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Information about Image processing

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: Deepan28



Image Processing is a technique to process image with various techniques

By Deepan Raj I Ajith Kumar V

 Manipulation and Analysis of Two Dimensional Pictures  Technique to enhance Raw images taken from normal day-to-day life for various applications

 Analog Image processing Alteration of Image through Electrical means Ex: Television image  Digital Image processing Processing of Two Dimensional picture by a Digital computer Ex: Digital computers

Advantages of Digital Image Processing : Versatility Repeatability Preservation of original data precision

Various Image Processing Techniques • Image analysis • Image preprocessing • Image enhancement • Image data compression • Image restoration

 Extraction of meaningful information from an image  Provides the description of image  Done by reading the bar coded tags

Magnification Reduction Mosaic

 Improve scale of display for visual understanding  Magnify image by a factor of 2, each pixel is replaced by a block 2x2 pixels

 mth row and mth column of the imagery is selected and is displayed  Another way is by taking mxm block and display the averages after proper rounding 1x 0.33x

 Combining two or more image to form single large image  To get the synoptic view

Image 1 Image Mosaic Image 2

Contrast Stretching Noise Filtering Edge Enhancement

 Images are homogeneous due to incorrect lighting of the scene  Different stretching techniques are developed to stretch the image

Before After

 Filters unnecessary information  It is interactive  Various filters are low pass, high pass, mean, median etc.,

Before After

 Done by redefining the edges of the image Before After

 Lossy compression lossy compression is a data encoding method which discards (loses) some of the data, in order to achieve its goal  Lossless compression Lossless data compression is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the exact original data to be reconstructed from the compressed data

 Image restoration refers to removal or minimization of degradations in an image.

Medical Field (CT,MRI) Astronomy(Telescopes)

Software(Photoshop) Printing(Color)

Security and Digital Rights Management(Water marking, biometrics)

One picture is worth more than 1000 words

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