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Published on April 17, 2014

Author: jdurst65

Source: slideshare.net

Lesson 85.notebook April 17, 2014 Assignment: 1-->Set 85 (odds) - Due Tomorrow [4/23] 2-->Test #12 - Friday [4/25]

Lesson 85.notebook April 17, 2014 Lesson 85 WarmUp: 1) Simplify: 500 2) A rectangle's length is (x + 4) and width is (x + 3). By adding binomials, give its perimeter. 3) A circle is divided into 10 equal sectors. What is the measure of each central angle? 4) Simplify: (1/3)-1 5) Graph these 2 lines. At what point do they intersect? y = 1/2x + 2 y = -x + 5

Lesson 85.notebook April 17, 2014 Lesson 85 *To find the surface area of a cylinder... --2 times the area of the bases [ x r2 ] --PLUS the area of the rectangle - which would be the circumference of the base times the height [ x D] x H This is lateral surface area!! 2 cm 5 cm

Lesson 85.notebook April 17, 2014 Examples - Lesson 85 pg. 570 A) B)

Lesson 85.notebook April 17, 2014 C) D) E)

Lesson 85.notebook April 17, 2014 Find the Total Surface Area: 25 m 20 m F)

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