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Published on September 23, 2014

Author: Attebery

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Description of Ancient China


Chinese Dynasties • 1500-1046 BC Shang Dynasty • 618 – 907 AD Tang Dynasty • 960-1279 AD Song Dynasty • 1279-1368 AD Yuan Dynasty • 1368-1644 AD Ming Dynasty • 1644-1911 AD Qing Dynasty

Founder of Song Dynasty

Founder of Tang Dynasty

Founder of Ming Dynasty

Agriculture • Grow rice • Barley • Sorghum • Millet • Soybeans • wheat

• Developed ways to irrigate their crops • Used iron farm implements – Made farming more effective – Made more land available for farming • Why is this important?

Commerce • Trade with their neighbors – Tin was imported to make bronze – Cowry and turtle shells exported – Exported iron ore products – Exported silk

Money • Silk, jade, pearls, metal leather, dogs and horses was used as money at first • Began casting bronze into shapes • First civilization to print paper money


Paper • Developed earliest known paper • Developed toilet paper, tea bags, paper money

Compass • First to use a compass • Used it to align buildings • Used it late to find direction – during the Song dynasty

Gunpowder • Discovered it by accident • Trying to come up with substance that would give them eternal life • Quickly developed weapons – Flamethrowers, rockets and crude bombs • Developed guns during the Ming Dynasty

Printing • First to develop woodblock printing • Also developed movable type printing, but didn’t utilize it • Johannes Gutenberg was the first to utilize it.

Earliest known book – Tang Dynasty

Iron • Among the first to develop cast iron

Merchant Class • Merchants were considered undesirable • Thought to be dangerous because they were mobile and wealthy • They weren’t allowed to own property or serve in the government

• Things changed during the Song Dynasty • They took examinations and entered civil service • They worked to become respected and influential members of Chinese society

• The growth of the merchant class brought benefits to China 1. Factories were built 2. Towns rose up near trading centers 3. Standard of living improved


Ancestor Worship • Hoped their ancestors would bless and guide them

Confucianism • 5 basic relationships 1. Father and son 2. Elder and younger brothers 3. Husband and wife 4. Friend and friend 5. Ruler and subjects Confucius

Buddhism • Founded on four truths: 1. Suffering is part of all existence 2. Suffering has a cause 3. Suffering can be overcome by destroying selfish desires 4. If man follows the eightfold path, he will destroy selfish desires and end suffering

Taoism • Peace and harmony can be found by living in harmony with nature • Very passive that rejects striving after power, wealth and learning


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