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Published on December 23, 2008

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The Yellow River Valley : The Yellow River Valley Geography : Geography Consists of three main rivers Huang (Yellow), Chang and Xi Rivers Rivers flooding is unpredictable Rivers produced loess fertile yellow soil Isolated due to natural barriers Gobi Desert and Himalaya Mountains The Middle Kingdom : The Middle Kingdom Felt it was the center of the world called itself the “Middle Kingdom” Felt its culture was superior than every other culture known as ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism lead to isolationism China did not come in contact with other civilizations lacked technology Slide 4: Eventually, the Chinese discontinued the expeditions due to ethnocentrism. The Chinese believed that they were superior to other cultures. Slide 5: The Chinese believed that they were the “Middle Kingdom.” They believed that they could learn nothing important from other inferior cultures. Slide 6: Though China was very advanced for the time period, isolationism caused China to fall behind. The Shang Dynasty : The Shang Dynasty First dynasty of China dynasty: a ruling family Developed a writing system called calligraphy eventually became a form of art Believed in animism and ancestor worship animism: belief spirits inhabit all objects Slide 8: The first known dynasty of China was the Shang dynasty. This dynasty united the people living around the Huang He and Yangtze river valleys. The Zhou Dynasty : The Zhou Dynasty Emperors justified their takeover due to the Mandate of Heaven belief that gods picked the emperor to rule but the gods could also remove a bad emperor from power The rise and fall of dynasties is known as the dynastic cycle Slide 10: Zhou rulers claimed the Mandate of Heaven or the right to rule. However, the gods could remove the ruler’s right to rule. The Qin Dynasty : The Qin Dynasty Built the Great Wall of China built to keep invaders out didn't work Established a strong centralized government one government controlled all local areas Slide 12: During Qin China, the Chinese began building the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall ofChina was built to protect China from nomadic invaders. The Han Dynasty : The Han Dynasty China’s “Golden Age” numerous inventions were introduced porcelain, silk, gunpowder, printing press, compass Developed the civil service exam people needed to do well on tests to obtain jobs questions based on Confucianism Silk Road emerged trade between China and the Middle East lead to cultural diffusion Slide 14: It is important to remember that during the Han dynasty, a scholar had to pass a test on Chinese history and Confucianism to work in the government. Slide 15: To work for the government, a Chinese man had to pass a difficult examination. By establishing a civil service examination, education was emphasized. Slide 16: The Silk Road was a famous Chinese trading route. Slide 17: Throughout Chinese history, there have been many great philosophers. Confucianism : Confucianism Most influential philosophy in China ever! Stressed: respect for elders education is important follow a code of moral conduct maintain political and social order filial piety (respect for elders) each society member must complete their duty the five relationships of Confucius people must do their assigned tasks and duties Slide 20: While all three philosophies greatly influenced China, Confucianism became the official philosophy of dynastic China. Slide 21: In Confucianism, a son must obey his father. Daoism : Daoism Stressed nature Believed in the Ying-Yang Slide 23: The Yin-Yang is a popular Daoist or Taoist symbol. Legalism : Legalism Believed: people are born bad people are selfish people needed laws to control them people need to be punished harshly Putting Them Together : Putting Them Together All three philosophies try to establish: peace political and social order respect for authority Chinese Accomplishments : Chinese Accomplishments Gunpowder Compass Porcelain Metal Printing Press Paper The Silk Road trade between Asia and Europe/Middle East Acupuncture Oldest Male Head of Household Extended Family

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