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Published on December 5, 2007

Author: Julie

Source: authorstream.com

On the Razor’s Edge:  On the Razor’s Edge Between Local and Overall Needs in Knowledge Organization Slide2:  K.U.Leuven University Library LIBIS Net:  LIBIS Net Overall vs. local :  Overall vs. local Local - needs - solutions Overall needs solutions Subject indexing:  Subject indexing Overall level: - UDC - LCSH - MeSH Local level (“local keywords”): - local classifications - local subject headings Local level: Problems:  Local level: Problems - Variety in content - Variety in application - Only locally visible Overall level: Problems:  Overall level: Problems - Low rate of catalogued documents - Problematic interface Other problems:  Other problems - Time-consuming for librarians - Overall solutions not flexible enough Consequence:  Consequence Librarians choose local solutions New policy:  New policy … with the same subject cataloging schemes: - MeSH - LCSH - UDC Why UDC?:  Why UDC? - Universal - Flexible - Faceted - Multilingual, customizable AF Flexibility in use of UDC will be encouraged The idea behind:  The idea behind Virtual library shelves: - Subject categories rather than subject terms - Less effort - Efficient subject-search New Interface E-sources:  New Interface E-sources - Local input - Hidden UDC - Easily accessible growing conscious-ness of overall ánd local needs Slide14:  http://librisource.libis.be/LS/LS New Interface OPAC:  New Interface OPAC - Thesaurus-like search - Visible UDC structure - Refining by UDC class - Search by UDC Maximal accessi-bility Slide17:  http://bibserv.libis.kuleuven.ac.be/ipacbin/Connect The idea behind:  The idea behind Combine the advantages of word system and classification Important advantages:  Important advantages - Easy search on words - Hierarchical overview of search terms - Multilingual potential - Faceted and flexible - Algorithm applicable to other KOS Fine feathers …:  Fine feathers … … don’t make fine birds Many other things to do …:  Many other things to do … - Further development of the interface - Update UDC authority file - Translation of UDC authority file Parallel projects:  Parallel projects - Linking local subject methods to UDC - Linking shelf numbers to UDC - Experiments with (semi) automatic classification New library system (Aleph 500) …:  New library system (Aleph 500) … … new perspectives: - Stress on word search - UDC authority file > UDC authority records (MARC21) - UDC hierarchy Balance between local and global needs:  Balance between local and global needs - Constant challenge - Essential for good service of our library

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