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Published on April 24, 2014

Author: jdurst65

Source: slideshare.net

lesson 82.notebook April 24, 2014 Assignment: 1-->Test #12 Review Handout - Due Tomorrow [4/25] 2-->Test #12 - Tomorrow [4/25]

lesson 82.notebook April 24, 2014 Lesson 82 WarmUp: 1) If x = 9, what does x2 + x equal? 2) Simplify: 16 2/3 100 3) Find the area of this trapezoid: 4) Simplify: (-1.2)(-9) 5) Simplify: 32 + 5[6 - (10 - 23)] √ 10 in 13 in13 in 20 in 12 in

lesson 82.notebook April 24, 2014 Lesson 82: *Formula for Area of a Circle - (PI x Radius squared) x r2

lesson 82.notebook April 24, 2014 Lesson 82 Examples: Find the Area of the following circles. A) B) Use 3.14 for PI Use 22/7 for PI 4 cm 10 cm

lesson 82.notebook April 24, 2014 C) D) Use 3.14 for PI Use for PI 20 ft 9 ft

lesson 82.notebook April 24, 2014 Use 22/7 for PI E) F) Use for PI 14 in 1.1 in

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