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Published on March 5, 2014

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Education about Fire Safety

FIRE SAFETY & MANAGEMENT By: Charlene F. Ricopuerto MT

INTRODUCTION A management commitment to fire safety is essential to assist with achieving suitable fire safety standards in premises and in the maintenance of a staff culture of fire safety. Fire safety within a building or an area must be managed to be effective.


PASSIVE FIRE SAFETY MEASURES These are features which are built into the structure of the building and are physical features of the building.


ACTIVE FIRE SAFETY MEASURES Active Fire Precaution measures are systems which activate or are required to be activated in the event of an outbreak of fire.


MANAGEMENT FIRE SAFETY MEASURES Management Fire safety measures relate to the day to day management of fire safety in a building. There is a legal responsibility on persons having control over premises to take reasonable measures to prevent the occurrence of a fire and to protect the lives and safety of occupants in the event of fire.

FIRE SAFETY PROGRAM MAIN ELEMENTS Emergency procedures/evacuation drills Regular fire safety inspections Maintenance and servicing of fire equipment Staff training Information to occupants Keeping of records Emergency planning

Emergency Procedures All occupants must be capable of responding correctly in the event of fire. Accordingly, a plan should be prepared outlining the procedures to be followed.

Emergency Procedures 1. Procedure for raising the alarm - depending on the establishment size, the fire alarm system may be very simple or may be sophisticated.

Emergency Procedures 2. Procedure for calling the Fire Brigade - the Fire Brigade should be called immediately in the event of fire, however small. IMPORTANT!  Name Of Building, Address Of Building, Directions to the Building if necessary  Type Of Fire Situation (If Available) –e.g. Fire Location, Fire Size, Materials Involved, Persons Missing.

Emergency Procedures 3. Evacuation Procedure initiate the evacuation procedure once the fire alarm has been sounded. The evacuation procedure will depend on the building use

Emergency Procedures 4. Assembly Point & Roll Call Procedure - designate an assembly area (or areas) clear of the building.

Emergency Procedures 5. Procedure for Fighting the Fire - in the early stages of a fire it may be possible to successfully contain it or extinguish it with first aid fire fighting equipment.

Emergency Procedures 6. Procedure for Assisting the Fire Brigade – when the Fire Brigade arrive they need to be given as much information as possible in order to take the best course of action. • location of the fire; materials involved; details of missing persons; location of nearest fire hydrants; location of all access doors to the building. location of any special risks. • Keys for access into any locked areas.

Fire Evacuation Drills Drills should be carried out at regular intervals to test the effectiveness of the predetermined arrangements.

Fire Evacuation Drills The aims of fire evacuation drill are: 1. To ensure safe, orderly and efficient evacuation of all occupants of the building to use all exit facilities available in order that occupants are familiar with them. to test all aspects of the emergency procedures. 2. To achieve an attitude of mind that reacts rationally when confronted with a fire or other emergency situation.

Fire Evacuation Drills REMEMBER! • Drills will depend on the building use. • Initially drills should be held at frequent intervals e.g. every two months until everyone is familiar with the procedures. • Drill should be initiated by activating the fire alarm and all stages of the drill should be observed and a review of the drill should be held. • Thereafter drills should be held at least twice yearly.

Regular Fire Safety Inspections Regular inspections are required to ensure the continued functioning of the active and passive fire safety measures in a building and to detect dangerous practices.

Regular Fire Safety Inspections

Maintenance & Servicing of Fire Equipment Active fire precautions systems installed in the building require regular checking and maintenance to ensure their continued operation and availability.

Maintenance & Servicing of Fire Equipment Maintenance and servicing is required for: Fire Alarm Systems Emergency Lighting Systems Fire Hydrant Fire Hose Reel

Staff Instruction & Training For a fire safety program to be effective, staff must be familiar with the parts of the fire safety program which relate to them. Comprehensive instruction and training should be given to staff to enable them to carry out their functions under the program.

Staff Instruction & Training All staff should receive instruction in: • Everyday fire prevention measures emergency procedures • First aid fire fighting

Fire Safety Register A Fire Safety Register is a complete record of all fire safety matters on the premises.

Keeping of Records

Information to Occupants

Emergency Planning Fire may still occur in spite of good fire prevention procedures. Advance planning should be carried out to minimize the cost and disruption of a fire. Damage control plans should address the procedures required before, during and after the fire.

Emergency Planning Before the fire: Establish the following: • A damage control team consisting of the key personnel from the different departments within the organization should be established. • A response team. • A list of outside agencies whose services could be required in the event of fire should be compiled and maintained. The building itself should be examined and modified where necessary to mitigate the affects of a fire.

Emergency Planning During the fire: • Work to prevent any extension of fire/water damage should begin as early as possible. • Machinery and stock should be covered with plastic sheeting. • Drains which may become blocked with fire debris should be cleared. • Stock in danger from the fire may be moved from the area if safe to do so.

Emergency Planning After the fire: • Temporary repairs to roofs and window openings should be carried out to make the building weather tight. • Debris should be checked for any recoverable items and then cleared away. • Water should be pumped from basements, pits and lift wells. • Machinery should be cleaned, dried and coated with oil as early as possible. • Contaminated electronic equipment should be and cleaned as early as possible.

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