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Published on October 2, 2007

Author: Christian

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BLR’s Safety Training Presentations:  BLR’s Safety Training Presentations Preparing for Weather Emergencies 29 CFR 1910.38 Goals:  Goals Emergency planning and preparedness Specific weather emergencies and natural disasters Quiz Is Your Business or Home at Risk?:  Heat waves Volcanoes Mudslides Tsunami Wildfires Is Your Business or Home at Risk? Hurricanes Tornadoes Floods Earthquakes Thunderstorms Winter storms ﴀ11006134/0112 Copyright ©2001 Business and Legal Reports, Inc. Hazards of Weather Emergencies:  Hazards of Weather Emergencies Collapsed buildings and walls Impassable bridges and roads Damaged power lines Nonworking utilities Extreme cold or heat Hazards of Weather Emergencies (cont.):  Hazards of Weather Emergencies (cont.) Broken windows Water damage Outside items blown or washed away People injured or trapped Lightning strikes Emergency Action Plan:  Emergency Action Plan Evacuation routes and procedures Critical plant operations Accounting for evacuated employees Rescue and medical duties Procedures for reporting emergencies Company Notification and Alarms:  Company Notification and Alarms Audible alarms Paging system Radios, cellular phones, bullhorns Yelling Other backup alarms Employer’s Instructions:  Employer’s Instructions Leave for home promptly Stay at work until dangerous weather conditions subside Go to a secure designated shelter or refuge area Take steps to minimize damage Evacuation Procedures:  Evacuation Procedures Recognize evacuation signal and listen for instructions Shut down equipment, close windows and doors Go to the nearest safe exit Proceed to the assembly area Participate in drills and provide feedback Family Emergency Plan:  Family Emergency Plan Develop and practice your plan Determine evacuation routes and assembly areas Determine safe rooms for each natural disaster Know how to turn off electricity, water, gas List family contact and emergency phone numbers Discuss community warning signals Provide first-aid and fire extinguisher training Disaster Supply Kit:  Radio and flashlight Water and dry or canned food Blankets and clothes First-aid kit Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. Map, phone numbers, other documents Cash Disaster Supply Kit Goals:  Goals Emergency planning and preparedness Specific weather emergencies and natural disasters Quiz Earthquake Preparation:  Earthquake Preparation Inspect your home or business Anchor machinery and equipment Brace equipment suspended from ceilings Secure tall bookcases, shelves, and racks Store heavy objects near the ground Secure breakable items Earthquake Shakes:  Earthquake Shakes Move away from windows, machinery, bookcases Get under strong furniture or stand in door frame Evacuate building once earthquake has subsided If outside, move away from trees, power lines, light poles, buildings If in a car, pull over to clear location and stay in car Be wary of aftershocks Tornado Preparation:  Tornado Preparation Inspect roof framing and metal siding Install permanent shutters or plywood covers Tie down or secure outside furniture Remove or trim nearby trees Reinforce garage doors and double doors Tornado Blows:  Tornado Blows When a tornado watch or warning is issued: Get into a solid building Stay away from doors and windows Go to the center of building Hide under upholstered furniture or in closet/bathroom If outside, lie flat in ditch and cover your head with hands Flood Preparation:  Flood Preparation Waterproof exterior walls Protect electrical and HVAC equipment Anchor fuel and chemical storage tanks Install sewer backflow valves Move objects to a higher floor Tie down or secure outside furniture Have sandbags and plastic sheeting on hand Install a sump pump Floodwaters Flow:  When a flood “watch” or “warning” is issued: Bring in outside items, move furniture upstairs Evacuate the flood zone Move to higher ground away from rivers, streams Do not attempt to drive across flooded roads If trapped, go to higher floor and wait for rescue Floodwaters Flow Hurricanes:  Hurricanes Prepare for high winds and floodwaters Hurricane “watch” or “warning” Evacuate if advised Go to the center of the building Calm of the hurricane’s “eye” is deceptive Severe Thunderstorms:  Severe Thunderstorms Lightning, heavy rain, flash flood, hail Protection with shutters and lightning rods If thunderstorm “watch” or “warning” is issued: Go inside a sturdy building or car Stay away from windows, faucets, electrical items If outside, crouch on the ground in a low place Winter Storms:  Winter Storms Prepare for emergencies When winter storm “watch” or “warning” is issued: Stay indoors Drive with extreme caution If stuck, stay in your vehicle Watch for signs of hypothermia Heat Wave:  Heat Wave Heatstroke kills Go to air conditioned locations Avoid strenuous work outdoors Postpone outdoor games and activities Drink plenty of fluids Check on family and neighbors Volcanic Eruptions:  Volcanic Eruptions Mudflows, earth- quakes, ash fall Community warning systems and disaster plans Evacuate if advised Close windows, bring in vehicles and animals If outside, seek shelter Wildfires:  Wildfires Prepare by trimming trees, removing debris Plan water sources and evacuation routes Shut off gas and electricity, close windows and doors Install sprinklers on roof, water surrounding vegetation Trapped outside—crouch in pond or move to open area Goals:  Goals Emergency planning and preparedness Specific weather emergencies and natural disasters Quiz Summary:  Summary Know the hazards of weather emergencies Understand your company’s Emergency Action Plan Develop a family emergency plan Make a disaster supply kit Take steps to prepare your business and home for emergencies Quiz:  Quiz 1. Name two weather emergencies that may occur in your area: ________________, ________________ 2. Describe two different ways your company would notify employees of an emergency: ____________________, ____________________ 3. Besides calling for an evacuation, describe another action that your company may tell employees to do in a weather emergency:______________________ 4. Name three items that should be in your family’s disaster supply kit: __________________, ____________________, ____________________ Quiz (cont.):  Quiz (cont.) 5. When a “warning” is issued for a weather emergency, the weather emergency is expected to hit your area. True or False 6. Describe two things you should do to prepare for an earthquake: _______________, _______________ 7. Describe two things you should do to prepare for a windstorm:_______________, _______________ 8. Describe two things you should do to prepare for a flood: ________________, __________________ Quiz (cont.):  Quiz (cont.) 9. If you are caught outside during a severe thunderstorm, what objects do you want to get away from? ________________________________________ 10. You should have at least two predetermined evacuation routes out of every room in your home and out of your neighborhood or town. True or False Quiz Answers:  Quiz Answers 1. Specific to your geographic area— hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods. 2. Audible alarms, paging system, radios, bullhorns, yelling. 3. Shelter in place. 4. Radio, flashlight, water, food, blanket, clothes, first-aid kit, phone numbers, cash. 5. True. Quiz Answers (cont.):  Quiz Answers (cont.) 6. Anchor machinery and equipment, secure tall bookcases, store heavy objects on low shelves, secure breakable items. 7. Install shutters, secure outside furniture, trim nearby trees. 8. Protect HVAC and electrical equipment, anchor tanks, move valuables to higher floor, secure outside furniture, install sewer backflow valves. 9. Tall trees, metal fences, power poles, bodies of water. 10. True.

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