7 Tips from Siemens Energy for Success with Automation

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Information about 7 Tips from Siemens Energy for Success with Automation

Published on November 10, 2014

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Nathan Sharp of Siemens Energy recently spoke at the SAP Project Management in Atlanta and shared 7 important elements for the successful adoption of automated business process validation in their organization.

Originally presented by Nathan Sharp of Siemens Energy at SAPinsider’s Project Management conference.

1. Case Study: How Siemens Energy Saved Time and Money by Managing and Automating Testing for Its Recent Upgrade Project Produced by Wellesley Information Services, LLC, publisher of SAPinsider. © 2014 Wellesley Information Services. All rights reserved. Nathan Sharp Siemens Energy

2. 1 Case Study Project • Primary goal of the project  Technical upgrade of SAP release 4.6C to ECC6.0  Support for SAP and Oracle versions was ending  Required for new functionality after the project • Secondary goal of the project  Implement and utilize automated testing software  Aim was automation of 70% of manual business tests  Upgrade was the pilot project

3. 2 Introduced a Governance Model • Attended StarEast Conference (2012) and heard the strong recommendation for a governance model • We wanted to avoid a “Wild West” scenario in automation tool • Governance model covers  Granting access to the tool – but only after training  Defining the development process  Documenting and enforcing naming conventions  Setting up and maintaining security in the tool

4. 3 Started Development of a “Product Bible” • The Product Bible includes  Roles and responsibilities  New user information  Folder structure  Training material  Issue tracking  Test design  Best practices

5. 4 Started Development of a “Product Roadmap” • The Product Roadmap includes  When we install and evaluate the next version  Completion date for the Product Bible  Which automation projects will be supported  When additional modules will be acquired and/or implemented

6. 5 Appointed Automation Product Lead • Responsible internally for the service • Conduit for the vendor • Organize training • Prepare and manage budget • Build and maintain the Product Roadmap

7. 6 Automated Testing Tool Training • Diverse group of attendees – both business and technical • 3 classes, 40+ attendees trained in total • Each class 4.5 days in duration • Used SurveyMonkey to get feedback from attendees

8. 7 Building an Example to Impress • We chose a large end-to-end order-to-cash process • Collaborative effort across multiple groups • 30 reusable sub-processes and 391 steps • No manual intervention • Would take 2 or 3 days to accomplish manually • Runs in 12 minutes • Example has been used in various meetings and demos to help understanding of test automation and to get buy-in

9. 8 Built a SharePoint System to Support Automation 4 SharePoint linked lists make up the SharePoint testing database

10. 9 Documented Test Script Execution and Issues SharePoint used to track testing progress and allows for instant status reporting

11. 10 Progress at End of Round 1 Testing • Manual or Automation tests  Executed 96% of tests  Passed 94% of tests • However, less than 10% automation achieved

12. 11 Progress at End of Round 1 Testing (cont.) • Some root causes for low amount of automation  Core team was not trained early and first  Not enough time between tool purchase and use  The business group initially driving for the tool developed new priorities  The automation tool was mastered by only a few due to the functionality restriction caused by both the automation tool version and SAP version  No powerful and interested sponsor

13. 12 Second Approach • Round 2 of upgrade testing completed with 100% executed and successful • Three business analysts trained on process capture module (now usable, as an SAP ECC 6.0 environment was available) • Those business analysts used the period following completion of upgrade testing and the end of project to work on further automation

14. 13 Second Approach (cont.) • Planned script automation fell below expectations  Automation tasks more complicated and took longer than the individuals themselves estimated  Business analysts not fully dedicated to the task  In one case, it was just not interesting work for the individual

15. 14 Third Approach • Tests captured locally by business analysts (and later extended to end users) • Fully dedicated off-shore developer completed automation • 69% of planned automation achieved with this approach

16. 15 Third Approach (cont.) • Renewed management commitment due to the capture/off-shore approach which works for us • Developed a product roadmap – including new versions and modules • Automation extended to other projects • “Lights-out” testing was developed. This is the scheduling of test scripts to execute while unattended

17. 16 Lights-Out Test Example • The script is a total of 2,347 steps and runs in approximately 16 minutes • The script tests the following 7 closing programs:  Reclass PC equity  Reclass 482/483  Z85/Z86 entries  Income statement closeout  Class 6 to 7 allocation  Personnel cost reclass  Calculate and post third-party inventories

18. 17 Lights-Out Test Example (cont.) • Additionally, the script:  Creates 4 unique multi-line journal entries in two different company codes using both actual and statistical accounts (for unique data creation)  Changes status on WBS elements and internal orders  Changes sets and custom CL+ tables  Runs the profit center balancing program  Automatically determines current date/period/fiscal year  Validates the results of the 7 closing programs against expected results from the JEs created

19. 18 Lights-Out Test Example (cont.) • Benefits:  This script detected an issue before the changes planned by a new project were put live  Prevented a major failure in production saving both IT and business time

20. 19 Expectations from Automation • Efficiency and labor savings  Hundreds of manual testers freed up • Shorter project timelines • With 70% test automation, just one upgrade project on one of our SAP boxes would eliminate testing costs of $270,000

21. 20 Expectations from Automation (cont.) • Improved quality  Fewer production defects  Catch defects before they impact the business • Supports our direction to move from Waterfall to Agile development frameworks  Testing is required in each development iteration and an automation tool can allow this to happen more efficiently

22. 21 Internal Conference Held • Two days of sessions related specifically to the automation tool • Attended by key players from various Siemens companies • Shared plans, issues, hints, and tips

23. 22 7 Key Points to Take Home • Sponsorship is essential for ensuring success of any project • Test automation is a project to itself – don’t try to combine with another initiative • Appointing a Product Lead helps ensure there is someone driving progress • Creating a Product Roadmap will give direction to an automation initiative • Avoid the “Wild West” in the automation tool with governance • Ensure there is a mechanism for tracking manual and automatic test development and execution • A great way to generate excitement is to create an “Example to Impress” automated test

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