7 Ways to Spot Problem Employees with Equipment Inspection Software

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Information about 7 Ways to Spot Problem Employees with Equipment Inspection Software

Published on January 20, 2016

Author: ISS247

Source: slideshare.net


2. One of the common challenges faced by facility managers that we hear quite often is execution. Another is not being able to prove it. You know it’s happening, but a major obstacle is in front of you.

3. We’re not here to do a feature dump on equipment inspection software, but to explain the ways you as a professional can identify your team’s weaknesses and fix them.

4. Here’s a fact, unless you position your organization to purposefully track accountability there’ll be no light at the end of this tunnel.


6. There’sasolution! We’renottalkingthe software’sfunctionality itself,butwhatitallows YOUtodo.Thisis unquestionablyimportant –andthere’sadifference.

7. Wait. Prefer to dowload this SlideShare as a PDF and view that way? Click here.

8. If you’re already using a solution or evaluating whether you should move to one, use the following 7 ways to spot problem employees. It’ll help you move your facility management operation from a cost center to a profit center.

9. 1. Equipment inspection software starts with accurate documentation A solution will come with the ability to accurately record and manage your facility’s vital information. All your staff can execute inspections while digitally delivering the results to you without the need to write it down. No more pen and paper.

10. 2. Handwritten Checklists: When inspections go bad Handwritten checklists are only as reliable as the employees completing them. What surfaces is a core flaw in your inspection process, and your problem employees naturally reveal themselves.

11. How do facility managers and supervisors validate whether their employees complete required inspections? The problem is unremitting. An employee might only initial the checklist without completing the inspection, or address only the items they feel matter. Typically, what we see here is referred to as “the flying checkmarks” where an employee checks off all items without taking the time to do the inspection as was expected.

12. What happens when someone ignores an inspection or faulty equipment that affects your compliance status of the safety of your guests? To be frank, this is atrocious AND harmful to the efficacy of your operation. What’s worse is the lack of integrity.

13. The result of this? Unnecessary allegations among supervisors and staff when injuries occur or equipment stops working without warning. Don’t let this happen!

14. 4. It’s a small learning curve for staff When we say small, we mean it. Most inspection solutions can have your team trained up in 30 minutes. We’re talking fully operational. In 30 minutes you’re moving your team from disjointed with no accountablity to effective and efficient. Your facility management black hole can finally close for good.

15. 5. RFID labels lead to smarter inspections Running routine inspections becomes easy for your employees when they no longer need to check off a list. When you supplement it with the ability of using a device to scan Barcodes, QR Codes & RFID labels on your equipment...well then, you just supercharged your operation!

16. RFID Your employees scan the label, the digital checklist populates, they see all inspection items for a piece of equipment, and they complete the inspection in a timely manner. Now you have the power to hold them accountable for their inspections. Isn’t that the breath of fresh air you need?

17. We believe that implementing smart processes together with inspection software will promote an environment conducive of honest employee participation.

18. Work hard with your team to produce absolute efficiency. As you’re doing this, use the built in analytics provided by many of these systems to measure success. Discover how you can better allocate resources, train employees effectively, and manage facility inspections with ease.

19. We’re confident that long-term analytics will show you that it’s better to develop your process and your employees, together.

20. Data will tell you a story allowing you to see what you’re doing right or wrong and how to spot it.

21. ISS 24/7, the nation’s leader in facility management and text messaging communication software for the world’s greatest properties, provides innovative technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness of facility operations. ISS 24/7 offers software for incident management, maintenance management, text messaging, inspections, credentialing, and lost and found. ISS 24/7 provides ISS 24/7 Command Post (the “Technology”). The Technology is a web-based system designed to enhance the situational awareness, safety, and security for sporting and entertainment events, security operations and property management organizations. About ISS 24/7 Tel: 954.514.8988 • 12411 NW 35th St. Coral Springs, FL 33065 • ISS247.com Readers interested in learning more about the suite of services for ISS 24/7 should visit ISS247.com.

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