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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: xfvvg

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Outboard Engine Servicing - 70 Um Cell Strainer ___________________________________________________________________________________ By Kaamil Kasou -http://alkalisci.com/cell-strainer.html Daily checks should include a quick look at just a few key items. First, make sure that your oil tank (if you have one) is topped up. If you have a four-stroke engine, be sure to check the crankcase-oil level and top up if needed. Check your owner's manual to determine if your dipstick should be screwed in, or left unthreaded when you check the oil level. Failure to do so could give you a false reading, and lead to overfilling or underfilling your engine's crankcase, which can cause problems. Learn More About 70 um cell strainer With the engine tilted up, check for excess oil buildup near your propeller...it could mean that a seal in your lower gearcase has deteriorated. (Note: Some oil film buildup is normal in many cases; look for changes in the amount of buildup. If it appears to be increasing, check the oil level in the lower unit as discussed in the owner's manual) If the seal has failed, take the engine to an engine repair shop immediately to avoid expensive gear-unit damage. Check for fishing line wrapped around the propeller hub area. If you ignore it, the line can wrap tightly around the propshaft and cause the aforementioned gearcase seal failure.If your engine is not through- bolted to the transom of your boat, make sure the screw clamps are tight and secure. Many engines

have landed on the bottom of the sea through neglect of this simple check.Sniff around for any sign of a fuel leak, and if you find one, fix it. Once the engine is running, make sure to check the "telltale," or "tracer," spray, or exhaust discharge, to be certain the water pump is working.If all these items are in order, you're ready to go. There's just one more thing:If you tow your boat on a trailer, and run it in salt water, flush the cooling system daily with fresh water.Monthly Checks and Outboard Maintenance On a monthly basis, besides the routine daily checks, it's a good idea to remove the engine cover and look for any corrosion build-up near cylinder heads and thermostat housings that could indicate leaky gaskets. Also, look for corrosion at wire terminal connections... clean and tighten them as required and then use one of the proprietary anti-corrosion sprays available at your dealership on all exposed electrical connections and unpainted metal parts of your outboard. Next, run the engine with the cover off and check that none of the bolt-on components (fuel pumps, voltage regulators, coils, and the like) have come loose from their mounts. Make sure all wires and cables are securely led and clipped through harness mounts. Next, if your engine is equipped with an engine mounted fuel strainer, check to see if any water has collected in it. It will be easy to see, as the water will separate from the fuel, drop to the bottom of the strainer, and be relatively clear in color compared to the fuel/oil mix above it. If you can see water, remove the strainer housing and drain out the water. Clean the screen element, reinstall, making sure the O-ring is in place before threading the housing back in, and re-check this assembly for fuel leaks after replacing the strainer housing. Simply pump your fuel primer bulb until the filter/strainer fills with fuel, and look for leaking fuel.

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