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Published on March 31, 2014

Author: PreetiGhosh2

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03/31/14 Atoms and ElementsAtoms and Elements W Richards Worthing High School

03/31/14 AtomsAtoms Atoms are the “building blocks” of all matter and are the simplest form of molecule. They are all made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. They look something like this: The Nucleus – this contains neutrons and protons Electrons – these orbit around the nucleus

03/31/14 ElementsElements If a solid, liquid or gas is made up of only one type of atom we say it is an element. For example, consider a tripod made up of iron: These atoms are ALL iron – there’s nothing else in here

03/31/14 CompoundsCompounds Compounds are different to elements. They contain different atoms. Here are some examples: Glucose Methane Sodium chloride (salt)

03/31/14 Some simple compounds…Some simple compounds… Methane, CH4 Water, H2O Carbon dioxide, CO2 Ethyne, C2H2 Sulphuric acid, H2SO4 Key Hydrogen Oxygen Carbon Sulphur

03/31/14 Elements and symbols thatElements and symbols that you should know:you should know: Part 1 – The obvious ones: 1) Hydrogen 2) Helium 3) Lithium 4) Beryllium 5) Boron 6) Carbon 7) Nitrogen 8) Oxygen 9) Fluorine 10)Neon 11) Magnesium 12)Aluminium 13)Silicon 14)Phosphorus H He Li Be B C N O F Ne Mg Al Si P

03/31/14 Some more obvious ones: 15)Sulphur 16)Chlorine 17)Argon 18) Calcium 19) Zinc The less obvious ones: 1) Sodium 2) Potassium 3) Iron 4) Copper 5) Silver 6) Tin 7) Gold 8) Mercury 9) Lead S Cl Ar Ca Zn Na K Fe Cu Ag Sn Au Hg Pb

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