming language, servers & external database for the app. You will use console for managing the soft launch of the application hence do incorporate proper analytics into the system. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 10: Scaling The POC & Identifying Problems Blockchain is still in its infancy it is recommended to use the MVP model for scaling the application. In this approach instead of developing the complete application, you develop a workable solution that is good enough to prove your hypothesis but not loaded with side features or high-end UI. You need to identify any performance issues, latency, crashes, storage or memory glitches. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 11: Conclusion Blockchain is a very powerful technology and it can be effectively coupled with other technologies like IoT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps etc. Technology experts are infact very positive about the future of blockchain. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 12: Are You Looking for a Blockchain Mobile App Developer ? Contact Us https://www.consagous.com/blockchain-services/ https://www.consagous.com/ info@consagous.com Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 13: Consagous Technologies LLC

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