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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: nette6078

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This article is giving you 7 steps to getting high ranking on Google. When followed exactly, you will be amazed of your results. Many people have a tendency of skipping these steps. However, when they do, the content that they write will be very hard to be found by the search engines. So, whatever you do, put these 7 steps in action. You will be glad you did.

7 Steps To Getting High Ranking On Google By Annette N Williams Are you looking for the shortest way possible to getting your content ranked by the search engines? I'm about to share 7 Steps To Getting High Ranking On Google, that when done correctly, you will be earning online in no time! Many people leave out these very important steps. However, once you see the power of them, you will wonder why.  Step 1 - You want to think of a subject that you can write about. Make sure it's interesting. It really helps to write about something you are very familiar with. When you enjoy writing about a particular subject, you can be a lot more creative with it. Also, make sure it's about something that others can benefit from, very important.  Step 2 - Now that you've decided what you're going to write about, it's time to do some keyword research. Google has made this process very easy. Just go to Google and type in keyword planner. This is a free tool you can use to find out what people are typing, when they are looking for ways to solve there problems and the content you're creating may be the answer they're looking for. You will love this tool!  Step 3 - Now it's time to choose an eye catching and interesting title. If you take a look at my title for instance, 7 Steps To Get High Ranking On Google. Then you think about the fact that you are reading this article out of all the articles on the internet. You can then understand the importance of making sure your potential readers are looking for the title that you chose to use. So, make sure that as you are looking at your different choices, you are watching the amount of monthly searches. This way your title will be golden! Don't forget to put your entire phrase you chose in your title. This is very important as well. The longer your phrase the better.  Step 4 - Well, now you are ready to start writing your content. When doing this, be sure to always put your keyword phrase in your first and last paragraphs. Then you must be sure to mention it a few more times throughout your content. Keep your content on subject, interesting, and exciting. Be sure to answer your potential clients or readers questions. Don't be afraid to share your personal experience about what they are looking for. You want to write your content, as if you're writing to a close friend. You are writing for real people, so keep it real! People can feel when you are not being truthful.  Step 5 - Out of the 7 Steps To Getting High Ranking On Google, this one is crucial. Many people always forget this! But if you do, you are making a big mistake. Because if you really plan on getting high rank in Google, you don't

won't to miss this one. That step is syndication, a fancy word for advertising your content online.You need to go to every social site you know exist and share your content. Especially, the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. You also, need to submit your RSS feed to the appropriate sites. Place your content on document sharing sites like Doctoc, Slideshare etc. There are more sites,just do your research. Just goto Google and YouTube to find out exactly how to do all I mentioned above, it's absolutely free! But, so important.  Step 6 - You Must SEO your content. This stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's another fancy phrase that means make your content easy to be found by the search engines. You have to always remember, you are writing for 2 audiences, the search engines and your visitors. However, the search engine will never see how pretty your site is, as your visitors do. It works behind your site. Therefore, it's very important that you include certain coding to allow the search engine to know what your site is about. Examples will be your keyword phrase or words, a descriptive title (be sure to include keyword phrase), a good description, pictures, videos etc. The better you explain or show the search engines what your site is about, the more free organic traffic they will send to your site, so do a good job with this.  Step 7 - Whatever you do, don't think that just because this is the last of the 7 Steps To Getting High Ranking On Google, it's to be taken lightly. Because this is another very important step. Which is make sure you know your target audience. It is so much easier to write about something, if you know from the start who you are writing too. In fact, before you even do your research for your keyword phrase, you need to know this information. This way you can check out the different forums and other areas where they hang out and find out what problems they are trying to solve. Because remember, when people go to the search engine, they are trying to solve a problem. Well, I really hope that you have enjoyed this article. However, most of all I hope it added some value to your journey online. If you are serious about ranking highly on Google, be sure to put these 7 Steps To Getting High Ranking On Google in action, you will not regret it. I really hope that you've received some value from this article. Another very important tip to help you with your online journey is, you need to capture leads. This means when someone reads your content, you want to be able to somehow stay in contact with them. The best way to do that is to use a capture page. This is simply a form that allows your visitors to enter their emails, so that you can stay in touch with them. To make this a more easier task for you. Check out this site that has over 200 unique and interesting capture pages ready to start capturing your leads today. All you have to do is plug in your auto responder and you're golden. So go to this site now and check it out: http://capture-pages- that-deliver.info. Although it says 68, they add a new one every month and it's now over 200! You can actually use multiple different ones for one offer at the same time. So check it out, really cool capture pages like you've never seen before. http://capture-pages-that- deliver.info

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