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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: fib74

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Time 9-9.20 Action Activity Liminal moment – Global Hip Hop 9.20-9.45 What’s on top 9.45-10.10 Setting off in Critical Practice – Sociology of youth studies Pt 1. 10.10-10.15 Reflection 10.15-30 Break 10.30-12.15 Sociology of youth studies 12.15-12.30 EBL Wyn and White and Double Loop Reasoning 12.15-12.45 Lunch 12.45-1.15 Liminal moment – Just why doesn’t a developmental focus give us the full picture Gangsta King Liminal Moment – reflective appreciation 1.15-2.45 2.45-2.50 Debrief and reflection Focus String, scissors, map of the world, countries, music – the journey of our block course Playing Cards – where are people at after the summer break – what are people’s hopes for 2014 History of knowledge aligned to youth development practice with the case study of anomie, youth development and suicide Discussion on learning, thoughts and experiences Anomie – the structure of society Labelling Theory Deviance and moral panics Countercultural theories Postmodern understandings Looking at these sociological analysis through Wyn and White’s reading Cards covering an image Watch video – exploring gangs through sociology Personal reflection using indigenous maori music followed by post-its

Day Two 9-9.15 9.15-10.30 Liminal Moment Sociology of youth pt 3: Understanding the role of socialisation and social institutions Reflection using image and pack of cards A direct focus on the purpose of schools with an emphasis on the play of sociological theories, the refocusing of education and youth work in the 1980s and the emergence of youth development in the 1990s Break 10.45-12 8th Fire 12-12.30 Restorative Justice Video and discussion on indigenous issues, youth development and sociological theories A model for youth development discussion Lunch 1pm-2pm 2pm-2.45 Critical Literacy: Friere and youth development Hip Hop – rewriting our worlds Liminal Moment – reflective appreciation Debrief and reflection Lecture The NEXT resource, Resistania and Rise Personal reflection using indigenous maori music followed by post-its

Day Three 9-9.15 9.15-9.45 9.45-10.45 Liminal Moment Daniel’s World Eating Media for Lunch Reflection using image and pack of cards Social Justice Activity Workshop Break 10.45-11.45 12-12.30 CTC – a traditional approach on steroids Assignment Development and Focus A model for youth development discussion Lunch 1pm-2pm 2pm-2.45 APA Referencing – Getting it Right Final reflections – rebellion of thought Final reflections Discussion Youth Work in a PoMo World The first block course creates a bridge between Learning Outcome 1 and Learning Outcome 3. The main focus is on LO2 and the learning of a group of models for practice. However, skills of critical reflection and knowledge are developed through exploring various sociological theories. The three days will involve lectures, video analyses, academic skills preparation and assessment discussion throughout.

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